Becky Morris

Becky Morris

The Vivace Experience

So, let’s start with the name. Vivace is pronounced vēˈväˌCHā and is taking the aesthetics industry by storm. While microneedling devices are not new to the industry, Aesthetics Biomedical’s breakthrough product adds radio frequency to the trusted microneedling treatment.



Adding radio frequency (RF) to a microneedling procedure maximizes the results of the treatment by further stimulating the body’s natural collagen and healing processes. Dr. Ava Shambam states that, “The conceptual framework for this latest beauty trend has been around for nearly five decades but only in the last few years has technology caught up. Finally, microneedling-radio frequency treatments can deliver antiaging benefits without pain.”



The Vivace Microneedle RF has the most comfortable client experience. The depth is adjustable – .5 millimeters to 3.5 millimeters. There are also 36 needle sets with a small .3-millimeter diameter. It is high power with a 70-watt bi-polar frequency. The 10-inch color touch screen makes for easy operation.

First, I cleansed and applied numbing cream. I have to say, I was a bit nervous thinking of the 36 needles hitting my face at the same time, so I had to focus on the benefits – the tightening of my 40-year-old skin, improving my skin tone and texture, and minimizing pore size. So, I quickly jumped on the table.

The practitioner began with the treatment, and I felt a very light touch on my skin. I thought it was her glove, but the treatment had already started. I was shocked because it was so painless. Maybe I have a high pain tolerance, but I have experienced several other microneedling treatments from other brands and have always felt pain. She went through the treatment as I laid comfortably on the bed. The entire treatment was painless. She was at about .8-millimeters depth at most areas, and even as she adjusted the level up from one to five, I still had no discomfort. The treatment was great.



There was no downtime for me. I didn’t use makeup for a few days and hid from the sun as directed. The Boost Serum was added to my post-treatment aftercare, which is a triple-peptide glide serum that contains the naturally occurring amino acids adiponin and syndermin. I used this daily after the treatment. I was also given a mask to use that night. The Soothe Mask has Binterin peptides in a cooling fluid which made for a great relaxing way to end my night.



The results were immediate. I saw an instant glow and tightness to my skin. After about a week, I noticed my complexion was better, and I saw fewer fine lines. I definitely want to return for a couple more treatments to experience the best results, but after seeing the amazing results from my first treatment, I am beyond excited to see full results.



Aesthetics Biomedical launched a product line for homecare. SoME Skincare uses ingredients blended with the client’s own platelet rich plasma (PRP). Growth factors hydrate skin while renewing aged or pigmented skin. The platelet rich plasma is harvested form the client’s blood and then combined with the SoME Skincare base.



In the spa, skin care professionals can charge between $600 to $1100 per treatment and a series of three to four is recommended. Clients are looking for results, and this is the perfect treatment for immediate results that improve over time.



Check out their website at for more info.






20,000 Super Kegels On My Lunch Break? Yes Please!

Many of you may be wondering, “How did she do that? I can barely master two sets of 10 on the drive to work.” Well, let me tell you about the newest breakthrough treatment that everyone should have in their practice.

Before I delve into this amazing service you could be offering in your practice, let’s do a brief recap for anyone who may be wondering, “What the heck is a Kegel?” A Kegel exercise is like pretending you have to urinate and then holding it. You relax and tighten the muscles that control urine flow. Kegels do, indeed, tighten the vagina, but they have nothing to do with the vaginal muscles. They strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that surround the vagina. Age and childbearing fatigue these muscles. Kegels are totally private. They can be practiced anytime anywhere. Strengthening these muscles can lead to more intense orgasms and better bladder control. The pelvic floor muscles contract during orgasm. As they become stronger, so do orgasms.

To help clients score a host of Kegel benefits, consider EMSELLA by BTL. It has also been called the Kegel Throne – and for good reason. It is FDA cleared for treatment for incontinence and is a non-invasive treatment. It is a great option for women of any age who desire a solution for urinary incontinence and improvement for overall quality of life. With the recent celebrity reviews it has received, I had to try it and share it the results!

