Webinar: Size Matters: Hyaluronic Acid & Skin Treatment

Dive into the depth of hyaluronic acid's potential. While commonly recognized as a filler or for its superb moisturizing capabilities, hyaluronic acid has more to offer, especially when its size is considered. This webinar extends beyond the traditional uses of hyaluronic acid as a mere moisturizer. It provides an opportunity for skin care professionals to explore how the size of hyaluronic acid influences its effectiveness in treating various skin disorders. Learn about the latest research findings, techniques, and strategies centered around hyaluronic acid's size-specific treatment. Attendees will expand their knowledge and skill set and ultimately enhance the quality of care provided to clients.

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Mark Viktora is the visionary president of Viktoria De’’Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals, hailing from a long line of scientists. His journey as an innovative biochemist began over 30 years ago with pioneering peptide research that held therapeutic promise for burn victims and post-operative patients. Delving deeper, Viktora discovered unique actives that nurture, repair, and rejuvenate skin cells. Through rigorous testing, he developed powerful formulations that penetrate skin effectively and safely, leading to the vast library of peptides discovered by him and the Viktoria De’Ann researchers. Today, his groundbreaking work continues, driving a revolution in cosmeceuticals.





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