Favorite Aromatherapy

Makes Scents Natural Spa Line

Sea Sanctuary Essential Oil Blend

Restore the mind and balance senses with this combination of exceptionally rejuvenating, pure essential oils including bergamot, fir needle, frankincense, and lemongrass.

Favorite Antiaging Serum

Image Skincare

AGELESS Total Anti-Aging Serum

Concentrated, corrective, and protective this serum is rich in plant-derived stem cells, phytonutrients, and vitamin C to counteract the visible effects of aging.

Favorite Antiaging Moisturizer

Hale Cosmeceuticals

Lucent Power Pads

Lucent Power Pads offers the most convenient way to achieve a brighter, more even skin tone through a pad application.

Favorite Antiaging Mask

DermAware Bio-Targeted Skin Care

Berry Rich Anti-Aging Firming & Lifting Mask

A beautiful leave-on light mask that combats all signs of aging, including firming, lifting, and plumping wrinkles. Organic berries and bio-molecular actives turn back the clock with amazing hydration and results.

Favorite Airbrush Makeup

Perfect Canvas Airpod Foundation by TEMPTU

Favorite After Sun Care


Favorite Acne Toner

Equalizing Toner by SkinCeuticals

Favorite Acne Serum

Elina Organics

Oil Control Formula

Tame the t–zone with Oil Control Formula. Oil Control Formula minimizes pores, reduces oily shine, cools skin, and helps prevent outbreaks.  It will help tame, sanitize, prevent skin congestion, and irritation, while cooling off skin.

Favorite Acne Moisturizer

Vivant Skin Care

Allantoin Sedating and Hydrating Lotion

This feather-light, non-greasy formula blends allantoin’s anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and keratolytic properties with nutrient-rich, antioxidant ingredients in the perfect moisturizer for acne-prone skin.

Favorite Acid-Based Exfoliant

Perfect Renewal by Le Mieux Cosmetics

Favorite Acne Mask

Clear Deep Cleansing Mask


Clear is a clarifying deep cleansing face mask that helps improve skin tone and texture by gently drawing out impurities to unclog pores for a clearer-looking complexion that glows.

Favorite Acne Cleanser

BiON Research

Bacteriostat Cleanser

Bacteriostat Cleanser is a powerful acne and rosacea cleanser that is gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin types.

Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate by Eminence Organic Skin Care

Gently resurface and refine pores to refresh the skin’s natural appearance with the tropical superfruit, knows as Mangosteen. This leave-on concentrate promotes radiance while the Lactic Acid Complex removes and prevents buildup for smooth, glowing skin.

Industry Icon Joni Rae Russell Announces Retirement After Legendary Beauty Career

Anyone who has worked in the beauty industry over the past 47 years has most likely met or heard about Joni Rae Russell, the marketing mastermind behind Joni Rae and Associates. From ABBA to ZOOM! and hundreds of companies in between, Russell’s client list reads like a Who’s Who of the beauty industry. Described by colleagues as a fearless, fiercely talented entrepreneur, she has worked to help brand and rebrand thousands of products to become successful in the beauty and cosmetic industry and beyond. Now, after 47 years, Russell is announcing her retirement at the start of 2020. As a third-generation entrepreneur in the beauty industry, Russell kicked off her career at her family’s company, VJ Curcio Beauty Supply. Young and hungry to learn, she worked from the bottom so she could later ascend to the heights of the industry. As a sales rep (possibly the first female in the country to hold the position), she coined the term “Distributor Sales Consultant,” ( DSC) which is still in use today, and tackled a steady stream of responsibilities: penning a 24-page newsletter (The Curcio Chronicle), selling ads, serving as educational director and event planner. That key early experience as a “Jill of all trades” proved indispensable as she later was recruited for executive positions by big-name brands like Revlon, Redken, and Dep Corporation and steadily climbed their ranks in marketing and product development roles. But she finally found her calling when she created Joni Rae and Associates in 1991—a true one-stop-shop for shaping a winning brand and executing every part of the marketing mix.


Over the past 28 years, Russell has worked with more than 200 clients and branded more than 800 SKUs, working behind the scenes to discern and deliver on every possible detail that makes a brand succeed. Her company shone as not just a marketing firm, but a fully integrated brand architecture firm, handling everything from marketing positioning, naming, slogans, and package design to branding, media buying, and publicity. “In the early days, clients would hire me to write their business and marketing plans—they’d love it but wouldn’t know how to go about executing those plans,” Russell recalls. “So I started developing divisions to help the clients at every step.”  With too many success stories to count, her unique blend of experience at every level of the industry created a seamless experience for her clients, who could skip the endless firms involved with developmental details and score all of that expertise in one place: Joni Rae and Associates. In short, Russell was truly the beauty behind the brand. 


“You’d be surprised to know how many successful beauty brands have Joni Rae to thank for their success,” notes Gregg McConnell, business development manager at Evoke Agency. “She’s worked tirelessly behind the scenes and has a successful track record other marketers would envy. Joni’s unique talent blends creativity with a business sensibility that ensures brand success on many levels.”However, insider intel is only part of the inimitable algorithm behind Russell’s incredible achievements; she also shares unsurpassed care for her clients and passion for the industry she was born into. “I just love my industry and my business,” she enthuses. “I looked forward to getting up every day and advancing the brands I worked on. This industry has provided me with lifelong friends.”

Of course, considering Russell’s unparalleled reach in the beauty industry and her propensity to give 110% to every last development detail, it’s no surprise that the love goes both ways. Ask Robert Hayman, CEO of Discus Dental, who tapped Russell to mastermind a brand she named ZOOM!, which shot to $100-million sales in mere months. “I have rarely met anyone with the raw talent possessed by Joni Rae,” he marvels. “Her passion and ownership over this project was remarkable and continued on when the assignment was finished. Her creativity, common sense and enthusiasm were infectious to the entire team. It is something one doesn’t learn, but rather, is part of one’s DNA. This is what Joni Rae has in her soul, her very being.”


Though Russell usually worked her marketing magic as a behind-the-scenes genius, she has also reaped a bevy of honors and awards for her tireless dedication to the industry (while scoring hundreds of more awards for her clients). At only 40, she nabbed a Lifetime Achievement Award from ICMAD and later picked up the coveted Gold Mobius award for packaging design—not to mention seven ABBIES, a Gold Galaxy Award, and an International Package Design Award for Pureology Serious Color Care. Throughout her career, Russell demonstrated an uncanny ability to unite the left and right brain, combining creativity with uncanny business savvy. 

“I’ve made every mistake, but once I made it, I never made it again,” Russell laughs. “I loved making money for my clients and to see their brands succeed, to deliver excellence and just not settle until it is the best it can be.”Russell now moves ahead with the next step of her journey, looking forward to spending quality time with her husband and tackling her next challenge—Texas Hold ’Em Poker! Safe to say that the beauty industry will greatly miss her expertise but wishes her well in this next chapter. “We still approach our marketing and advertising based on much of what we learned from Joni Rae,” says Tom G. Porter, President of Malibu C. “Probably the only thing we would have done differently is to look to Joni Rae a decade earlier!”

Industry Icon Joni Rae Russell Announces Retirement After Legendary Beauty Career

Anyone who has worked in the beauty industry over the past 47 years has most likely met or heard about Joni Rae Russell, the marketing mastermind behind Joni Rae and Associates. From ABBA to ZOOM! and hundreds of companies in between, Russell’s client list reads like a Who’s Who of the beauty industry. Described by colleagues as a fearless, fiercely talented entrepreneur, she has worked to help brand and rebrand thousands of products to become successful in the beauty and cosmetic industry and beyond. Now, after 47 years, Russell is announcing her retirement at the start of 2020. As a third-generation entrepreneur in the beauty industry, Russell kicked off her career at her family’s company, VJ Curcio Beauty Supply. Young and hungry to learn, she worked from the bottom so she could later ascend to the heights of the industry. As a sales rep (possibly the first female in the country to hold the position), she coined the term “Distributor Sales Consultant,” ( DSC) which is still in use today, and tackled a steady stream of responsibilities: penning a 24-page newsletter (The Curcio Chronicle), selling ads, serving as educational director and event planner. That key early experience as a “Jill of all trades” proved indispensable as she later was recruited for executive positions by big-name brands like Revlon, Redken, and Dep Corporation and steadily climbed their ranks in marketing and product development roles. But she finally found her calling when she created Joni Rae and Associates in 1991—a true one-stop-shop for shaping a winning brand from the bottom up, executing every part of the marketing mix.


Over the past 28 years, Russell has worked with more than 200 clients and branded more than 800 SKUs, working behind the scenes to discern and deliver on every possible detail that makes a brand succeed. Her company shone as not just a marketing firm, but a fully integrated brand architecture firm, handling everything from marketing positioning, naming, slogans, and package design to branding, media buying, and publicity. “In the early days, clients would hire me to write their business and marketing plans—they’d love it but wouldn’t know how to go about executing those plans,” Russell recalls. “So I started developing divisions to help the clients at every step.”  With too many success stories to count, her unique blend of experience at every level of the industry created a seamless experience for her clients, who could skip the endless firms involved with developmental details and score all of that expertise in one place: Joni Rae and Associates. In short, Russell was truly the beauty behind the brand. 


“You’d be surprised to know how many successful beauty brands have Joni Rae to thank for their success,” notes Gregg McConnell, business development manager at Evoke Agency. “She’s worked tirelessly behind the scenes and has a successful track record other marketers would envy. Joni’s unique talent blends creativity with a business sensibility that ensures brand success on many levels.”However, insider intel is only part of the inimitable algorithm behind Russell’s incredible achievements; she also shares unsurpassed care for her clients and passion for the industry she was born into. “I just love my industry and my business,” she enthuses. “I looked forward to getting up every day and advancing the brands I worked on. This industry has provided me with lifelong friends.”

Of course, considering Russell’s unparalleled reach in the beauty industry and her propensity to give 110% to every last development detail, it’s no surprise that the love goes both ways. Ask Robert Hayman, CEO of Discus Dental, who tapped Russell to mastermind a brand she named ZOOM!, which shot to $100-million sales in mere months. “I have rarely met anyone with the raw talent possessed by Joni Rae,” he marvels. “Her passion and ownership over this project was remarkable and continued on when the assignment was finished. Her creativity, common sense and enthusiasm were infectious to the entire team. It is something one doesn’t learn, but rather, is part of one’s DNA. This is what Joni Rae has in her soul, her very being.”


Though Russell usually worked her marketing magic as a behind-the-scenes genius, she has also reaped a bevy of honors and awards for her tireless dedication to the industry (while scoring hundreds of more awards for her clients). At only 40, she nabbed a Lifetime Achievement Award from ICMAD and later picked up the coveted Gold Mobius award for packaging design—not to mention seven ABBIES, a Gold Galaxy Award, and an International Package Design Award for Pureology Serious Color Care. Throughout her career, Russell demonstrated an uncanny ability to unite the left and right brain, combining creativity with uncanny business savvy. 

“I’ve made every mistake, but once I made it, I never made it again,” Russell laughs. “I loved making money for my clients and to see their brands succeed, to deliver excellence and just not settle until it is the best it can be.”Russell now moves ahead with the next step of her journey, looking forward to spending quality time with her husband and tackling her next challenge—Texas Hold ’Em Poker! Safe to say that the beauty industry will greatly miss her expertise but wishes her well in this next chapter. “We still approach our marketing and advertising based on much of what we learned from Joni Rae,” says Tom G. Porter, President of Malibu C. “Probably the only thing we would have done differently is to look to Joni Rae a decade earlier!”

Lime Stimulating Masque

Revitalize and brighten your complexion with our Lime Stimulating Masque. The natural phytohormones and vitamins will leave your skin appearing rosy with increased circulation. Note that this active mask will leave a normal redness for up to two hours after treatment.
1 888-747-6342

Citrus & Kale Potent C +E Masque

Potent, cream-gel mask for all skin types. Harness the natural power of Vitamins C+E with a boost of nourishing vitamins for the skin. A cocktail of citrus, rhubarb extract, leafy greens and avocado oil forms helps reduce the appearance of sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles.
1 888-747-6342

Citrus and Kale Potent C +E Serum

Fast-absorbing, advanced serum for all skin types. This potent dose of non-irritating Vitamin C is stabilized by botanically-derived ferulic acid to deliver optimal antioxidant benefits and improve the appearance of skin.
1 888-747-6342

Stocking Up for the Season: Stocking Stuffer Handheld Devices

As the holiday season quickly approaches, skin care professionals and spas everywhere are beginning to prepare their holiday retail displays, readying themselves for the new intake of clients looking for quick fixes before holiday parties and family photoshoots for Christmas cards. While many skin care professionals may dread this coming season, there are significant benefits. Not only is this a time to draw in major business, but it is also a time to sell products – maybe even more than normal for the spa.


Handheld skin care devices offer clients at-home treatments for maintenance, a healthy skin care routine, and a way to uphold their strict homecare routine (provided by the skin care professional). Handheld devices are also a way to improve business through sales. Adding handheld devices to spa retail shelves can dramatically increase profits by providing clients a way to not only gift themselves, but others, too. With the holiday season at the doorstep, it is time to take action.


Here are some of DERMASCOPE’s top picks for handheld devices that are safe for at home and in the spa and make excellent stocking stuffers.




Handheld LED devices have become all the rage throughout the skin care industry. What makes these LED devices perfect as a stocking stuffer? Not every skin care professional can afford a larger, overhead LED panel and instead must turn to smaller, more compact LED models. Handheld LED also allows clients to make the most out of their skin care routines. By providing clients with a clear-cut homecare regimen with a recommended handheld LED device, skin care professionals can take their clients’ skin goals to the next level. As all skin care professionals should know, LED is a great way to help target acne, aging, inflammation, and more. As a bonus, explain to clients how the handheld LED tool is just as effective as the panel used on them during their treatments. Handheld LED items are perfectly compatible and easily accessible, not to mention the price tag is significantly cheaper. An added bonus is to consider gifting one to a fellow skin care professional who could utilize this in their spa or on themselves. See some great options below from industry favorite brands.