On the drive to Dr. Kim’s office, I have to say I was a bit nervous. Would I be in plain view while getting this treatment? Was it going to hurt? Could I return to normal activity immediately after?
These questions were quickly answered when the nurse called me back to the EMSELLA room, which is a specialized room for the treatment. Phew! No public display of Kegels.
I sat down in a chair labeled BTL. It was connected to a machine which was calibrated by the practitioner. The nurse started the machine and it felt like electrical currents radiating in my cupcake area. It didn’t hurt, but it did take some getting used to.
Once I did get used to it, it was a piece a cake (no pun intended). I sat there for 30 minutes while the intensity went from 0 to 100 and 100 to 0. Then, it pulsed a bit and returned to vibrations. The treatment was 30 minutes long. I was able to catch up on my e-mails and social media scrolling until the treatment finished.

I woke up the next morning at 4:30 to do my usual workout and was curious to see which muscle would be the sorest – my thighs from squats or my cupcake from the EMSELLA. To my surprise, the treatment cause me to be sore!

This was my first EMSELLA by BTL treatment, but after seeing how easy the treatment was and experiencing the results, I would definitely go back for the entire series of six to see the final results.



Becky Morris is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DERMASCOPE Magazine.

A career sales professional, Becky enjoys over 15 years of involvement in the sales and marketing field. 

She is responsible for marketing programs, brand management, advertising initiatives, and corporate sponsorships.

Prior to joining DERMASCOPE Magazine, she worked in strategic business development and marketing at several companies. 





Tina Zillman | Expert Aesthetician and Leading Educator

Tina Zillmann | Expert Aesthetician and Educator
Tina owns Skin Rejuvenation Clinique® and Skin Rejuvenating Concepts™. She is a licensed aesthetician, a sought after educator, and published author who lives in San Antonio. Through the success of both her companies, she was awarded the prestigious 2004 “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” by the National Association of Women Business Owners. In 2007, Tina was appointed as Board Member to the Central and South Texas Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and later that same year, she was appointed as Vice President of Aesthetics International Association (AIA) and in 2008 the Presidency.

logoI have been active in the aesthetics industry for 23 years. I am an aesthetician and I still maintain my practice in San Antonio. However, starting out in my profession I was a counter manager at a department store. From there I’ve been a makeup artist, educator for other manufacturers, and a board member for the local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Currently, within the Skin Rejuvenation Clinique®, I train and direct all staff members and continue to assist with non-profit organizations. Within Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts™, I act as director, product educator and formulator, create protocols, and maintain my relationship with AIA as an Ambassador. What has surprised me the most during my professional journey is - The volume of education available, yet there are few aestheticians willing to take advantage of it. I have met several professionals who feel their experience has them knowing everything about the skin and ingredients, yet they’re not willing to share their experience and learn new concepts and philosophies. I believe that most people choose a particular spa/skin care clinic for – Great services and a fair price. If you had to pin point a moment or procedure where most aestheticians go wrong? What would it be and how could they avoid this type of situation? I’ve found that when an aesthetician becomes comfortable in the treatment room, things can go wrong. When this happens, they may absentmindedly perform a treatment without consulting with the client – asking questions about any changes in their skin that they’ve noticed; possibly turning a basic treatment into a nightmare. By simply staying in tune with their clients and making sure to talk to them within the first five minutes could stop this from happening. Realizing you are also a manufacturer and educator, how would you suggest one cuts through all the marketing to find the line(s) that are right for them? I believe each person should stick with his/her concept or philosophy on skin care. What is your theme: Rejuvenation, relaxation, acne, waxing? Know what you want to focus on and keep that theme throughout with the product you choose.

Tina Zillmann’s one piece of advice that she gives every client:

Results comewith their daily care. How they take care of their skin is important and they do not have to spend a fortune to maintain their skin. Encourage them to find and use a good alpha hydroxy acid, vitamin A, sunscreen, hydration product, and to stay out of the Sun! These tips can give your client 10 years back on the look of their skin.

