Tina Abnoosi, founder and CEO of TAMA Research

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The Engineer  

Few who meet TAMA Research’s founder and CEO, Tina Abnoosi fail to see that there is something more to her motivation in the aesthetic industry. This is due to her journey of innovation, cultivation, and a new approach to beauty that began with an act of love.  

It was her child’s lifelong battle with cerebral palsy that sparked Abnoosi’s inspiration to innovate electrotherapy in the aesthetic and medical industries. “Never able to walk or talk, my daughter was wheelchair-bound. Due to lack of nerve control, her limbs would become tight and spastic. To help her, I found a small amount of electrotherapy to be resourceful in providing relief to muscles, gaining balance, and in helping her body heal,” Abnoosi said. 

However, Abnoosi found the existing equipment on the market to be outdated and cumbersome, as well as uncomfortable for her daughter to receive. She also felt a lot of devices could not deliver sustainable results. 

As an experienced electrical engineer, Abnoosi was inspired to find a better solution. “After my daughter’s passing, I found the courage to pursue my vision of providing the world with a device that would connect, heal, and rejuvenate the body through electrical current, as a tribute to her,” she said. 

The development of TAMA’s groundbreaking technology and its effect on the body further inspired Abnoosi to expand her mission into the aesthetic industry. “I was disappointed that messaging directed to aging women was focused on maintaining a youthful appearance through increasingly invasive procedures. I was driven by a passion to use TAMA’s capabilities to help women find healthy aging and skin solutions by providing balance to the body as well as a holistic approach to addressing symptoms caused by the dysfunction thereof,” Abnoosi said. “When you feel better, you look better. Real beauty comes from a vibrant, healthy existence.”  

Thus, TAMA’s state-of-the-art BlueOnyx Smart Microcurrent System was born to provide aesthetic solutions through TAMA’s innovative approach to electrotherapy-based services. “The beauty and antiaging benefits you see are just a side effect. It is an external sign of what is happening on the inside to make the body whole,” she explained.  

She continued to train in the field of physiology and became licensed as an aesthetician to better connect and help her clients. Through the years, Abnoosi developed a specialty in facial rejuvenation through a total body application. She strives to provide avenues for fellow aestheticians to elevate their knowledge and approach to skin care through TAMA’s Informed Aesthetician Conferences.  


“True leaders shine through tough times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tina Abnoosi united TAMA practitioners in free daily Zoom training. It was uplifting and healing. Her classes and dedication helped me immensely to get through these turbulent times.” -Milla Waldman, president of Studio M 

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