Photo Nov 15 12 15 01 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 29 04 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 10 41 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 18 44 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 23 04 PM



Jade rollers and gua sha tools are also easy to promote and sell in the spa. These cool to the touch tools of amethyst, jade, quartz, and onyx stone are made not only for soothing and anti-inflammatory purposes, but also to relax and promote lymphatic drainage throughout the face and neck during a treatment. These tools make for great stocking stuffers, as well, as they are compact. 


Photo Nov 15 12 26 40 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 25 41 PM



Ultrasonic devices and cleansing brushes are also trending tools that both skin care professionals and clients can take advantage of while treating skin needs. Ultrasonic devices have enhanced the way professionals can exfoliate and deep clean pores. Cleansing brushes have allowed professionals to deep clean a client’s skin, while providing the client with a way to enhance their homecare routine. Both devices are great at-home tools that clients can use when not visiting the spa. Adding these to a retail display can generate quick revenue if marketed to clients who consistently need help keeping pores unclogged.



Photo Nov 15 12 20 16 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 17 07 PM


A final stocking stuffer that does the trick is a miniature facial steamer. Not all professionals have the means or space to add a larger facial steamer to their treatment room, but a smaller one can change a spa space and treatment menu dramatically. It also makes for a good gift to bestow upon another fellow esty who may be coveting one but cannot afford it yet. Consider spreading some esty holiday cheer by utilizing a facial steamer as a gift to another spa professional who could truly use it for their clients’ benefit.



Photo Nov 15 12 37 17 PM 1


DERMASCOPE loves this time of year. The holiday season is a wonderful occasion to share an appreciation of personal skin care must-haves and favorites with others. Consider gifting one of these many spa tools to a close esty friend or adding them to the spa retail section for clients to dole out to family, friends, or themselves. Enjoy this season and celebrate with gratitude and an open heart.




Spa Highlight: DAPHNE

DAPHNE is a European skin care and traditional Egyptian sugaring studio located in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City, New York. The menu features highly clinical and customized, results-driven facial and body treatments, including body wraps and body polishes, for both men and women, and treatments from Biologique Recherche. All of DAPHNE’S aestheticians are carefully selected and European-trained, bringing years of experience to DAPHNE’s clientele. DAPHNE is also one of the few traditional Egyptian sugaring studios in New York City.

DAPHNE offers the most popular service from Penelope & The Beauty Bar – The Glow. The service includes the infrared slimming and detoxifying body wrap and a non-surgical facial treatment simultaneously. 50 minutes for $299

Main Stage: Kelli and Jullea Anderson of California Skincare Supply Inc.

Kelli Anderson, B.A., L.E., owner and CEO of California Skincare Supply Inc.


Jullea Anderson, vice president of California Skincare Supply Inc.


Kelli and Jullea Anderson own California Skincare Supply together. They are a three generation, female, family-owned business, celebrating their 30th year in business. Kelli Anderson partnered with her mom Mary Keller in 1989 to launch California Skincare Supply and Jullea joined CSS in 2014. They travel the country spreading their love for aesthetics and passion for their skin care brands.


In a country dominated by male CEOs, it is important to Kelli and Jullea to show other young women that their dreams of business ownership can be both attainable and prosperous. They measure their success by the success and growth of their clients’ businesses. Providing on-site customer support, training, and education, the California Skincare Supply family treats their customers like family too, providing the aestheticians edge.


Why aesthetics?

Kelli: Aesthetics is in our blood. My mom, Mary Keller, was passionate about skin care and always taught me to love all things skin care. As I grew, I watched my mom start one of the first day spas in San Jose, California and was always inspired by her confidence in herself, strength in her capabilities to run her own small business, and love of her industry. I passed this love of aesthetics on to my daughter Jullea, and it was a match made in heaven to continue on in Mary’s footsteps.


What have you learned about yourself running your business?


Kelli: I have learned that I am very capable and to trust my gut and go for it when the opportunity presents itself.

Jullea: I’ve built confidence in myself and in my capabilities as a businesswoman. I continue to learn and grow every day.


Can you name a person who has been a mentor to you?



Kelli: Mary Keller, my mom, showed me the fierceness it takes to run a successful company and I learned every day from her.

Jullea: Kelli Anderson, my mom. Growing up with a mom who ran a successful company, I was taught that a woman can be anything she wants to be. This is something that has shaped who I am and who I am becoming.


What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?


Kelli: Deciding to not pursue teaching and, instead, go into business with my mom.

Jullea: Changing my direction and deciding to join the family business.


What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as leaders?


We never stop learning. We work with our own mentors to help us be the best we can be.


What motivates you each day?


Kelli: My ability to pass on my company to my daughter Jullea, and to pass it on as a successful, state-of-the-art business.

Jullea: My clients – helping them grow and building their confidence.


How do you approach change?


We embrace it. Change is good.


How do you keep yourselves grounded? What do you do to unwind?


Dogs are our second passion. We unwind by taking them on long walks to the beach and runs through the redwoods.

Jullea: I also love to kickbox. It helps me to stay fit and healthy and to release the stress of the day.


What is your favorite spa treatment?


We both love a deep tissue massage, followed by a luxurious facial. We always love to experience different and new modalities and techniques.


If you could go back in time to when you first were starting out, what advice would you give yourself?


Kelli: Trust your gut and listen to yourself.

Jullea: I am a capable, strong young woman and I’ve got this!


What advice would you give to your 18-year-old selves?


Kelli: You’re not going to like being an elementary school teacher.

Jullea: Have more confidence. You’re going to surprise yourself.


What’s your most irrational fear?


Kelli: For someone who flies so much, I still suffer from anxiety on planes.

Jullea: Anytime I drive over a bridge, I am convinced there will be an earthquake and I will plummet into the ocean.


What’s something you wish you’d written?


Kelli: The Bill of Rights.

Jullea: Harry Potter.


How do you stand for what you believe in?


We both believe you should treat others the way you wish to be treated. Kindness matters.


What do you love most about your job?


That we get to travel the country together sharing our love and knowledge of the skin care brands we distribute.


If you could ask another leader any question, what would it be?



We would ask Melinda Gates “How do you drive change for women’s and girls’ rights in a male dominated world?”


How do you measure success?


Personally, we measure our success by the amount of joy we feel. In our business, we measure our success by the success of our customers.


Early bird or night owl?


Night owl – we love to stay up late and enjoy the guilty pleasure of watching reality television.


Sweet or salty?




Laundry or dishes?


Kelli: Dishes.

Jullea: Laundry.


Camping or glamping?




What is your proudest accomplishment in the industry?



Celebrating our 30th year in business.


What’s the biggest myth in the industry?


There is no overnight fix – good skin requires diligence and consistency in treatments, as well as homecare.


What hurdles have you had to overcome?


Keeping up with rapid technology advancements. We strive to keep on the cutting-edge of ever-evolving technology.


Where is the brand headed over the next 5 years?



California Skincare Supply continues to seek the absolute best skin care brands, techniques, and product knowledge sales and equipment development for our customers. We want to become the most successful, trusted, and sought-after wholesale skin care distributor in the United States.


Where is the entire industry headed?


Science and medical research will continue to create next generation ingredient technology, changing the way we approach multiple skin concerns.


What distinguishes your company from others in the industry?


We provide the aesthetician’s edge by distributing the absolute best skin care product lines, training, and trusted equipment. We provide a trusted source for everything the aesthetician needs to grow their business. California Skincare Supply values our clients above all and treats everyone personally and with honesty, integrity, and kindness.


What are your current goals?


We are currently working on a new and improved website. California Skincare Supply is also always on the search for brands that are on the cutting-edge of science and nature that support the aesthetician.


How would you define your company’s culture?


Supportive, family oriented, customer focused. We pride ourselves in providing the asthetician’s edge.


What has been the hardest lesson learned in business?


Becoming a distributor for Proctor & Gamble and then negotiating terms for managing brand placement and weekly educational events in over 250 retail beauty stores. This was a year-long negotiating learning experience. It wasn’t a hard lesson, but an amazing lesson. In the end, we decided against it, but the experience was life changing.


How do you motivate your team?


We all work together to support and grow the company. We are a family.


Gut instinct versus expertise: which is more important and why?


Kelli: They are both very important, but gut instinct for me. I feel like my intuition has guided me for many years in business and, when I ignore it, I get into trouble.


How do you encourage creative thinking within your organization?


Meetings over a glass of wine where we share our ideas, company goals, and new and improved ways of doing things.


Where do the great ideas come from in your organization?


White board meetings where there are no bad ideas.


What are the most important decisions you make as leaders of your organization?


What brands to distribute, which tradeshows to participate in, whom to hire, what to invest in, and what is the best direction for the company.


How do you stay current?


Social media exposure, blog, classes, tradeshows, LIVE videos, in-salon training, and more.


What is the hardest thing about being a leader?


Kelli: Knowing the right decision to make. I am the one ultimately responsible for both my mother’s and daughter’s futures.

Cleanse and Glow Gift Set

Get ready for your close up with this flash facial featuring two Eminence Organics favorites. Designed to gently exfoliate and cleanse, this lactic acid duo evens out the look of skin tone, leaving the complexion feeling soft and vibrant so you can get glowing again. Combine for an instant exfoliating boost or use separately.

Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant 1oz / 28 g
Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Cleanser 4.2 fl oz / 125ml
1 888-747-6342

How Dr. Jill Waibel Helps Breast Cancer Patient Survivors

In October, we wear pink. October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the most common type of non-skin cancer amongst women in the United States. In fact, one in eight women in the United States will get breast cancer at some point in their life.


Many women with breast cancer will undergo a mastectomy, resulting in major scarring on the breasts. We are working closely with dermatologist Dr. Jill Waibel who explained that breast cancer survivor scars are one of the most common she sees on her patients. Dr. Waibel is passionate about helping these women get the treatment they deserve post-surgery and uses the Vbeam Prima, a pulsed dye laser device, to help treat these scars. After a recent study with the Vbeam Prima and cancer survivors with very red scars, Dr. Waibel saw that with as little as three treatments, the scars appeared much lighter and camouflaged.


The Vbeam Prima laser targets red blood vessels, drastically decreasing the appearance of the scar. More importantly, after treatment, these women no longer have to see the physical scars or have the daily reminder of their cancer battle.





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Pulse Laser & Skincare Center

Sleek, urban, and down to earth, Pulse Laser & Skincare Center, one of New York City’s top-rated laser and skin care destinations, provides a uniquely clinical approach to aesthetic treatments in a spa-like setting.


Pulse is committed to providing solutions for clients’ concerns. When clients have run out of options, Pulse offers results-oriented alternatives and the latest treatments trending in the industry.

 Entrance 2


Pulse distinguishes itself from other day spas through its customized treatment protocols and personalized service. Each client is paired with an aesthetician for a 30-minute consultation to determine which treatment is most effective and create a treatment plan with objectives and goals. With a combined 30 years’ experience, Pulse aestheticians are sought out for their expertise in treating acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and age management.

 20190815 152304


Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, New York, just blocks from Grand Central Station, Pulse Laser & Skincare Center’s newly renovated space is modern and open with an abundance of natural light. Pulse offers a wide range of services, from laser hair removal to professional skin treatments and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this fall.

 20190815 160904


One of Pulse’s signature treatments is the DMK Enzyme Therapy, which provides true oxygenation to skin cells while removing toxins and delivering nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. During this intense and deep penetrating process, the mask applied to the skin contains a blend of transfer enzymes and specialized ingredients that help remove dead skin cells, increase circulation and free water levels, stimulate lymphatic drainage, enhance collagen production, and improve the skin’s metabolic function. Enzyme therapy strengthens the skin’s structure on a cellular level, so that the skin can perform its natural functions more effectively. $175 to $200 for 90 minutes


Medicinal Plant Yields a New Active Substance Against Skin Cancer

Malignant melanoma, also known as black skin cancer, is one of the most dangerous types of cancer. Although it accounts for only four percent of all skin cancers, it is responsible for nearly 80% of skin cancer deaths. If detected early, the tumor can be treated well, but as soon as the cancer has metastasized, it spreads aggressively, and the chances of cure drop rapidly. This is also due to the fact that there are hardly any effective long-term treatment options.


Traditional Chinese medicine knows a promising candidate for active substances against malignant melanoma. The researchers have now been able to prove its efficacy. In an international project financed by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, the active substance was successfully tested on cancer cells and mice. In addition, the research group, headed by Rudolf Bauer and Beate Rinner, succeeded in modifying the active ingredient and further improving its efficacy. Project team member Nadine Kretschmar reports on how this was achieved.


 “We started out from the question as to which plants are used in TCM as a cure for cancer-like diseases and whether an active substance for fighting cancer can be obtained from them,” explains Kretschmer. “The concept of cancer varies partly between TCM and Western medicine, which is why all remedies used in TCM against cancer and cancer-like diseases were of interest to us. In a pilot project, the group created a database with several hundred potential plants. Dried samples from a selection of 76 of these plants were used to produce 253 extracts, and these were tested on various cancer cells. The researchers identified one plant that seemed promising enough for further studies. The scientific name of the plant is onosma paniculata bureau and franch, a member of the onosma genus.


