Webinar: Microchanneling Mastery: The Skin Rejuvenation Revolution

Microchanneling Mastery: The Skin Rejuvenation Revolution
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Discover the art and science of microchanneling in this engaging class led by expert trainer, Carole Dezarn. Gain a deep understanding of this cutting-edge technique, its transformative benefits, and how to deliver exceptional results for clients as a skin care professional. Whether attendees are an experienced practitioner or new to the field, this class will empower with the knowledge and techniques needed to excel in the aesthetics and become the most profitable in the industry. Do not miss this exclusive opportunity to elevate practitioners' skills and leave clients glowing with confidence.
Carole DeZarn is an international beauty educator with over 17 years of experience. She empowers aesthetics entrepreneurs to achieve business success through diverse treatment protocols. As one of Procell Therapies' top trainers and a renowned public speaker, DeZarn captivates audiences with her relatable persona and delivers proven strategies for business growth. She specializes in sales, social media, and profit making in the aesthetics industry. By incorporating mindful goal-setting and results-driven treatments, DeZarn guides clients to grow their businesses to six figures, ensuring client satisfaction and success in the competitive beauty world.

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