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Well-Advised Waxing: What Every Waxer Needs to Know

Written by   Crickett Enos

Do you want to be a fast, efficient waxer, able to provide near pain-free waxing services with ease? Then, stick with me as I spill the tea on doing all three.



Efficiency is achieving maximum productivity with minimal effort. The two most efficient things you can do when waxing are to keep your waxing supplies close and to wax from one side of the table.

If your table and wax pot are on opposite sides of the room, it could cut into your waxing time. Taking all those extra steps to and from your wax pot causes your service time to be longer than it should and prevents you from booking more clients.


Setting your supplies within arms distance ensures that you don’t need to take a single step to get to them. You may need to move your bed closer to your wax pot or vice versa. Better yet, if you can, keep all your waxing supplies on a rolling cart for easy access. Work from one side of the table when you wax. If you’re circling your client like a shark, trying to determine where you need to be to wax different parts of the body, that’s another time-sucker.

It is 100% possible to wax the entire body from one side of the table; it just takes practice. If you’re right-handed, stand on the right side; if you’re left-handed, stans on the left. Be kind to yourself. Learning something new is always hard. These two little pointers will more than set you up to achieve maximum results with minimal effort while increasing your bottom line.

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Founder and CEO of The Wax Chick, Crickett Enos is a licensed aesthetician, product creator, writer, speaker, and advanced waxing educator, specializing in eyebrow design and Brazilian waxing. With over 18 years’ experience in the industry, she has trained and empowered thousands to wax with skill, confidence and efficiency. 

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