 “We tested a substance called β-β-dimethylacrylshikonin, which we had obtained from the plant, directly on malignant melanoma cells and were able to prove it had an effect,” continues Kretschmer. The substance destroyed the cancer cells. These favorable results encouraged the research team to carry out the first in vivo tests. Naked mice suffering from skin cancer were treated with the drug by injecting it directly into the tumors to see if there were any side effects. “That was successful, as well; we saw no side effects and the tumors responded to the treatment and died.” The researchers observed both apoptosis, which is a controlled cell death, and necrosis, which is uncontrolled cell death.


 “We then tried to modify the substance to see if we could improve its efficacy even further,” notes the researcher. Among several modifications, they found one particular shikonin derivative that proved to be particularly effective. In theory, the substance is suitable for the development of a drug, but there is still a long way to go before such a drug becomes available. “This will require larger-scale studies, and the route of administration is still an undecided issue.” Two follow-up projects are already in the pipeline.


Kretschmer emphasizes that traditional Chinese medicine served only as a source of inspiration for new active compounds. It is still unclear how exactly the plant works in traditional Chinese medicine. “There is no clear idea of how this plant develops its beneficial effect in TCM. It is uncommon in TCM to use just a single plant, normally it is a combination that can be prepared in different ways,” relates Kretschmer. The plants are usually prepared as infusions and boiled twice for a long time. “When we prepare our plant in this way, we no longer see the anti-tumor effect in the cell culture test,” explains Kretschmer. “TCM also knows another preparation method using oil, which is then applied to the affected areas of the skin. This oil contains a higher concentration of the active shikonins.”


In the course of the project, the researchers also found a way to phytochemically verify the identity of different plant species with a similar morphology. “There are roots that look very similar to those of the plant we are investigating, and we have found that these species are often sold under false names in China,” says Kretschmer. This is a problem because some of the plants offered for sale contain substances that can be harmful. Kretschmer and the research team found a method using thin-layer chromatography that helps to distinguish between the plants and is simple enough to be used in pharmacies. The research project ran for four years and was completed in early 2019. The team cooperated with the Medical University in Graz and the Helmholtz Institute in Munich, Germany.

Raison d’Etre Speaks on Wellness Opportunities for Ecuador

This past summer, Ian Bell, senior project manager for global spa consultancy and think tank, Raison d’Etre, was invited by Mònica Alatorre, dean of hospitality and tourism at UDLA in Quito, Ecuador, to give a presentation to 31 fourth year students currently visiting Puerto Ayora, Galapagos.


Bell focused the lecture on the global wellness industry, the current global wellness trends, and, more specifically, the current wellness offering in Ecuador and the opportunities for Ecuador to grow into a wellness destination.


The students were visiting the Galapagos Islands as part of their fourth semester in order to understand the different tourist destinations Ecuador has to offer. Bell was in the Galapagos Islands working with leading tour operator in the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, Metropolitan Touring, in developing their wellness concept and also to open their new spa at Finch Bay – one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of The World.


Speaking from the Galapagos Islands, Bell said, “Ecuadorians take great pride in the extraordinary beauty of their country, especially the Galapagos Islands. Metropolitan Touring considers themselves stewards of the land and works tirelessly to preserve the amazing biodiversity of this pristine haven to the benefit of its inhabitants, visitors, and abundant wildlife. This presents an opportunity to develop a new standard of spa and wellness concepts in Ecuador, by applying the sample principles and passion to the well-being of people. At Raison d’Etre, we are very much looking forward to working with Metropolitan Touring in achieving this as, together, we continue to develop their wellness standards, starting with their spa here at Finch Bay.”

Raison d’Etre Awarded Scandinavia’s Best Wellness Concept and Brand Creator

Global spa consultancy Raison d’Etre has been awarded the distinguished title of Best Wellness Concept and Brand Creator for Scandinavia in the LUX 2019 Hotel and Spa Awards. The Awards by LUX Life Magazine looks to honor candidates who stand out from the competition and work tirelessly to provide their guests with seamless and tranquil wellness experiences.


The award win honors the Stockholm, Sweden-based consultancy’s expertise in creating award winning spas, spa brands, and spa concepts worldwide, including their very own brand LivNordic. Today, Raison d’Etre has worked on over 120 spas in 60 countries, winning more than 50 awards for ground-breaking innovations and revolutionary facilities that champion design, wellness, nutrition, and beauty.


To ensure that only the best and brightest walked away with one of its prestigious accolades, judges conducted a rigorous 12-month investigation into each candidate. Nominees were analyzed within their respective regions of operation and rated on employee skills, services on offer, customer feedback, and their wider market reputation. Judges also reviewed supporting evidence (submitted by the nominees) before making the ultimate decision.


Receiving the award, Raison d’Etre’s managing director, Anna-Cari Gund, says, “Our mission is to create truly unique spaces. We are extremely proud to have risen to the challenge of creating this and to see such a positive response from guests.”

Philips Global Beauty Index Reveals that Women Want Personalized Beauty Solutions

Royal Philips released the findings of its fifth annual Philips Global Beauty Index, surveying over 12,000 women from 12 different countries. The extensive international study explores the attitudes and perceptions of women from around the globe to uncover how they define beauty, the role it plays in their lives, and how the industry is supporting them.


 This year, Philips gazed into the future, examining the evolution of beauty routines globally and the important role that technology and personalization are set to play. The findings reveal the developments women are most excited to see, in addition to how perceptions of beauty are being redefined. It further shows how technology is helping women to make more informed choices about products, influencing where, how, and when women are getting their beauty knowledge.


 “This year marks our fifth annual Global Beauty Index, which is very exciting. Having five years of results to compare allows us to make some truly meaningful comparisons between past and present beauty trends, as well as make informed predictions about how the world of beauty is likely to evolve,” said Bianca Heiszwolf, business leader beauty at Philips. “These results are incredibly important to Philips and help us to realize our vision to empower women and provide them with efficient, advanced beauty solutions that respond to their personal needs.”


 Women are most excited about receiving personalized beauty advice. This year’s index reveals that when it comes to future beauty technology, women are most excited about personalized advice on how to keep their hair and skin healthy (65%). Women in China and India are particularly eager for future developments in both these areas (85% and 81% respectively). Mobile apps are likely to play a particularly important role in women’s beauty routines, with over half of women surveyed (58%) welcoming an app that scans the skin to identify moisture, pores, lines, and wrinkles over time. Similarly, 57% of respondents would welcome a service or platform that takes hair type, hair structure, hair goals, and other preferences into consideration, applying the information to create an ideal ingredient combination.


 Emotional balance and positive mindset are closely linked to feeling beautiful. The 2019 Index shows that 60% of women globally consider themselves to be beautiful. While this is lower than in 2018 (65%), this year’s figure is still 13 points higher than the first Index in 2015 (47%), showing a positive trend over time. This may be attributed to the more holistic approach that women are now taking to beauty, with a large majority of women surveyed believing that having a positive mindset (88%) and feeling emotionally balanced (84%) are the most important aspects of feeling beautiful.


 Additionally, more than six in 10 women around the world are already taking a holistic approach to beauty, while 44% of women worldwide say they expect to see a more holistic approach, which connects health and beauty spread across the industry in the next five years.


 Women now seek beauty knowledge from a range of sources. With the evolution of technology, there are now more places than ever to find beauty inspiration and knowledge. While many women are looking to online communities for advice, the 2019 Philips Global Beauty Index reveals that it is actually people closer to home whom women depend on most for information. Surprisingly, 49% of women still turn to their friends, family, or colleagues for beauty advice and this figure grows to 63% in Korea and 60% in Turkey. This is notably higher than the number of women who turn to social media, which is 37% globally, in comparison.


 That said, one in four women globally (25%) now turn to bloggers or vloggers to discover new beauty brands or products – a far higher figure than those turning to traditional celebrities (15% globally), showing just how much influence these social-media-savvy individuals have garnered over a relatively short period of time.


 In summary, while there is a continued trend of women finding information from a range of sources, and who are welcoming to different technologies, the most important development is that women seek personalized solutions that will help them to identify and solve their individual health and beauty concerns.

Color Up Therapeutics Now Approved in Oncology

Color Up is officially oncology-approved by Oncology Spa Solutions. All products were tested in three hospitals on oncology patients and by therapists (aestheticians and massage therapists) using them on patients. 


Color Up COO and co-owner Shauna Blanch says, “We started on this journey to help people find mental, physical and emotional healing, wellness, and balance through the cannabis plant. After many years of hard work, we are able to do that in the most powerful way. Not only are all of our ingredients safe, but cannabis has long been known to combat not only internal cancers but also skin cancer. Adding CBD to our already effective formulations adds another level of healing for those with cancer.


Through speaking with many patients, and a few oncologists, we have learned that oncology patients are scared to use anything that doesn’t specify that it’s oncology safe because there are so many ingredients that can upset and cause a reaction on their very sensitive skin. Now, they can confidently Color Up their care with our carefully formulated products. 


Furthermore, many patients experience internal, emotional turmoil due to not feeling presentable or pretty before, during, and after treatment. They are scared to do things that make them feel good in fear of coming into contact with something that will make them weak or ill. Now, they can go to any aesthetician or massage therapist who utilizes Color Up and safely receive a treatment.”


The Color Up Cares initiative intends to bring healing and balance into the lives of those fighting cancer by raising funds for research, meals, wigs, and other ancillary items, as well as providing free spa treatment days and oncology safe self-care products. 


  1. Started Oct. 1, Color Up began donating 5% of all in-store sales generated by the Color Up Wellness Center in Denver to a different cancer organization each quarter. This quarter, they will donate the percentage of sales from Oct., Nov., and Dec. to The Breast Cancer Research Fund.
  2. Color Up Cares Day will be hosted once per quarter where the team will provide free CBD facials to people who are currently fighting, or who are survivors of cancer. The first one will be November 23rd from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Each person will receive a facial and a take-home self-care kit of products from Color Up. The therapists are all donating their time for these days. 

W. Larry Kenney Educates on Impact of Ultraviolet Radiation on Athletes at Conference

The dangers of ultraviolet radiation exposure, which most often comes from the sun, are well-known. At The Physiological Society’s Extreme Environmental Physiology conference, recently, W. Larry Kenney of Penn State University discussed how broad its effects can be, from premature aging to cancer, and how this can be influenced by different skin tones and the use of sunscreen.


Athletes ranging from hikers to tennis players to runners exceed the recommended ultraviolet exposure limit by up to eight-fold during the summer and autumn months. While regular physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of most cancers, skin cancer is an exception. For malignant skin cancer, those in the 90th percentile for physical activity have an increased risk of cancer than those in the 10th percentile. Sun protection in these groups is especially important, as multiple studies demonstrate an elevated risk of skin cancer for those who regularly participate in outdoor sports or exercise.


The ultraviolet radiation spectrum is categorized by wavelength as UVA (320 to 400 nanometers), UVB (290 to 320 nanometers), and UVC (200 to 290 nanometers) and the biological effects vary per type. UVA constitutes around 95% of ultraviolet radiation that reaches the earth’s surface, with the remainder being UVB. In the skin, UVA is able to reach the skin’s blood circulation, but most of UVB is absorbed in the outer layers of the skin, called the epidermis and upper dermis, due to its shorter wavelengths.


Skin pigmentation is another factor that affects the skin’s response to sun exposure. Ultraviolet radiation affects the body’s ability to create two important substances, vitamin D and folate, which contribute to both a healthy pregnancy and early childhood development. It helps vitamin D be synthesized, whereas it causes folate to break down.


There is a theory that suggests that early human populations, living in equatorial Africa, evolved skin pigmentation to protect themselves from folate degradation. This theory also says that depigmentation then occurred as humans moved away from the equator to allow for higher levels of vitamin D synthesis.


Commenting on his talk, Professor Kenney said, “Sun protection in athletes is especially important, as multiple studies demonstrate an elevated risk of skin cancer for those who regularly participate in outdoor sports or exercise. Surprisingly, fewer than 25% of surveyed athletes reported regular use of sunscreen, so there is clearly more awareness-raising that needs to be done.”

Equipment Essentials: 3 Features to Look For

Multifunctional: To be able to meet a wide range of clients’ needs, having equipment that is multifunctional and serves a variety of purposes is essential. The right type of equipment can maximize space, improve organization, and minimize clutter, cables, and cost.


Full-body: These days, clients come to the spa for more than just facial care. Investing in equipment that treats the whole body is not only practical but paramount in keeping clients happy, as well.


Hands-free: Ease in treatment application is crucial in delivering results. Hands-free devices and modalities offer convenience, flexibility, and maximum comfort for both the client and the professional.



Lora Condon, HBIC, L.E.

Lora, the Beauty Buster, is an award-winning aesthetician. She has appeared on Dr. Oz, Entertainment Tonight, Cosmo, Refinery29, and Beauty Insider. Her book, “Spa Wars – The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry,” was featured in the New York Times and compared to Anthony Bourdain’s, “Kitchen Confidential.” She is working on her second book and audiobook to relaunch her spa consulting kit.


Why aesthetics?

I found out it was the only thing I was good at doing.


What have you learned about yourself running your business?

I learned that I don’t know anything and that I’m not as good as I thought I was – that is pretty much the daily life of an entrepreneur.


Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Maybe someone who has been a mentor to you? Why and how did this person impact your life?

Jesus, because he is the ultimate servant leader and that is true leadership. You can’t have one without the other – not for very long anyway. Every day I am trying to learn and relearn lessons of humility, having a servant heart, and killing my pride.


What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Believing in myself to open my business instead of being an employee.


What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

I try to inundate myself with information and people that are where I want to be personally, professionally, and spiritually.


What motivates you each day?



How do you approach change or the unknown?

I thrive on that. Comfort is a killer.


How do you keep yourself grounded? What do you do to unwind?

Jesus and wine.


What is your favorite spa treatment?

