Webinar: The Gut-Skin Axis

The Gut-Skin Axis

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While it is common knowledge that the human body is an interconnected system with a complex matrix of checks and balances, there is still much to be learned about the relationship between gut and skin health. Dive into the world of the gut-skin axis to learn how the microbiome interacts with and directly affects acne-prone skin and how to support clients. Join registered holistic nutritionist, Chloe Williams and licensed aesthetician, Kelsey Duque as they discuss the importance of nutrition, whole body wellness, and giving clients clear skin for good with the Face Reality Clear Skin Method.





Chloe Williams is a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN) and founder of Eunoia Wellness Co, where she specializes in hormone and gut health. It was her own experience with health problems including extreme fatigue, digestive issues, and cystic acne which led her to discover the transformative power of holistic health. With the guidance of a naturopathic doctor, she experienced the magic the right nutrition can bring and inspired her to pursue a career in nutrition. Joining a health clinic, she began her mission of supporting women in her community and has since amassed Chloe TikTok 800,000 followers, has partnered with global brands, and continues to amplify the holistic health message.

Kelsey Duque, a licensed aesthetician of over eight years and a Certified Acne Expert for 5 years. Trained by Laura Cooksey herself, Duque began treating acne clients in the Face Reality Acne Clinic and later played a key role in onboarding and supporting Face Reality’s Acne Expert community. As education development manager and educator, she oversees professional training, and develops Face Reality’s educational materials, protocols, and classes nationally for the brand’s Acne Professional Program. Alongside Laura Cooksey, co-founder of Face Reality Skincare, she is an expert at educating both clients and professionals on the treatment of acne using the safe and effective personalized protocols employed in the Face Reality Clear Skin Method.


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