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The Other End: How Aesthetics Survived COVID-19

by Shawna Rocha, L.E. 

The aesthetics industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. It took a sharp and unexpected turn that most were not prepared for, leaving service providers with no choice but to deal with the fallout. Lockdowns, phased reopening, and regulations on social distancing caused businesses to come to a screeching halt. In turn, we were forced to get creative or risk losing everything.

There are many people in the industry who struggled, those who lost, those who fought, and those who survived and succeeded. Skin care professionals created new options and opportunities for their clients and took active measures to think on their feet, step outside the box, and hang on to their business – it was nothing less than astounding and inspiring. There are still so many mixed emotions, and what happened during the pandemic can only be summed up by the words devastation, adaptability, perseverance, strength, and endurance. 


Every industry has been impacted by coronavirus shutdowns, but the beauty industry was one of the hardest hit due to the nature of our jobs – touching people, a thing that obviously can’t be done from a six-foot social distance. 

Updates on COVID-19 closures, reopenings, and mandates were the daily obsession. Some states closed for months, some states opened early, other states had professionals working outside in tents, and some survived by illegally servicing clients. Unfortunately, none of the temporary solutions solved the loss of income, and many beauty businesses did not reopen. 

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Shawna Rocha is the owner of Awaken Day Spa in California and Washington. She has a love for helping clients with compromised and sensitive skin and constantly strives to gain additional knowledge and education. Since becoming an aesthetician, she has completed multiple advanced courses in oncology aesthetics, immuno-aesthetics, and specialized training in sensitive skin and holistic therapies. Rocha holds several certifications, including a NCEA certification and has recently become the director of education for Hale and Hush Skincare. Rocha’s current passion is writing blogs and articles about the skin care industry, and she has recently become a DERMASCOPE Ambassador.  

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