I love them all. Thai massage in Thailand, craniosacral from one of my friends, and Mayan abdominal massage in Belize.


If you could go back in time to when you first were starting out, what advice would you give yourself?

Work in one of the big trendy spas in New York City, stay there, get a clientele, then start my own. It would have made my life much easier.


What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Never get fat. Seriously – it has hindered me personally and professionally.


What’s your most irrational fear?

I don’t have irrational fears, but I’m terrified of having to move back in with my parents if I fail.


What’s something you wish you’d written?

I wish I had already finished writing my second book about the beauty industry. I’m halfway done.


How do you stand for what you believe in?

I have a big mouth – I’m like the Rock of Gibraltar. I find it hard to not stand for what I believe in. Love me or hate me, I’m not fake or easily swayed. I also take action to put my beliefs into practice, rather than just complaining on social media.


What do you love most about your job?

It’s always different. I am in control and have no one to blame but myself for anything that happens.


If you could ask another leader any question, what would it be?

I would ask Anthony Robbins to help me figure out my “why.” I don’t think I’ve nailed it down yet.


How do you measure success?

Living in New Jersey, I can’t deny money, but second would be whether or not people feel better after talking or spending time with me. Neither one is always easy. What will people really say at my funeral if they even come?


Early bird or night owl?

Hoot, hoot.


Sweet or salty?

Chocolate covered potato chips.


Laundry or dishes?

Both are in a pile, waiting to be done.


Camping or glamping?



What is your proudest accomplishment in the industry? 

I’m proud I’m still in it because I had 100 jobs before finding aesthetics. I’m also very proud of my book, “Spa Wars.” It changed my career for sure. I love my new CBD and olive oil products I created.


What’s the biggest myth in the industry?

Oh Lord, I wrote the book on that. There is no “hope in a jar!”


What hurdles have you had to overcome?

There is a small (but not that small) part of me that thinks I should be taken care of. I’m also the biggest procrastinator, basically waiting for help that is never coming. It’s hard when I love an idea in my head, pay a lot of money to make it a reality, and then don’t like it.


Where is the brand headed over the next five years?

I am rebranding and working on launching this year, so the next few years will be building my product sales and continuing consulting salons and spas through my consulting kit. I’m currently making it an audio file for easier use.


Where is the entire industry headed?

I think the cream will rise to the top and the best will stand out easily and have long-term success. We sell ourselves and, if there is no connection between you and your clients, they will hop from spa to spa looking for the cheapest price because they think we’re all the same. We as professionals, have the touch, intuition, knowledge, and passion to curate the perfect treatment for someone. I think clients want us to stand in the gap between doctors and internet garbage. We must know how nutrition, stress, digestion, quality of ingredients, food, and water affect skin. We are healers and, when we stand in that power and educate ourselves, we are irreplaceable.


What distinguishes your company from others in the industry?

My skin care products are not water-based and contain only active ingredients. They are solutions targeted to specific problems. I didn’t create them just to have a product line.


What are your current goals?

First, to continue to save money the way T. Harv Eker taught me. Second, to eat less carbs. And, third, to focus on finishing the audio version of my consulting kit, finish my second beauty book, and try to go to Italy every year for the rest of my life.


How would you define your company’s culture?

We kick ass and ask for forgiveness later. God forgives right? Integrity makes life easier.


What has been the hardest lesson learned in business?

If you don’t know your numbers, you shouldn’t have a business.


How do you motivate your employees and team?

I clean the bathroom, have a servant’s heart, and offer commissions and good food.


Gut instinct versus expertise: which is more important?

My body never lies to me. I kind of Forrest Gump my way through life, it seems.


How do you encourage creative thinking within your organization?

I’m all about throwing the most absurd, off-color, bizarro ideas out there and, then, someone with common sense can dress them up and make them pretty for the people.


Where do the great ideas come from in your organization?

I ask Jesus to give me ideas, words, and direction. He is my GPS – God Positioning System. I need a lot of help and I’m definitely not that smart.


What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your organization?

How I am going to inspire people to want to spend their day doing my idea.


How do you stay relevant and current?

I don’t have television! I feel like everything old is new again. I take advantage of my smart friends and troll the smart people in the Facebook groups willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us.


What is the hardest thing about being a leader?

I feel like I have to be perfect to every single person and fit their idea of who they think I should be, how I should act, and what I should and shouldn’t say. It’s a losing battle because no one is perfect and people can’t wait to tear someone down.



Eminence Organic Skin Care Birch Water Purifying Essence

Replenish your skin with a lightweight essence that detoxifies, purifies, and restores skin’s moisture levels. Purifying birch water combats free-radical damage while botanical collagen restores elasticity and improves barrier function allowing your skin to better absorb and retain subsequent products.

Eminence Organic Skin Care Inc. Snow Mushroom & Reishi Masque

Contour and tighten your skin with a de-puffing masque that detoxifies and reduces inflammation to reveal smooth radiance. Purifying clay works to remove impurities while paracress extract stimulates skin cells to contract, revealing a firm, healthy complexion at any age.

Lyn Ross of Institut’ DERMed Prize Winner in the 2019 Skin Games Compassionate Category

The Skin Games is an annual competition that helps licensed skin care professionals show what results they can achieve by using professional-grade product lines, with an aim of helping them to share their knowledge, skills, experience, and results with the world. This year’s competition also included a compassionate category, where entrants competed to win a donation to their chosen charity.


The Skin Games’ compassionate category saw 10 finalists compete for the top three monetary prizes to help their chosen charity by bringing awareness through a game changing act of kindness. Lyn Ross entered to highlight Foster Care Support Foundation’s Prom-A-Palooza annual event and the financial needs of the foundation.


For the past 17 years, Foster Care Support Foundation has hosted an annual Prom-A-Palooza event to help teenagers in foster care with everything they need to shine on prom night. For the past five years, Lyn Ross has recruited over 60 aesthetician and makeup artist volunteers through her spa business, Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skin Care and Cosmetics, and they have served more than a thousand young ladies at the Prom-A-Palooza event.


By competing in the Skin Games’ compassionate category, Ross won not only much needed funding for her chosen charity but also helped to bring awareness and inspire other beauty professionals to seek out how they can support young girls in the foster care system in their community.


Taking home an award and a prize donation for the Foster Care Support Foundation, Ross was delighted to present a check for $5,000 to Rachel Ewald, founder of Foster Care Support Foundation.

Global Facial Rejuvenation Market Estimated to Increase

The global facial rejuvenation market is estimated to value over $25.10 billion by the end of 2026 and is projected to register a CAGR of 4.9% during the forecast period 2018 to 2026. The cosmetic treatments that require minimally invasive procedures are gaining popularity, thus resulting in the proliferation of the facial rejuvenation market. There is a growing demand for aesthetic treatment, especially from the female patient population, which has further augmented the market significantly. 


Several cosmetic companies are taking efforts in expanding their market by introducing advanced treatments for nasal folds, forehead lines, glabellar lines, and wrinkles, through products like botulinum and dermal fillers which, have boosted the market growth further. 


The FDA has approved absorbable dermal fillers for cheek and lip augmentation and contour deficiencies in patients over the age of 21, which shall prove instrumental for the market to grow significantly. 


The botulinum toxin segment accounts for around one-third of the total facial rejuvenation treatment revenue share, owing to its high usage, especially among models and celebrities who need to keep their skin tight to look young. Furthermore, portable, laser-based devices integrated with topical skin care products have witnessed increased adoption, which has boosted the market growth further.


The hospital segment accounts for the highest market share, owing to the premium quality of infrastructure that hospitals offer. Additionally, with the introduction of multispecialty hospitals, the acquisition of the patient population has significantly increased, assisting the facial rejuvenation market to thrive. 


However, emerging economies like India and China have a majority of the population in the lower-middle-class category that cannot afford before-mentioned high expenditures, which is why dermatology clinics are preferred for facial rejuvenation treatments in these countries. 

National Survey of Small Businesses Reveals Growing Technology Adoption

DaySmart Software, the leading provider of business management software supporting small business growth, released new research reports on technology trends impacting United States. small businesses. The national study examined how small business owners are leveraging technology to grow their businesses and the challenges they are facing along the way.


While the findings indicate that United States small businesses are growing – 63% of respondents increased their sales from 2017 to 2018 – many still worry about the challenges to running and growing their operations. According to the report, the top five challenges that United States. small business owners face are making enough money, controlling costs, finding new customers, marketing to prospective or current customers, and managing their time.


It is not surprising that many small business owners are turning to technology to solve these challenges and are succeeding in doing so. More than half (51%) have adopted business management software. Benefits associated with deploying business management software include reduced manual effort and paperwork (61%), increased customer satisfaction (49%), and improved work and life balance (48%). Of the respondents who use business management software, 42% recognize the benefits of cloud-based products, while 38% still prefer on-premise software.


Additionally, respondents who use business management software report making more money than those that do not. When asked to share their annual revenues, 73% of respondents who use business management software reported making more than $100,000, compared to 60% of respondents who do not use such software.


The survey also found that technology adoption may be generational. Fifty-one percent of small business owners who use software are 25 to 44 years old, while only 37% of respondents who do not use software fall into that same age bracket. Inversely, the majority of small business owners (63%) who do not use software are 45 years or older.


According to the findings, the number one barrier to software adoption for United States small businesses is a lack of budget resources, as indicated by 26% of respondents. Other barriers include a lack of internal expertise (23%), concerns around cybersecurity risks (20%), and an unclear understanding of which tools are required to solve business problems (16%).


As small businesses invest more in technology, their areas of focus speak to the priorities of consumers and the market. The top areas of investment in 2019 for small business owners are marketing software (36%), point of sale systems (35%), and data security (25%). In addition to technology investments, small business owners are prioritizing marketing efforts to improve sales in 2019. Fifty-three percent indicated that they plan to invest more in social media, while 39% said they are experimenting with new marketing channels. On top of investing in marketing, 27% of respondents indicated that they are hiring more employees to improve sales in 2019.


“The digitization of the way we work and live has forced small business owners to rethink their manual methods, but that is not always an easy task,” said Jeff Dickerson, DaySmart CEO. “This survey validates the importance of having a holistic software solution that can make the transition to automated and digitized operations more efficient and, ultimately, help small businesses grow faster than ever before.”


Study by CareCredit Analyzes How Consumers Choose Minimally Invasive Procedures

The decision to move forward with a cosmetic procedure and treatment typically requires more steps and time than any other health and wellness purchase. When it comes to minimally invasive procedures and skin care treatments, a recent study by CareCredit found that while both require less time and fewer steps than cosmetic surgeries, it generally takes consumers one month longer to move forward with a minimally invasive procedure.


So, what exactly are consumers considering when making these purchasing decisions?


Research: More than 80% of respondents said they researched a procedure and treatment beforehand, and roughly two-thirds said they always research providers online before selecting one.


Affordability: More than one-third of consumers reported that they have declined a minimally invasive or skin care purchase in the past due to concerns about cost.


Financing Options: Only 29% of consumers were aware of options to finance minimally invasive procedures or skin care treatments – yet 49% would consider financing if it meant they could receive the procedure and treatment right away.


Providers looking to help their clients better navigate their purchasing decisions would do well to offer a financing option, unlocking the potential to decrease competition, attract new clients, and increase overall satisfaction among existing clients.

Sara Fulton, founder of Vivant Skin Care

She left an impression upon the industry that will be felt for years to come.


In 1975, after establishing the acne clinic at the University of Miami in Florida, Sara and James Fulton, founders of Vivant Skin Care, made a decision that would change their lives and the skin care industry. They took a leap of faith and opened their own acne clinic in Miami. Soon, they were getting referrals from the renowned Cleveland and Mayo Clinics. Within a couple of years, they added clinics in Chicago, Tampa, Hollywood, Newport Beach, and Venezuela.


Among the first acne clinics in the country, Sara and Dr. Fulton brought aestheticians into the dermatology office for the first time and trained them in advanced medical aesthetics, allowing for more treatment options and laying the foundation for the modern medical spa.


In an era when oral prescriptions for acne were common (as were side effects), the Fultons used just four products that they mixed up in a blender in the back of their Miami acne clinic, while patients lined up to be seen.


As a researcher and formulator, Sara recognized the power of the products they had been developing. She saw the excitement their work was generating in the dermatological community and realized they could have a greater impact through broader distribution and with more product options. By 1990, that vision became a reality with the launch of Vivant Skin Care.


But effective products were only part of the equation. Sara brought to the process a clear vision, well-defined goals, and the passion necessary to sustain it all.


To better understand the needs of aestheticians, Sara went to every tradeshow she could. To stay up to date, she attended medical conferences. Sara held a bachelor’s degree in pre-medical studies from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She learned about production and became one of the first women to own and operate an FDA-approved manufacturing facility. She monitored clinical trials and tried things out on her own skin. She developed instructional protocols and set up training programs, a natural progression for her since she had taught anatomy and physiology early in her career.


As the business grew, Sara stayed true to her mission. The original goal had been to defeat the problem of acne. While the product offerings expanded to include treating other skin issues, the underlying theme was the same: identifying problems and finding solutions.


When asked about her career path, Sara talked about focus and vision. When colleagues spoke of her, they noted her intelligence, kindness, dedication, and pioneering achievements in skin care.


For more than 40 years, Sara remained at the forefront of innovation in the skin care industry. Sara’s formula for success combined her love for medicine, education, and people with a tireless work ethic that kept her working and advising until her last days. And, of course, in Dr. James Fulton, she had the perfect partner. In 2016, Sara told DERMASCOPE Magazine, “Working side by side with him was a new adventure every day.”