More from our interview with Tina:
Which of the various roles and positions you’ve held have taught you the most or had the most impact on you and how?

Each role has taught me something about the many aspects of business ownership, but essentially they have all taught me that in order to overcome obstacles, you have to face challenges head-on.

Has there been a constant theme that has led you from one point to the next throughout your training and career? (i.e. asking questions, reading certain material, et cetera.)

Listening is key. Our industry is changing all the time and in order to keep up with the masses I like to listen, absorb what clients, aestheticians, and experts have to say. You can always learn something new everyday.

Do you have any regrets, or is there any one thing you can point to and think, “I wish I would have done that differently” or “if only I had known then what I know now.” Please explain.

The only regret I feel I have is thinking that I knew everything when I came out of school. You could say I was a total “know it all.” But in the same aspect, it made me what I am today and to respect the many aspects of learning. I feel like I’m more open to other concepts and ideas when it comes to skin.

Why do you think people come to a particular spa/skin care clinic?

Great services and a fair price. I really feel our success with Skin Rejuvenation Clinique® is based on these two principles. What keeps our clients coming in is simply the value of our treatments and the results we give them.

What do you believe separates the best clinics from the rest?

Consistency in service, retail, and results.

Do you have a signature treatment that your clients love – a classic of sorts? What makes it so loved?

Our Rejuvenation Facial treatment is the most popular. It’s a one-hour service that incorporates a clinical facial treatment followed by the spa relaxation. We do about 50 of these treatments at a single location per day.

What tool or tools would your treatment room not be complete without? Why?

I love our Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber. I use it in every one of my treatments simply because of the immediate result it delivers for rejuvenating the skin, plumping eyes and lips, and reducing blemishes.

What adaptations have you made over the years to stay relevant in the treatment room?

Since the Skin Rejuvenation Clinique® was founded 20 years ago, we’ve specialized in chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments because our theme focused on sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring. Several years later we incorporated ultrasonic technology and about four years ago, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. We have never used a steamer in the room. I believe steam just makes the skin sensitive. Some may argue that it’s necessary to open the pores. Pores have no muscle, they don’t open or close. Steam makes the skin supple, so do alpha hydroxy acids or facial wash and water.

You wear so many hats; manufacturer, distributor, educator, skin care clinic owner and aesthetician, wife, mother, et cetera. What is your secret to keeping life in balance and enjoying the journey?

Sometimes I ask myself the same question. Simply put, it’s people: Support from my husband and kids, other family members, and staff. I would never be able to run my life without a great support team and connections in the industry.
Tina owns Skin Rejuvenation Clinique® and Skin Rejuvenating Concepts™

Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts Fruitzyme Cleanser

Daily enzyme cleanser and makeup remover. Fruitzyme Cleanser combines botanical cleansing agents with cranberry extract and shea butter to soften texture, refine the pores, and brighten dull skin. This concentrated formula effectively cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural moisture, leaving it fresh and hydrated.
(210) 822-1988

A Heart for Changing Lives through Beauty and Wellness

As the 2019 recipient of the Sydell L. Miller Total Image Esthetics Student Scholarship, Shauntavia Ward’s passion for a holistic commitment to beauty and wellness echoes Matrix co-founder Sydell Miller’s integrated beauty philosophy. Ironically, both women hail from Cleveland, Ohio.


As a child and young woman, Ward had a passion for makeup and skin care and was always interested in helping others. The world-renowned Cleveland Clinic provided her first entry into helping people feel better. Her career evolved from secretary to registered nurse and she eventually became a nurse practitioner, aspiring to eventually work in various medical aesthetic roles, from medical spa settings to plastic surgery offices. 


It was in her work in the medical realm that Ward began thinking about the integration of beauty and wellness. “Medical treatments seemed like a quick fix, but I wanted to help women cultivate a confidence that was born from within and helped a person look good from the inside out,” she said. Ward explored the intersection of diet, wellness, and a holistic approach. Inspired by findings from the Global Wellness Institute, she was convinced that earning an aesthetics license should be the next step in her career journey.


