Becky Morris

Becky Morris

A Heart for Changing Lives through Beauty and Wellness

As the 2019 recipient of the Sydell L. Miller Total Image Esthetics Student Scholarship,
Shauntavia Ward’s passion for a holistic commitment to beauty and wellness echoes Matrix co-founder Sydell Miller’s integrated beauty philosophy. Ironically, both women hail from Cleveland, Ohio.
As a child and young woman, Ward had a passion for makeup and skin care and was always interested in helping others. The world-renowned Cleveland Clinic provided her first entry into helping people feel better. Her career evolved from secretary to registered nurse and she eventually became a nurse practitioner aspiring to work in various medical aesthetic roles, from medical spa settings to plastic surgery offices.
It was in her work in the medical realm that Ward began thinking about the integration of beauty and wellness. Inspired by findings from the Global Wellness Institute, Ward was convinced that earning an aesthetics license should be the next step in her career journey.
After relocating with her husband to Austin, Texas, Ward enrolled at Aveda Institute, where an instructor encouraged her to apply for a Beauty Changes Lives scholarship. Just two days before she planned to film her scholarship application, she broke her foot. Undeterred, she managed to pull off the video while concealing both her crutches – and pain.
Ward completed her aesthetics program on June 1, 2019. With no time to waste, she is moving forward with velocity. Ward opened her spa, Elemint, in July of this year.
Asked to share advice for the next generation of beauty professionals, Ward says, “Be able to accept fear and use it as a catalyst to overcome any obstacle. Believe and trust in yourself and know you can do whatever you dream. Replace fear with excitement and you can achieve anything!”


Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts Fruitzyme Cleanser

Daily enzyme cleanser and makeup remover. Fruitzyme Cleanser combines botanical cleansing agents with cranberry extract and shea butter to soften texture, refine the pores, and brighten dull skin. This concentrated formula effectively cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural moisture, leaving it fresh and hydrated.
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Dallas Based Entrepreneurs Launch Medical Hologram B+A and Marketing Assistant Serving the Aesthetic Community

Aestheia Imaging, a hologram content management, and advertising subscription company introduced its disruptive technology at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery last week at The Aesthetic Meeting in New Orleans. The company breaks the mold of in-practice marketing with the unveiling of XTHEIA; an interactive hologram display toting a Virtual Consult Assistant for medical office waiting rooms. Aestheia's launch poses a resolution to poor patient awareness; an underserved focal point of product education in the aesthetics industry.
The company is led by Austin JM Podowski, CEO and accomplished Dallas Healthcare Business Tech executives Mike McDonald, President and Paul Herchman, Advisory Board Member. Well known Plastic Surgeon and photographer Dr. Barry DiBernardo of New Jersey Plastic Surgery leads the companies Medical Advisory Board and will continue to work to enhance upon the application. The company offers a connected holographic media platform to story map the patient journey to brand and product education. Through the research and development of Aestheia's Medical Advisory Group, the company will offer holographic before and afters to patients so they can see pre-operative and post-operative procedure outcomes in true 3D, not previously available in the space.

"We are dedicated to providing novel and ground breaking product innovation for the entire Aesthetic Community," comments McDonald. The company today offers a fully-automated and comprehensive holographic playlist for physician waiting rooms tethered to a cloud-based solution developed by the management team.
"We are changing the way medical companies and physicians communicate with their customers and patients. The ALEXA of Aesthetics is now in the room," states Podowski. The team has also designed a customer facing iPad Pro application that allows a physician to remote control the device offering an in-app camera for patient photos. Mr. Podowski later comments, "The response received at ASAPS The Aesthetic Meeting affirms that our vision and product meet a need and resuscitate a lost connection with the consumer."
The management team is dedicated to further pioneering advancements in hologram, AI, and AR in the evolving medical practice of the 21st century. The company is finalizing a third-round capital raise and will begin placement of their technology throughout Plastic Surgery Offices in North America in July 2019. The technology will also be on display in direct to consumer retail kiosks throughout the United States later this year. To get a sneak peak of Aestheia, follow the team's development, or learn more about the technology, follow @aestheiaimaging or visit

REAL RESULTS: The Proof is in the Pictures

Most people have heard the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, in this industry, it can also be worth that many dollars, or more. Aestheticians around the world chronicle the progression of clients’ skin conditions in many ways. But, one of the most effective ways to take success stories from word of mouth to tangible evidence is through before and after photos. Not only does this serve as legitimate proof of efficacy, but when executed ethically, it is also an effective marketing tool and often influences potential clients’ perspective positively. This can lead to new clients and increased retail sales.