 “I was privileged to work with this remarkable lady and Dr. Fulton for many years. Sara was an extremely generous, kind, dedicated, hardworking, and intelligent advocate for the skin care industry, where her contributions were endless.” Jean Bready, registered nurse

Tina Abnoosi, founder, CEO, and president of TAMA Research and Ali Shambayati, founder and CTO of TAMA Research

Seeking solutions for healing unresponsive nerves, they combined their skills to develop game-changing technology.


Tina Abnoosi is founder, CEO, and president of TAMA Research. She is an electrical engineer with 37 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of electrical and electronic components. Tina is also a licensed aesthetician, with more than 15 years of experience with microcurrent equipment, treatments, and techniques.


Ali Shambayati is founder and CTO of TAMA Research and directs the research and development efforts at the company. He has 35 years of experience in the engineering field. His research in biomedical engineering lead to the development of Adaptive Stimulation Algorithm (ASA) and MetaWave (M2W) – the patented, proprietary mathematical and electronic engines at the heart of TAMA Smart Microcurrent Systems.


It was during her child’s lifelong battle with cerebral palsy that Tina’s journey to found and establish TAMA Research began. “Never able to walk or talk, my daughter was wheelchair-bound and her limbs would become so tight and spastic,” said Tina. “I found a small amount of electrotherapy to be resourceful in providing relief to her muscles, helping her gain balance, and helping her body heal.”


However, Tina found the existing equipment on the market to be outdated and cumbersome, as well as uncomfortable for her daughter to receive. She claimed, “I felt a lot of devices could not deliver sustainable results.”


As an electrical engineer, Tina was inspired to find a better solution. “After my daughter’s passing, I found the courage to pursue my vision of providing the world a device that would connect, heal, and rejuvenate the body through electrical current, as a tribute to her.”


Then, Tina met Ali Shambayati, who would become a key figure in bringing this vision to life. Inspired by his own experience with paralysis and the healing capabilities of electrical therapy, Ali set his own goal 25 years ago to design a piece of equipment to heal unresponsive nerves. Upon meeting Tina, Ali saw the right opportunity to bring his enduring mission to life.


Fueled by a common passion for holistic methods toward health and beauty, the two teamed their skills in nano and microcurrent to create a novel technology.


Together they founded TAMA Research and began their work in developing rejuvenating therapy options that focused on rebalancing cellular activity.


Then, Tina and Ali went a step further by bridging the gap between science, health, and beauty. They designed the first app-connected microcurrent device, synced through Bluetooth to a tablet running the TAMA app. Their design was inspired by their vision to make microcurrent more accessible, so all can benefit from the cell-balancing and health-inducing benefits, while also making the treatment efficient, effective, and enjoyable for medical and aesthetic professionals to provide.



“Ali and Tina began to speak with me in terms of science and not profitability for clients’ services. I was extremely impressed with this genuine interest. I have come to appreciate them as great colleagues and consider them my absolute friends in science.” Erin Madigan-Fleck, N.M.D., C.D.T., L.M.C, L.E.I., owner of DermaEducation TV

Danielle Munley and Emily Sindlinger, co-founders of Sorella Apothecary

With backgrounds in aesthetics and marketing, these sisters by marriage put their skills and passions together to create the company of their dreams.


Danielle Munley and Emily Sindlinger, co-founders of Sorella Apothecary, have completely different backgrounds, but have always shared a love for skin care and all things beauty. They had casually been in each other’s lives since kindergarten, but were reconnected when Emily dated and married Danielle’s brother, making them sisters and officially family.


Sorella Apothecary started as a dream that Danielle and Emily shared over family gatherings and everyday life. They were inspired to look to the old-world approach of natural ingredients coupled with innovation and science and dreamt of creating a line that was beautiful both on the inside and out. It would include clean yet effective ingredients and beautiful packaging and would bring balance and harmony to the skin while supporting the skin’s natural barrier.


Emily has a background in aesthetics, owning her own spa for 13 years. She specialized in finding balance for her clients’ skin, whether they struggled with acne or wanted to prevent aging. As she grew her own spa, her passion evolved into training her aestheticians and becoming an advocate for their success. Her ideal skin care line included a brand that would cater to the spa owner and aesthetician and work to improve their business, while supporting their business needs. She wanted to help those who partnered with Sorella and work to grow their businesses as much as she did her own.


Danielle has a background in marketing and has always been a self-proclaimed skin care junkie. She was inspired to create a professional line that was truly transparent, effective, and unique. Part of this uniqueness came in the form of beautiful packaging that inspired customers to indulge in the self-care their skin deserved – a line clients loved to leave out on their countertops and a line that spa owners enjoyed retailing because of how much clients were attracted to the packaging and beautiful product inside.


Starting a business and developing a line that met their dreams and expectations was no small task. Year after year, Danielle and Emily revised and honed Sorella. Every product became a part of them, and they were not willing to launch until they loved each one as much as the next. Some products had 60 revisions, while others were exactly what they dreamt of on the first try. Five years of blood, sweat, and tears went into the line. When it came time to name their company, “Sorella” stood out to Emily and Danielle for its beautiful sound and meaning, “sister” in Italian. “Apothecary” represented their back to basics, clean approach.


Today, the company is ever evolving and the two are working hard to meet their spa partners’ needs, and product launches are still handled with intense precision and care.



“Emily and Danielle are brilliant creatives and their partnership has brought an amazing product line into the beauty industry. Danielle’s expertise in marketing combined with Emily’s experience as a licensed aesthetician and spa owner genuinely supports an aesthetician’s mission to create beauty and success.” Lori Crete, L.E., founder of The Beauty Biz Club

Lisa VanBockern, owner and founder of Skin Script Skin Care

A personal touch and dedication to education helped make her business what it is today.


Lisa VanBockern, owner and founder of Skin Script Skin Care, floundered through careers looking for something that sparked her interest. At the age of 40, she became an aesthetician and started working in a medical spa. Her passion for skin and the changes possible sparked not only an interest, but an enthusiasm, to learn more and more about ingredients and the interaction of skin with ingredients, hormones, and nutrition. For Lisa, it went beyond skin – it was the personal touch of meeting each new client and learning about them and their habits that affected the skin.


Lisa struggled with companies that wanted to sell the line rather than allow her to cherry pick her favorites. In 2006, she called a chemist and spent the next year designing Skin Script. After a successful launch, she started marketing efforts to licensed aestheticians, spas, and salons. “There was a lot of spaghetti marketing where we threw a lot of ideas at the wall to see what would stick. There was a lot of time in the beginning to reflect on our purpose and we almost didn’t make it due to the 2009 recession.” She traveled the United States hosting trainings. Lisa learned early that hard sales tactics were not the answer. Building the relationship and understanding what creates success for the aesthetician worked. Monthly facial sets and marketing ideas worked, customer service worked, fast shipping worked, and quality education worked.


Lisa has a nice approach in training the basics. Her training classes emphasize the importance of exfoliants and making wise choices in treatments rather than relying on protocols. She sets the professional free to experiment with ingredient choices; she will tell you there is not one way to approach skin care and that it must be customized for each client.


If you ask Lisa what her formula for success is, she might say “give before you receive” and that is exactly what she does with her educational classes. She is not afraid to share her education and experiences (good and bad) so that others can succeed. Most training classes are complimentary or minimal cost. Lisa cares about aestheticians and their success. She has intentionally kept Skin Script off eBay and Amazon to allow aestheticians to make their profit. It goes back to that relationship with the customer and ensuring there is success all around in business and the effects of great skin care.


On a personal level, Lisa is a proud Arizona State University Sun Devil 100 member and believes in the power of education. Skin Script provides its employees with on-going education allowance.



“I truly admire Lisa’s hard work and dedication to the beauty industry – her passion is positively impacting the lives of hard-working beauty practitioners.” Lori Crete, L.E., founder of The Beauty Biz Club

Kathleen Carney, founder and formulator of Skin Blends LLC

Interested in skin care from a young age, life took her on a journey that eventually led to starting her own company.


Kathleen Carney, founder and formulator for Skin Blends LLC, a licensed aesthetician and aesthetic instructor, has a degree in education from Wayne State College in Nebraska and attended graduate school at the University of Arizona. 


 Kathleen grew up in a small farming town in Nebraska (not a hot spot for clinical skin care). She was the fifth of eight children (four older brothers and three younger sisters). Kathleen started babysitting and had her own AVON lady beginning in the fifth grade. She later became an AVON lady herself. After college, she loved teaching high school home economics, but when times got tough for Nebraska farmers, she had to look for a different job. Her brother helped her get hired on as a purchasing agent for the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). She worked for the BOP for eight and a half years, moving seven times for promotions, and making it all the way up to business manager.


Kathleen decided she wanted to have her own business, so she went to beauty school to become an aesthetician. She found out that having a business is a lot more challenging than she thought and happily accepted a job as an educator for Prescription Plus Clinical Skin Care (now known as Only Yourx). She was with them for three and a half years and she loved it. She found it interesting that all the clients wanted the raspberry toner, even though it was formulated for oily skin, and the pineapple scrub, even though it was formulated for combination skin. That is how she came up with the concept for Skin Blends. What if clients could have a raspberry aroma in any of the toners? Or cucumber? or almond? The base product would be color- and fragrance- free and formulated for the client’s skin type. Then, aromas and colors could be added (client preference) and botanicals, cosmeceuticals, and lipids could be added (condition targeted).


Future plans for Kathleen and the Skin Blends crew include building a state-of-the-art training facility, as Kathleen’s passion has always been training other aestheticians and helping them achieve their goals.


Kathleen got married for the first time on December 28, 2018 to her college sweetheart Eddie Fleer. Eddie treats her like a queen and does everything he can to help lighten her load at Skin Blends. In her spare time, Kathleen enjoys Bible study fellowship, volunteer teaching the children of the new families joining her church, getting together with her family, Bunco, and Dominoes.



 “Kathleen is one of those individuals that stands out in a crowd. She brings such a wonderful energy with her, whether it is personal or business related. She is always looking at ways to grow and improve her business.” Trish Ledford, Clever, Missouri

Dasha Saian, L.E., CEO and co-founder of Saian Natural Clinical Skincare

A testament that with true grit, determination, and perseverance, you can accomplish anything.


In 2007, Dasha Saian, L.E., CEO and co-founder of Saian Natural Clinical Skincare, and her mother Margarita started a skin care brand out of their kitchen with only $3,000. At that time, Dasha was finishing college, working at a spa as a receptionist, and going to beauty school for her aesthetics license. The first couple of years were tough – they were operating out of their two-bedroom apartment, which meant living with boxes everywhere. Their social life was virtually non-existent and it was impossible to have company over because the number of boxes was overwhelming. They used to sit and fill bottles with serums and creams all evening and stick labels on them, so that they could drive to San Diego at 5:00 A.M. to teach a class at a beauty school at 8:00 A.M. and hopefully sell something.


Fast forward to 2013, their business was thriving – new products, automation, staff, and an office. One April day, Margarita lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital. A day later, she was diagnosed with grade four glioblastoma – a malignant tumor the size of a baseball in her brain. The business was put on the backburner for two and a half years, as Dasha stayed home to take care of her mother and 86-year-old grandmother. In the process of learning about her mother’s illness, Dasha became an expert on oncology care.


After her mother passed, Dasha found herself absolutely engulfed in work – it was her happy place. Surprisingly, as she relaxed about making more money and focused on providing a better value for the customers, everything fell into place and Saian Natural Clinical Skincare started picking up. Her mother’s legacy of integrity and commitment to clients was what kept the company culture and values alive after she passed. Anyone who has ever taken a class with Margarita would tell you she had a way of making one feel special, but most importantly, she shared all of her knowledge. Not only did she have incredible passion for the industry, but she also had a way of making everybody feel like they were somebody.


Today, Dasha continues to encourage women and men in the professional aesthetics industry to strive to excellence and hone their skillset. Outside of work, she leads a happy life surrounded by her beloved pets, daily yoga, and home-cooked meals with her new husband, Chase Marchese.



“Dasha is a shining light in our beauty industry. She has a passion for skin and education and loves helping fellow aestheticians grow and enhance their skills. Dasha cares about you and you can feel that the moment you meet her!” Maxine Drake, founder of the Beauty Biz Summit

Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO of Repêchage

Nicknamed the Queen of Seaweed, she seized an opportunity that would lead to recognition and success worldwide.


Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO of Repêchage, built her career on excellence, innovation, and dedication to raising the standards of aesthetic education. Creating excellence in all that she does, whether with new product formulations, professional treatments, or standards of education, Lydia has devoted her life to providing the very best in all aspects of her business. Her road to success was far from easy, but her story has inspired millions in the beauty industry, proving that you can achieve your goals if you hard work and persevere, even in the face of great adversity.


Originally from Legnica, Poland, Lydia came to the United States with her family as a teenager. Through hard work and tenacity, she built a skin care empire that now spans the globe, garnering the most prestigious titles and awards in the beauty industry.


Lydia has been called the “Queen of Seaweed” because of the importance of this ingredient in her skin care formulations. For Lydia, it became the keystone ingredient of her skin care empire, disrupting the industry with an organic source of potent, rich nutrients.


After traveling with her husband David in Israel in the late 1970s, Lydia was inspired by the nutrient-rich soil in the deserts, discovering that Israeli farmers used seaweed as a bio-stimulant. She immediately traveled to the source of seaweed on the Brittany Coast of France to negotiate the production of the first seaweed-based skin care line. In 1980, she launched Repêchage, the first company to bring seaweed-based skin care treatments and cosmetics to the United States market.


Lydia is the author of Success at Your Fingertips: How to Succeed in the Skin Care Business,” has produced 18 step-by-step instructional videos, including a comprehensive facial massage video, and has published “The Repêchage Book of Skincare Science & Protocols,” a review of skin conditions, skin care, body treatments, and aesthetics. Lydia is also a contributing author to the Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, Twelfth Edition, (Cengage Learning, 2019).


