Bella Schneider, founder of Bella Schneider Beauty

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Practical Glamour  

Bella Schneider solves problems for aestheticians and her clients with her products. She focuses on results and the pulse of the industry. Because Schneider is hands-on and works in the treatment room herself, she knows clients’ current struggles. They want glamor with practicality, comfortable packaging, and protective skin care, and she is not afraid to give that to them through change and hard work. 

Unlike large corporate cosmetic suppliers, Schneider has worked as an aesthetician for 40 years. Her clients talk directly to her, and she listens. She sees how products work on clients and trains her aestheticians on a routine basis, so she has a direct feedback loop.  

Additionally, Schneider works in California with a diverse set of people from all backgrounds and skin types. Her network of long-term relationships in the beauty industry gives her insider knowledge of hot new ingredients, methods, and technologies, often before others. She provides solutions for all skin types and conditions while remaining practical. She does not marry herself to conventionality. If something better comes to the market, she is quick to implement it. 

She tries everything in her “own kitchen” first, which is with her clients and in her spas. This defines her at a time when companies are more focused on going public rather than forming true connections with clients. She cherishes long-term relationships and does this work out of passion. She capitalizes on the power of beauty to achieve success and wants her aestheticians and clients to be proud of their vanity. When one looks and feels good, they are more able to accomplish their dreams.  

By combining professional protocols with take-home retail, Schneider takes the guesswork out of aesthetics. She packages 40 years of experience into practical yet glamorous protocols that aestheticians can use with any skin condition. Bella Schneider Beauty nurtures aestheticians and clients by taking the stress out of the industry. She travels the world for the best methods, so her aestheticians do not have to. 

Schneider has always focused on women helping women and minorities. She believes that looking and feeling good gives people integrity. Her brand empowers people to succeed by combining hard work with a passion for beauty, and her brand ambassadors have been successful at the task. 


“Bella Schneider is a powerhouse of energy and by far, one of the most influential people I have ever met. She is constantly learning, educating others, and seeking out the latest advances in skin care. She has given me the best advice on the next steps in my career. I can honestly say she is the reason I have a successful career and now own my skin studio. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with and be trained by her – a true mentor.” -Deborah Pannier, L.E., Owner of Deborah Pannier Skin and Makeup 

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