After relocating with her husband to Austin, Texas, Ward enrolled at Aveda Institute, where an instructor encouraged her to apply for a Beauty Changes Lives scholarship. Just two days before she planned to film her scholarship application, she broke her foot. Undeterred, she managed to pull off the video while concealing both her crutches – and pain!


Ward completed her aesthetics program on June 1, 2019. With no time to waste, she is moving forward with velocity, opening her spa Elemint on July 1. The spa will offer a menu of facial treatments, along with healthy beverages and dietary treatments, providing a comprehensive approach to feeling and looking one’s best.


Asked to share advice for the next generation of beauty professionals, Ward says, “Be able to accept fear and use it as a catalyst to overcome any obstacle. Believe and trust in yourself and know you can do whatever you dream. Replace fear with excitement and you can achieve anything!”


Ward’s spirit of confidence is also expressed in the application video that initiated her career change. In the video she states, “When people can’t put their best face forward, they usually don’t perform well.” As a medical professional, aesthetician, entrepreneur, and Beauty Changes Lives scholarship recipient, Ward is paying her success forward to help others in a healthy and beautiful way.

Dallas Based Entrepreneurs Launch Medical Hologram B+A and Marketing Assistant Serving the Aesthetic Community

Aestheia Imaging, a hologram content management, and advertising subscription company introduced its disruptive technology at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery last week at The Aesthetic Meeting in New Orleans. The company breaks the mold of in-practice marketing with the unveiling of XTHEIA; an interactive hologram display toting a Virtual Consult Assistant for medical office waiting rooms. Aestheia's launch poses a resolution to poor patient awareness; an underserved focal point of product education in the aesthetics industry.
The company is led by Austin JM Podowski, CEO and accomplished Dallas Healthcare Business Tech executives Mike McDonald, President and Paul Herchman, Advisory Board Member. Well known Plastic Surgeon and photographer Dr. Barry DiBernardo of New Jersey Plastic Surgery leads the companies Medical Advisory Board and will continue to work to enhance upon the application. The company offers a connected holographic media platform to story map the patient journey to brand and product education. Through the research and development of Aestheia's Medical Advisory Group, the company will offer holographic before and afters to patients so they can see pre-operative and post-operative procedure outcomes in true 3D, not previously available in the space.

"We are dedicated to providing novel and ground breaking product innovation for the entire Aesthetic Community," comments McDonald. The company today offers a fully-automated and comprehensive holographic playlist for physician waiting rooms tethered to a cloud-based solution developed by the management team.
"We are changing the way medical companies and physicians communicate with their customers and patients. The ALEXA of Aesthetics is now in the room," states Podowski. The team has also designed a customer facing iPad Pro application that allows a physician to remote control the device offering an in-app camera for patient photos. Mr. Podowski later comments, "The response received at ASAPS The Aesthetic Meeting affirms that our vision and product meet a need and resuscitate a lost connection with the consumer."
The management team is dedicated to further pioneering advancements in hologram, AI, and AR in the evolving medical practice of the 21st century. The company is finalizing a third-round capital raise and will begin placement of their technology throughout Plastic Surgery Offices in North America in July 2019. The technology will also be on display in direct to consumer retail kiosks throughout the United States later this year. To get a sneak peak of Aestheia, follow the team's development, or learn more about the technology, follow @aestheiaimaging or visit

Did you Know?

In areas of high heat, the skin’s sweat glands can produce up to three gallons of sweat per day, making good skin care habits especially essential, since sweat can cause oil and dirt to collect on the skin.

REAL RESULTS: The Proof is in the Pictures

Most people have heard the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, in this industry, it can also be worth that many dollars, or more. Aestheticians around the world chronicle the progression of clients’ skin conditions in many ways. But, one of the most effective ways to take success stories from word of mouth to tangible evidence is through before and after photos. Not only does this serve as legitimate proof of efficacy, but when executed ethically, it is also an effective marketing tool and often influences potential clients’ perspective positively. This can lead to new clients and increased retail sales.

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