Lydia has been inducted into the Academy of Legends by DERMASCOPE and has been a recipient of the prestigious Chevalerie Knight Award by Intercoiffure Mondial, the first and only skin care professional to be recognized by the organization for outstanding contributions to the industry.


With her greatest dedication to serving others in the industry, during her career, Lydia has made major contributions to the elevation of aesthetics, serving as the chairman of CIDESCO Section USA since 2005, promoting the world standard for beauty and spa therapy.


Today, together with her husband David Sarfati, co-founder and COO, and co-president Shiri Sarfati, Lydia oversees a 50,000-square-foot, ISO 9001:2015-certified, manufacturing, research, development, and training facility in Secaucus, New Jersey.



“Lydia Sarfati is a legend not only in the United States skin care industry, but worldwide. Her enthusiasm is infectious in encouraging others to seek their own successful destinies. I have witnessed firsthand at events around the world the enthusiasm and energy with which she embraces attendees and shares the possibilities this business affords anyone willing to work hard.” Paul Dykstra, CEO of Cosmetologists Chicago and CIDESCO USA

Renée Rouleau, founder of Renée Rouleau Skincare

From her grandmother’s salon to her own renowned company, her passion for the beauty industry has driven her success.


Renée Rouleau, an Austin-based, celebrity aesthetician, skin guru, and founder of Renée Rouleau Skincare, has been in the beauty and skin care industry for 30 years and is continuing to expand her expertise. Her first exposure to the beauty industry was growing up in her grandmother’s hair salon and playing with all of her beauty supplies. When Renée was 18 years old and trying to figure out what to do with her career, her mother recognized that she had a passion for all things beauty and for helping others. Her mother encouraged her to pursue the industry. Renée started out doing hair, but quickly transitioned to the world of aesthetics. She fell in love with all aspects of the industry, including being of service to others, helping people feel more confident in their skin, and loving cosmetic chemistry. This ultimately led her to start her own skin care line. 


As a teenager and young adult, Renée was always picking at her blemishes. During her early to mid-20s, she experienced cystic acne around her chin and jawline and would try to squeeze out the painful, sore infections. Since she did not have much experience studying cystic acne, she did not realize that the body reabsorbs the infection. She did realize that picking at her own skin was further damaging it. Understanding the lifecycle of a blemish through her own personal experiences really helped Renée’s career. Knowing when to touch a blemish, when not to, and the tools and treatment needed to make it go away fast without scarring was very important. Many of Renée’s young Hollywood clients rely on her expertise, particularly with breakouts. 


Eight years into her career, Renée determined there were nine different types of skin and created a product line to help each of those unique skin types.


Driven by her passion for skin care, Renée’s theory is that the road to improving skin is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires great patience, as there is not immediate gratification. Renée stresses that professionals should not be discouraged if clients are not able to resolve skin issues immediately. Many people try to figure it out themselves and end up spending money on products that ultimately are not giving them the desired results because they are confused about their skin type. With her expertise, she has transformed her career path and skin care company into a growing, successful business. It has made her one of the most renowned aestheticians and skin care experts in the world. Renée continues to create incredible skin care products that help others solve their skin care needs.



 “Renée Rouleau is someone I have deeply admired for years before ever meeting her. I do not know anyone more dedicated to excellence than her. She has an exact vision and is able to execute that vision down to the last detail.” Joanna Vargas, founder of Joanna Vargas Skincare

Normajean Fusco, president and founder of Equibal Labs

Originally an industrial designer, and a woman of many hats, she is determined to always find a better way.


Normajean Fusco, president and founder of Equibal Labs, is a true renaissance woman whose career in the beauty industry spans over four decades. Educated in the United States and Europe, Normajean has spent time as a teacher, aesthetician, and consultant to industry giants such as Revlon, Coty, and Germaine Monteil.


Norma was inspired during her childhood by her nature-loving grandfather, Dr. Zenon Anthon Einik, a homeopathic physician and herbalist, who formulated remedies and beauty creams in his lab using plants harvested in his own garden. He motivated her to develop products consistent with his thinking – safe, natural, and effective.


Norma’s background as an industrial designer taught her to always look for areas that need improvement and to find solutions. That led her to the hair removal industry. Traditional waxing had not changed for decades and, in 1971, she knew there had to be a better way. With that, she founded Equibal Labs (which stands for equal balance) in 1981 and created the Nufree soy-based (non-wax) hair removal process.


Norma’s humble beginnings began in a rented space with her wearing many hats – chemist, designer, marketer, and distributor. As a woman in business in those days, she spent an enormous amount of time, effort, and resolve to get noticed in the industry. But, with hard work and perseverance, demand for Nufree took off. To accommodate that demand, in 1999, she purchased a 40,000-square-foot former Nestlé factory that she then converted to meet her needs. Today, that renovated factory is home to Equibal Lab’s FDA-registered research laboratory, manufacturing plant, and distribution center.  


As chief chemist, Norma has formulated a wide range of skin care products, including Nufree and finipil. Her philosophy has always been that if you cannot make it better, do not make it at all. Norma believes it is important to commit to continual improvement. Her goal is to make products that genuinely improve people’s lives, not to simply develop a cheaper version of what already exists.


In terms of the future, Norma would like to develop a niche laboratory where she can develop products that deal with unique skin care problems. She deeply believes that investing time and money in research and development is the way to stay at the forefront of the industry. She also believes that spas need to be full service in every way. By offering products that can treat and manage all forms of skin conditions, they will become a valuable resource to their customers.


When she is not in the lab, Norma lives in upstate New York on a 75-acre horse farm that she loves sharing with her horses and dogs. As with the Equibal name, the peaceful serenity of the country provides an equal balance between her personal and professional lives.



 “It was nearly 18 years ago that I first had the pleasure of meeting Normajean. She is not only humble and knowledgeable, but also passionate about her clients and products. She has clearly put her whole heart into her business distributing worldwide.” Peter Cole, publisher of Spa Canada Magazine

Lyn Ross, L.M.E., founder of Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skin Care and the College of Advanced Aesthetics

Overcoming roadblocks in her youth and holding onto her sense of creativity, she chased her dreams and realized her greatest potential.


Lyn Ross, L.M.E., is the founder of Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skin Care and the College of Advanced Aesthetics. Her philosophy is that education is life long and knowledge is a powerful tool. Lyn did not always think that way! As a child growing up in the ‘60s, she had trouble with reading, writing, and other structured, academic-related tasks. Being a high creative processor, she did not make good grades in school – in those days there were no programs like those found today for learning through self-realization.


However, creativity works in mysterious ways and often includes tenacity and resilience as guiding forces. Because a future academic pathway was closed to Lyn at the time, she pursued a job instead. This led to her working in cosmetic sales where she soon excelled at connecting with clients and was highly praised for her makeup stylings. She also discovered that she loved helping women to look and feel their best and, as a result, her confidence soared.


Like most creative people, Lyn also thrived on pursuing new experiences. At age 24, when the opportunity presented itself for her to own an iNatural Cosmetics Boutique, she did not hesitate. This 500-square-foot shop is where her bigger dream of providing therapeutic, hands-on facial and body treatments evolved. Lyn’s strong desire to help clients solve problematic skin conditions would lead her to opening the very first medical spa in the southeast in 1989. Lyn was on her way to becoming a world renowned, professional beauty therapist.


Realizing that changing skin required more specialized product formulas, Lyn created and launched her first glycolic acid products in 1994. Now known as Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare, her line of cosmeceuticals expanded to target aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, and sensitive skin conditions with optimal results. This company growth would not be without many challenges and some failures, as Lyn sought to balance existing operations, as well as manage expansion into wholesale product distribution.


It was these very failures that brought Lyn to the realization that she knew everything about working in her business and little about working the business by the numbers. Not being one to take failure personally, she consulted with experts to help her recognize and move past where she was stuck. This drive to learn the art of business generated new ideas about human resources and building a team of talented operations, marketing, and sales staff.


A very successful entrepreneur and business owner now for over 40 years, Lyn believes that when one teaches, they learn more deeply. She founded the College of Advanced Aesthetics in 1995 to teach licensed aestheticians the advanced skin care protocols and technology treatments used in a clinical setting. Along with skills training, the Lyn Ross Business Mastermind courses offer a resource for spa owners experiencing the loneliness of owning a small business.



“As an Institut’ DERMed brand ambassador, I know I would not be the aesthetician I am today without the training and on-going support of Lyn Ross. Her dedication to education is second to none.” Christine Miller, L.E., Scott Miller Salon and Spa

Steven Q. Wang, M.D., co-founder of Dr. Wang Herbal Skincare

A clinical researcher and caregiver at heart, he teamed up with his father to bring a new twist to western skin care.


Dr. Steven Q. Wang, M.D., co-founder of Dr. Wang Herbal Skincare, is a dermatologist and surgeon, and currently serves as the director of dermatology and dermatologic surgery at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Aside from patient care, he has an active research program and has published five books and more than 85 articles in peer-reviewed, scientific journals and academic textbooks. In recognition of his expertise, he lectures around the world and is frequently interviewed by media organizations such as Allure, Oprah Magazine, Reuter, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.


Steven’s interest in traditional Chinese medicine started in early 2012, after a dinner conversation with his father, Gui Wang, who was a practicing acupuncturist and herbalist for over 40 years. Over the next three years, Steven and his father set to work developing dermatologic products with healing properties, based on the idea of combining natural herbs and traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and western medicine.


Steven and his father presented their research and returned to their clinical and research work. Soon, they were besieged by requests from patients who were looking for more treatments. In 2016, the father-and-son team launched their first product, Herbal Rescue Balm, which was an instant hit.


After this accomplishment, Steven received more requests from customers, this time for antiaging products. He saw that many of his clients had sensitive skin and other skin conditions, such as rosacea and eczema, which inspired him to find solutions as he and his father continued to expand the line. To meet the challenge, the team abandoned conventional industrial manufacturing techniques. They explored and adopted innovative and patented technologies to create antiaging products that did not rely on using heat and harsh techniques that would destroy active ingredients, reducing effectiveness.


Today, Steven plans to continue caring for patients and performing research and is working to launch new products in 2019. His goal is to create a holistic and effective skin care line that combines the best of eastern herbology and western medicine. In addition, Steven and his team are working on creating educational content for aestheticians, with the goal of building a collaborative environment within the community.



“Dr. Wang is one of the most respected dermatologists and researchers in the country.” Maryam Moinfar, MD, dermatologist in California


“Dr. Wang is very accessible and knowledgeable. He is genuinely interested in learning from us.” Taryn Larsen, spa director at On the Side Spa

Drew Coleman, vice president of education and sales for DMK International

Asking questions and developing a rich mindset led him from the projects of Seattle to a successful career and leading role at a world-renowned skin care company.


From his early days delivering newspapers in the suburbs and projects of Seattle, Washington to his experiences with the Russian mafia in Moscow, Drew Coleman, vice president of education and sales for DMK International, has made it his life’s mission to challenge the status quo and deliver business owners from their poor ways of thinking.


Walt Disney, Warren Buffet, and Martin Luther King Jr. all started their first jobs as paperboys. “You can learn a lot about business from a paper-route: work ethic, punctuality, customer service, and sales.” One of the biggest lessons Drew has taken away from those early mornings in the rain is “Always look for ways to add value to your customers”– whether it be a dry newspaper or delivery at a specific time.


From an early age, Drew always asked the question, “Why are some people more financially successful than others?” He dove headfirst into the newspapers he was delivering to learn what separates the best from the rest.


His curiosity continued through college while studying international business and finance. While working at DMK Skin Revision in the warehouse, he still asked the question, “Why are these individuals or companies out-performing the competition?” Studying abroad in Europe and Russia gave Drew a global perspective of working with culturally diverse groups. After college, he began a 10-year career in commercial banking, which gave him access to thousands of companies, again analyzing “What are the consistent principles of success for top performing businesses?”


In 2014, Drew rejoined DMK Skin Revision, bringing over a decade of experience in sales, training, and management. He is the vice president of education and sales and is responsible for spearheading DMK’s growth in the United States. He attributes this success to consistently identifying ways to add value to DMK’s clients and team every day.


After eight years in the professional skin revision industry and decades of studying and working with business owners, Drew concluded that poorness has nothing to do with income or revenues but with attitudes and mindset. Poor attitudes, thinking, and execution lead to poor outcomes. On the other hand, deliberate, designed, thoughtful, richly executed plans lead to rich outcomes.


“We all choose to be rich or poor several times a day,” Drew says. “I hate poor mindsets and attitudes. There is nothing I love more than to see the poor ways of thinking fall like scales from the eyes of a hard-working professional, clearing the way for their full potential.”



“Drew Coleman has been instrumental in recognizing the importance of philanthropy in business. Through his work at DMK and the Harvey Milk Foundation, Drew has continually championed human rights through global commerce. We need more professionals like Drew to raise the bar for equality.” Stuart Milk, founder and president of the Harvey Milk Foundation

Rikki Kusy, founder and CEO of DermaplanePro

She took a leap of faith, quit her job, and pursued her dream of educating aestheticians on a new modality.


Rikki Kusy, founder and CEO of DermaplanePro, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University with an honors degree in education. She is a certified yoga instructor and PSIA certified ski instructor with over 10 years’ experience teaching both. She has been an aesthetician since 2006, worked for several prominent plastic surgeons, and owned a medical spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. She founded her non-profit, Arizona Aesthetics Association in 2006 and DermaplanePro, Inc. in 2009.


