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January 2020 was not an ideal time in history to open a capital-intensive small business, but when the right technology and right team combine, great obstacles can be overcome. In February 2020, Dr. John Santa Ana and operations director, Jacalyn Pantalone were introduced to EMSCULPT by BTL Aesthetics. Pantalone, with a background in both business and wellness, was committed to finding solutions for people who felt stuck in their health and fitness journey. BTL Aesthetics provided a solution that both addressed form and function. In an immediate gratification society, the long game of wellness sometimes needs a jumpstart. The technology was recognized as revolutionary, and the journey began.  

Studio Sculpt hosted a grand opening with the local community on March 12, 2020 to introduce EMSCULPT. The 12-hour long event was packed start to finish with members of the community excited to try the technology. Unfortunately, COVID-19 shut down the entire state three days later. As a business new to the industry that heavily invested in medical aesthetic equipment, the four-month shut down was a huge setback. However, the team stayed dedicated to promoting health and wellness online during the state mandated shutdown. When allowed to re-open, the community buzz was still alive and well. The team at Studio Sculpt persistently worked to educate and help clients in their wellness journey. Client wellness was the main focus in a very relevant time.  

When BTL Aesthetics improved their technology with the launch of EMSCULPT Neo, Pantalone recognized the expanded group of people that could benefit from this machine. With a higher fat loss percentage than any device on the market and clinical studies showing reduction of visceral fat, the decision was easy. EMSCULPT Neo can help a wide variety of individuals, from new mothers to professional athletes to those who have lost muscle mass due to age or injury. Studio Sculpt was second in their state to implement EMSCULPT Neo. The team has since expanded to include lead technician Olivia Hennig, who has a background in personal training, and Michelle Camarata, a nurse practitioner. Now, in May of 2022, Studio Sculpt is one of the three busiest EMSCULPT Neo accounts in the entire nation.  


“When thinking about optimizing health, it is important to think about redesigning life in a way that supports a health span that matches one’s lifespan. That means feeling and functioning at one’s best until the end of a long, healthy life.” -Mark Hyman M.D. 

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