In 2009, Rikki discovered a strong need in the marketplace for a professional training program on dermaplaning. At the time, she was the founder and president of the Arizona Esthetics Association and members were asking if she would train them and help them get dermaplaning blades. Her degree in education, experience working for plastic surgeons, and time owning a medical spa enabled her to create a comprehensive training program that included hands-on experience tailored to the working aesthetician – DermaplanePro.


Rikki decided to step away from her job with an ocular surgeon to commit to DermaplanePro full time, establishing herself as a leader in the industry from the start. The decision ultimately led to Rikki becoming a forefront veteran, not only in dermaplaning innovation, but also in training skin care professionals in the new methods and treatment forms.


When developing her training programs, Rikki focused on creating a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to student success. The idea was for all learning to be experiential, didactic, and provide for a real-world, hands-on approach that could be easily implemented post-training.


Rikki is continually inspired by her students and loves to see others succeed. She says, “Our students come in with a nervous excitement about learning to dermaplane. Seeing the success of aestheticians when they get it at each step of the process is the ultimate joy. We hear so many stories of how dermaplaning has taken an aesthetician’s business to a new level.”


Today, Rikki holds over 25 years of aesthetic and education experience. She continues to foster an education-centric experience that empowers aestheticians through top-tier products and training.


Looking forward, Rikki hopes that more state boards will continue to see the benefits of dermaplaning and that courses can continue to be taught for skin care professionals who want to learn. Her goal is to enhance dermaplaning treatments and tools and bring the business into the future.


In her free-time, Rikki has the beautiful mountains and rivers of the Sierras and breathtaking Lake Tahoe as a backdrop to immerse herself in nature. She also enjoys working with artists on large scale art pieces and spending time with her friends.



 “When I think of outstanding educators in the professional beauty industry, Rikki Kusy always comes to mind. I have witnessed first-hand that she embodies the qualities that great educators possess. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching are both truly superior.” Dave Waggoner, director of education for Skin Script Skin Care

Shauna Blanch, COO, co-owner, and co-founder of Color Up Therapeutics

Inspired to live a compassionate, natural lifestyle, she set out to share the benefits of CBD with the world.


Shauna Blanch has dedicated her life to service, education, and being a positive impact on this planet. Growing up an ethical herbivore and conscious consumer, Shauna’s entrepreneurial spirit was fueled by her parents as they built their family business. Denver-based Shauna is the COO, co-owner, and co-founder of Color Up Therapeutics, a cruelty-free, all-natural CBD company. With seven years in the cannabis industry, Shauna is also a licensed massage therapist, certified reiki master, and yoga teacher.


Prior to co-creating Color Up, Shauna spent over a decade in the pharmaceutical industry, where she focused on dermatology and internal medicine. Eventually, the New Jersey native moved to the west coast and left the pharmaceutical industry on a mission to share a more natural, compassionate lifestyle.


Shauna settled in Colorado to become more intimately involved with hemp, herbalism, and plant spirit medicine. She consulted for several cannabis companies, grew her own medicine, and worked with local schools to bring knowledge to the students and their communities.


Shauna, along with Color Up co-founders Will Parker and Bryce Conley, had a mutual vision when creating the brand. That vision was to make clean, natural CBD infusions more accessible to everyone.


When it came to formulating products, Shauna and her co-founders knew they were going in the right direction when they were able to extend their dog’s life by using CBD. The team started making CBD products in their basement when their dog Kali was diagnosed with stage four cancer. The experience with extending Kali’s life, combined with success stories from those who were trying the products for animals, led the team to growing the brand into internal and body care products, followed by skin care.


In addition to Color Up’s Cannabis Master Program, Shauna’s commitment to education also extends to the Color Up team. She believes in arming them with all the tools necessary to be a force in the cannabis industry. Shauna follows a leadership mantra of, “Lift them up, support them, and build a team that wants to be there and wants to give their best to every one of your consumers.”



“Shauna Blanch is a visionary, healer, and change-maker. I chose to work with Shauna and Color Up because she’s extremely passionate about CBD and its ability to heal, balance, and beautify; because her heart guides her above all else; and because she is ethical and honest.” Hillary Olsen Hilliard, LMT, founder and president of Denver Integrative Massage School and The School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics

Kimber Jaynes, founder of Borboleta Beauty

Her journey to empower other women empowered her with self-love and acceptance in the process.


Standing in the parking lot of O’Reilly Auto Parts, she looked around, wondering if she could possibly be in the right place. A bright young woman in her early 20s approached her asking, “Are you here for lashes?”, waving her hand to the trunk of her car. “What can I grab for you?” 


For Kim Jaynes, founder of Borboleta Beauty, little moments like these were the early steps toward changing the eyelash game. “I fell into creating a product line because I was desperate to give premium products and service to my clientele.” But, it was always about more than providing high quality eyelashes that would make her clients look and feel amazing. It was about elevating a new industry and women in general. Kim envisioned a brand that would embrace the beauty of diversity by giving artists a new standard in education and premium tools to fully express their artistry and empower them to achieve their life goals. 


“In the beginning, I was working 80 to 100 hours a week. I would hire my friends and my friends would hire their friends.” While they were admittedly lost at times, they were having fun. And, in the midst of the ups and the downs that come with building a business from nothing, Kim never lost sight of her determination to raise the standard in a new industry, while helping other women build their careers and find their passion.


The company moved out of Kim’s three-bedroom condo and, over the next few years, Borboleta built a new team and developed a distinct culture, while Kim rode her vision to become a student of her own company, listening to and learning from everyone around her. 


“I became a different Kim. The way I looked at myself changed. Everything I hated about myself, I started to accept and love.” 


Now, one of the leading eyelash extension brands in the world, Borboleta is known and loved by artists all over the globe. In addition to developing cutting-edge eyelashes and tools, Borboleta runs the industry’s largest education program, training artists around the world.


Kim’s story illustrates that you cannot force success, but you can hold tight to your vision, build a dream team, and empower them to take everybody to new heights. It starts with a leap of faith and hustle, but as Kim Jaynes has shown, if you lead with your heart, even something as small as an eyelash can fuel the inspiration, education, and success of thousands of women across the globe. The world calls this the butterfly effect, but for Kim and her team, it is simply the Borboleta way.



“Kim is the most unique founder I have ever worked with. She is tenacious, driven, focused, open, eager to learn, and aware of others. I am at times caught off guard by these little moments where I realize she is making moves aimed far beyond the scope of herself.” Brooke Dearth, vice president of product for Borboleta Beauty

Bella Schneider, founder and CEO of LaBelle Day Spas and Salons and Bella Schneider Beauty LLC

Once a 14-year-old working for a local spa, today she’s running a thriving business in Silicon Valley.


Bella Schneider is the founder and CEO of LaBelle Day Spas and Salons and Bella Schneider Beauty LLC. From an early age, Bella was fascinated with skin care and positive vanity. As a teenager growing up in eastern Europe and Israel, Bella suffered from acne and pleaded with her mother to take her to an aesthetician for help. Her mother took her to a local spa where the aestheticians created formulations in front of Bella’s eyes that healed her skin. From that experience, she was hooked and asked to apprentice at the spa – she was 14 at the time.


The wealth of knowledge Bella absorbed working at the spa throughout her teenage years carried over with her when she attended business school at UC Berkeley. She worked as an aesthetician to pay for school and never dreamt that this was the business she would then create years later. However, that is exactly what happened. Having grown up around European beauty standards, she immediately noticed the lack of aesthetic care in the Bay Area of California.


Once she graduated, she decided to combine her management skills with her true passion and established a European-style beauty center in the heart of San Francisco. Her mission to empower women by making them feel and look their most beautiful was thus born. Her spa was instantly booked, so much so that her clients asked her to create not only one more location, but two additional salons in the heart of Silicon Valley.


As time and the clients’ needs changed, Bella brought on full-body spa services, as well as hair salons to meet all her clients’ needs under one roof. As the Silicon Valley boomed, her clients were hungry for an oasis where they could get all of their beauty services done together with professionalism and precision.


For 40 years, her spas have been the go-to location amongst the affluent community in the Bay Area (politicians, Silicon Valley executives, celebrities who visit and reside in the area, and so forth). From Audrey Hepburn to Arriana Huffington, they have passed through the doors of LaBelle Day Spas and Salons.


Bella’s success is owed to her hands-on approach. To this day, she still performs services and market tests her formulations. Within the spirit of customization, her Bella Schneider Beauty product line of retail and professional products customizes to the varied needs of diverse clientele with unique skin requirements, busy lives, and varied backgrounds. Her second inspiration is to never stop innovating and expanding.


In addition, Bella is the recipient of the prestigious Crystal Award and publishes regularly on aesthetic topics in DERMASCOPE Magazine, as well as other industry publications.



“What Bella has single handedly built, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, is something I cannot begin to express how much pride I felt to be a small part of. Working for Bella and alongside some of the most talented aestheticians in the Bay Area and in the industry inspired me every single day.” Mona Hurst, aesthetician and owner of Once Upon a Makeover

Cecily Braden, founder of CJB Beauty Secrets

Following the road less traveled, she proved going against the grain can open unseen doors.

Cecily Braden is a licensed aesthetician, founder of CJB Beauty Secrets, an NCBTMB-approved continuing education provider, and international educator.


With a degree in journalism, skin care was not Cecily’s first career choice, but it is definitely her last. Celebrating her 25th year in business now, she continues to innovate the spa industry through development of cutting-edge training programs and protocols for wellness professionals.


Cecily likens her story to the game of Chutes and Ladders, and draws inspiration from her favorite poem, “The Road Less Traveled” by Robert Frost, that she keeps with her at all times and uses to guide her when she comes to a crossroad. It led her to make a conscious decision during a successful early phase of her career – to give up everything and start again from the bottom – and it continues to lead her on a path less traveled.


Her “ah-ha” moment came during a tradeshow in 1998, when she looked around and could not distinguish between any of the booths. “Everything looked so medical, with salespeople in suits and white lab coats selling nearly identical products. I thought, ‘There has to be something different.’” Years later, she attended the same tradeshow, with a 20-foot booth made out of teakwood, a tall gazebo, sheer curtains, and her team wearing sarongs, selling batik kimonos and tropical spa products. “We were the busiest booth. From that moment on, I knew it was okay to be different.”


Cecily’s mission is to share her global spa experiences with those who are unable to make the journey on their own. That desire to share is the driving force behind her dedication to maintain the integrity of ancient healing traditions through training and the promotion of cross-cultural practices.


Cecily’s core belief is that an educated client is a good client and she has always focused on education first, with products and tools that support her training.


“Always plan for the unexpected.” Cecily read these words while writing her business plan, so she braced herself for the unknown. But, no one could have prepared her for the 9/11 terrorist attacks just months after moving to New York and starting her own business. “I was suddenly trying to maintain a business that was not yet a business, without enough core customers to keep it afloat, but I never gave up and the aftermath ultimately led to decisions that are at the core of my success today,” she said. Forging and navigating the path of the unknown remains Cecily’s specialty.


 Cecily is not afraid to be a square peg in a round hole, to go against the grain and do something in a way no one else is doing it and, then, to seek others to train, grow, and form a solid foundation built on a new idea.



“Cecily’s example inspires practitioners to be bold and creative. She is, quite literally, a force of nature. She is selfless in her drive to share the wisdom of other cultures with as many students as possible.” Rebecca Johnston, executive spa director at Garden of the Gods Club

Eminence Organic Skin Care Inc. Linden Calendula Treatment

Eminence Organic Skin Care’s Linden Calendula Treatment can be used as a mask or night treatment. The extracts derived from fresh linden and calendula plants deeply nourish and refresh the skin’s appearance, while fine herbal oils restore the look of youthfulness and elasticity.

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Whenever practical, alternative options and techniques should be mentioned. Articles must not be slanted against a particular segment of the trade. Hypotheses should be supported based on documented facts about the subject; theory must be able to stand on its own merits, without referring negatively to other industry services, procedures, or products. References should be included to support any claims.


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We appreciate your interest in contributing to DERMASCOPE and look forward to your editorial contribution.


Amanda Strunk Miller

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Coffee, Butter, and Sugar: A Body Care Recipe for Success

Coffee: Antioxidant-rich, coffee helps to fight free radicals and improve skin tone. Caffeine is said to help stimulate blood flow and increase circulation, creating a tightening effect and reducing the appearance of cellulite.


Shea Butter: From the shea tree, native to Central Africa, shea butter is deeply moisturizing and helps to boost collagen production. It is best known for its hydrating, healing, and antiaging properties.


Sugar: A natural humectant, sugar also helps with hydration and moisture. Used in many scrubs for its exfoliating properties and a natural source of glycolic acid, sugar is known to leave the skin glowing, smooth, and younger-looking.

game changers 2

Eminence Organic Skin Care

Reduce the appearance of cellulite with the luxurious new contouring cream, Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream by Eminence Organic Skin Care. This blend of coffee and clinically proven microalgae extract smooths skin by targeting fat cells. 888-747-6342 or 


Ke Kō Sugaring Professionals

Organic Coconut Lotion by Ke Kō Sugaring Professionals is a calming and hydrating full-body lotion. This organic coconut and honey lotion is light, made for the most sensitive skin of all ages, and calming post-hair removal. Ingredients include organic aloe, shea butter, coconut fruit powder, jojoba oil, and green tea. 858-371-2444 or


Midwest Body Sugaring Supply

Express Sugar Paste by Midwest Body Sugaring Supply is ideal for warmer body parts, such as the bikini line, underarms, and face, as well as beginner users. Easy to use, main ingredients include water, sugar, and lemon. 833-784-2787 or

The Parlor New York City

The Parlor NYC is a curated community of premier beauty and wellness experts in the heart of the NoMad Design District at 33rd Street and Madison Avenue. The Parlor NYC is the first and only luxury, state-of-the-art space that allows each member to have their own private suite with all the benefits of a high-end practice, including extensive amenities such as full-time concierge, lounge-worthy common areas, 24/7 salon access, coffee and wine bar, professional assistants, onsite laundry services, social media management, personalized website, marketing services, and more – all without the headache and financial stressors of opening a retail space in New York City.


Together with the best-in-class services that members will offer, these class-A amenities will provide clients with a comfortable and luxurious experience that is truly one-of-a-kind. Only The Parlor NYC offers a full spectrum of beauty and wellness options, from the latest, most cutting-edge procedures and treatments to traditional styling and grooming services, creating a unique, integrated environment. Offering a diverse range of trusted services, networking opportunities, and customized support, The Parlor NYC team helps guide members through their personal journey to success in the beauty and wellness world.


Pam Wolf is a serial entrepreneur and retail real estate expert with a notable portfolio and impressive track record of building successful New York-based businesses. She is the founder and former CEO of New York Kids Club, the premier children’s enrichment club with almost 20 United States locations and 70 in China. With a love for the beauty industry and a desire to help others, Wolf came up with the idea for The Parlor NYC in 2018 to disrupt and improve how the beauty and wellness industry works. Her goal is to help members every step of the way, with transparency and support, as they make the transition from employee to successful business owner or grow their already established business. Wolf offers members the unique benefits of her business experience and entrepreneurial expertise.


The Parlor NYC feels more like a retreat than a salon, facilitating the sharing of talent, ideas, knowledge, and services in a sleek, modern, luxurious, and well-appointed environment. The Parlor NYC is a 13,000-square-foot haven filled with professional, private suites that offer a wide range of beauty-wellness services. The space includes a spacious reception with concierge, lounge, private meeting areas, and beverage bars. Onsite, there is a full-time concierge, high speed internet, laundry services, and discounted parking.


The Parlor NYC offers: skin care and aesthetic services, hair, nails, makeup, permanent makeup, master barbering, microdermabrasion, hair removal, massage, acupuncture, body work, stem cell beauty treatments, compression therapy, cosmetic dentistry, cryotherapy, energy healing, fitness trainers, life coaching, infrared sauna, IV drip therapy, integrative medicine, nutritional counseling, psychology, recovery biohacking, and more.


To learn more please visit


The Elaine Sterling Institute Announces Relocation to Lenox Square

The Elaine Sterling Institute is pleased to announce the school and spa will relocate to an expanded location at Lenox Square in Atlanta, Georgia this summer. Offering a variety of massage therapy, nail care, and aesthetic programs, the beauty academy will increase its footprint at the new campus by nearly 10,000 square feet and will also offer a variety of affordable, cutting-edge services for the Atlanta community and visitors.


“After 11 wonderful years in our current location, we are humbled to have the opportunity to expand our campus to the iconic Buckhead business district,” said Elaine Sterling, founder of The Elaine Sterling Institute. “This new location will further elevate The Elaine Sterling Institute as the premier aesthetics, wellness, and nail care school in an environment that mimics the elite spas in which they aspire to work – ensuring even more success stories.”


The new Lenox Square location will be 25,768-square-feet with easy access to the Lenox MARTA station and entrances from outside Lenox Square and near the center’s dining pavilion. Students can expect a standard of educational excellence at The Elaine Sterling Institute with a modern, spa-like environment, offering a real-world experience with state-of-the art technology to provide a seamless transition from school to the workplace.


At the Buckhead campus, there will be 19 classrooms and clinic floors and 45 massage and aesthetics tables. The dynamic classroom environment includes lectures, guest speakers, hands-on client experience, and instruction from licensed educators with diverse backgrounds.


The Elaine Sterling Institute also offers cutting-edge spa services, including hydrofacials, body treatments, massage therapy, nail care, European facials, chemical peels, microcurrent, LED, microdermabrasion, and more – all at competitive pricing. The Buckhead location will also offer chair massages throughout the day in the spa’s reception area.


In addition to owning and operating The Elaine Sterling Institute, the internationally renowned and award-winning aesthetician and educator has her own skin care and makeup line – Elaine Sterling Skincare and Dazzle by Elaine Sterling, as well as a new spa in Sandy Springs, Esthétique by Elaine Sterling.

GlossGenius Partners with Leading Educators to Ignite Change to Client Conversations

GlossGenius has partnered with Josh Rainville, Jade Tang, Leysa Carrillo, and other leading educators for their launch of Dear Clients – a movement to help beauty professionals bring transparency and visibility to their clients.


Dear Clients is a content movement empowering beauty professional to shed light on topics that every client should know about, but can be difficult to discuss in person. The growing series showcases letters written to clients and inspires beauty professionals to understand how to bring visibility to clients about important topics.


As beauty professionals and business owners, there are so many hats to wear. “Clients are the life of your business and that is why it is awkward and tricky to share the truth to clients on so many topics, whether it is telling a client that their inspiration look cannot be achieved or making sure they know how to care for it after they leave your salon,” explains Danielle Cohen-Shohet, co-founder and CEO of GlossGenius. “That is why we are supporting the Dear Clients initiative and cannot wait to continue growing and furthering our incredible community of creators.”


To join the Dear Clients movement and learn more please follow the link

The MyFaceMyBody Awards Goes Digital

The MyFaceMyBody Global Aesthetic Awards are the leading industry awards dedicated to the aesthetic industry. In a ground-breaking first and using trailblazing technology, this year’s awards are going virtual. This highly recognized awards program has opened its doors even further to allow entries from any country across the globe, enabling the awards program to be truly global.


The Global Aesthetic Awards events are currently held in Los Angeles, California, London, England, Sydney, Australia, and China. But from November this year, the MyFaceMyBody Global Aesthetic Awards will be going digital, opening up these respected industry awards to the rest of the world, including clinics from remote regions, such as Antarctica, South America, and Africa.


In its eighth year, the MyFaceMyBody Awards honors the achievements of those at the pinnacle of the aesthetic beauty industry. The awards are the most highly recognized and largest global aesthetic awards program in the world. Over 2,500 industry professionals are involved each year and over 100 media outlets promote the event, earning the awards the title of the “Oscars of the Aesthetic Industry.”


The virtual 2019 MyFaceMyBody Awards will be held as part of the Global Virtual Aesthetics Summit on November 10 and 11, 2019. Global Virtual Aesthetics Summit is an innovative and pioneering two-day event, incorporating both the awards and clinical and business programs presented by some of the world’s leading industry speakers in a virtual space.


“We have been overwhelmed with the growth of the MyFaceMyBody awards programs across the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, and China. In addition, each year we receive hundreds of inquiries from practices to run the MyFaceMyBody awards in their respective countries. As a result of these inquires and the awards’ success and growth, we have decided to open the program to the rest of the world,” said Stephen Handisides, CEO and founder of MyFaceMyBody and Global Virtual Aesthetics Summit.


Submissions are open for an extensive 54 categories, including best practice, best plastic surgeon, and medical spa of the year, as well as new dental practice categories. The esteemed panel of judges are soon to be announced and will include some of the worlds most respected plastic surgeons. There will be more award categories for individuals, practices, and brands. Submissions will be completed digitally and judged by the MyFaceMyBody global judging panel. Finalists will have the opportunity to win local awards and potentially be recognized on the global stage and featured in the Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetic Leaders Publication that is distributed to consumers and industry peers across the world.


The winners of the local MyFaceMyBody Awards will be presented using the latest in live-video streaming technology. MyFaceMyBody will run one global red-carpet event in a different city each year and winners from each participating country will be invited to celebrate in this night of luxury and recognition. In addition, each local winner will be submitted for a chance to win a global award during the ceremony and be recognized as an overall award winner.


The awards will also align with the MyFaceMyBody sister company, The Medical Business Academy, where businesses, individuals, and employees can win additional awards based on their customer excellence. As an e-learning platform, suppliers will have the opportunity to host their own award categories through the MyFaceMyBody Awards, rewarding their customers for their ongoing training and education.


The MyFaceMyBody Virtual Awards are brought forth by brand partners: The Medical Business Academy, Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics, Wigmore Medical, MSF Companies, déesee Pro, iS Clinical, Venus Concept USA, SmartGraft, Thermi, HydroPeptide, Aesthetic Experts Lab, Advanced Skin Technology, evolus, and CosmoFrance.

Horst M. Rechelbacher Oncology Skincare Scholarship Winners Announced

Four licensed aestheticians are bringing a new level of comfort and compassion to their careers, courtesy of the Horst M. Rechelbacher Oncology Skincare Advanced Scholarship. Each winner receives a $2,000 scholarship for the Oncology Spa Solution Skincare program, including tuition, travel, and accommodations. Inspired by the Oncology Esthetics-USA Spa training, the scholarship includes a three-day immersive course. The program provides an overview of how cancer affects hair, skin, and nails and how aestheticians can confidently and safely ask the right questions to customize a spa treatment for individuals affected by cancer.


The scholarship honors the legacy of Horst M. Rechelbacher. As founder of the Aveda Corporation and later Intelligent Nutrients, Horst was a pioneer in developing safe, non-toxic, and organic skin care ingredients. His passion for natural ingredients was complemented by a focus on the role aestheticians play in delivering compassionate care to their guests. Each winner submitted a video demonstrating an aesthetic treatment, sharing why they chose a career in skin care, and describing how advanced education will enhance their career. The inaugural scholarship winners are as follows.


An aesthetician for 18 years, Erin Clancy of Milwaukee Area Technical College and About Face Salon and Boutique in Saukville, Wisconsin began working with clients affected by cancer more than 15 years ago at a day spa. “While I didn’t set out to work with cancer patients, I think the universe was trying to tell me that I was supposed to help cancer patients by delivering compassionate aesthetic spa services,” she said in her scholarship video. Clancy applies reiki therapy to provide a sense of peaceful healing to the guests she serves in the spa. She looks forward to applying what she learns at the Oncology Spa Solution program to help not only her guests, but her aesthetic students, as well.


Studying for a master’s degree as a substance abuse counselor, Lora Condon of Scotch Plains, New Jersey, worked in the admissions department of a cosmetology school where she offered to model for an aesthetics facial treatment. “That was my first facial and my Oprah a-ha moment!” said Condon in her application video. Since becoming an aesthetician, she has shared her passion on media platforms including The New York Times and Dr. Oz. “Finding aesthetics is the last piece of the puzzle for my career,” says the self-employed entrepreneur and founder of an organic skin care line. Condon often works in hospice and health care environments and says the reiki treatments and modalities she teaches benefit not only clients, but their caregivers, as well.


Deborah Fink of Paris Beauty College in Concord, California oversees spa services at two senior living facilities, where many residents are living with cancer or are cancer survivors. In her application video, Fink shared that her son’s skin condition first introduced her to the role aestheticians can play in supporting skin health, regardless of age. Regardless of a client’s age, Fink says that any aesthetic service is made even more powerful through the therapeutic benefits of validating, listening, and encouraging her clients.


An aesthetician for 10 years, Danielle Spohr from Renew Day Spa in Garner, North Carolina matches therapeutic techniques and modalities with each client’s unique skin care challenges. Depending on the client’s situation, she may use aromatherapy, hot stones, or slow-motion techniques. Prior to becoming an aesthetician, Spohr worked for a large retail brand and was involved in testing the company’s skin care lines. In her application video, she noted that oncology skin care will bring another valuable skillset to the skin care services she offers clients.


The Horst M. Rechelbacher Oncology Skincare Advanced Scholarship is generously funded by the Horst M. Rechelbacher Foundation.

A Heart for Changing Lives through Beauty and Wellness

As the 2019 recipient of the Sydell L. Miller Total Image Esthetics Student Scholarship, Shauntavia Ward’s passion for a holistic commitment to beauty and wellness echoes Matrix co-founder Sydell Miller’s integrated beauty philosophy. Ironically, both women hail from Cleveland, Ohio.


As a child and young woman, Ward had a passion for makeup and skin care and was always interested in helping others. The world-renowned Cleveland Clinic provided her first entry into helping people feel better. Her career evolved from secretary to registered nurse and she eventually became a nurse practitioner, aspiring to eventually work in various medical aesthetic roles, from medical spa settings to plastic surgery offices. 


It was in her work in the medical realm that Ward began thinking about the integration of beauty and wellness. “Medical treatments seemed like a quick fix, but I wanted to help women cultivate a confidence that was born from within and helped a person look good from the inside out,” she said. Ward explored the intersection of diet, wellness, and a holistic approach. Inspired by findings from the Global Wellness Institute, she was convinced that earning an aesthetics license should be the next step in her career journey.


After relocating with her husband to Austin, Texas, Ward enrolled at Aveda Institute, where an instructor encouraged her to apply for a Beauty Changes Lives scholarship. Just two days before she planned to film her scholarship application, she broke her foot. Undeterred, she managed to pull off the video while concealing both her crutches – and pain!


Ward completed her aesthetics program on June 1, 2019. With no time to waste, she is moving forward with velocity, opening her spa Elemint on July 1. The spa will offer a menu of facial treatments, along with healthy beverages and dietary treatments, providing a comprehensive approach to feeling and looking one’s best.


Asked to share advice for the next generation of beauty professionals, Ward says, “Be able to accept fear and use it as a catalyst to overcome any obstacle. Believe and trust in yourself and know you can do whatever you dream. Replace fear with excitement and you can achieve anything!”


Ward’s spirit of confidence is also expressed in the application video that initiated her career change. In the video she states, “When people can’t put their best face forward, they usually don’t perform well.” As a medical professional, aesthetician, entrepreneur, and Beauty Changes Lives scholarship recipient, Ward is paying her success forward to help others in a healthy and beautiful way.