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Thursday, 21 December 2023 15:16

From Injustice to Innovation 

Written by   William Moore

I consider myself an esteemed cosmetic practitioner because I captured the nation’s attention in 2019 with my courageous fight for equality, ignited by the wrongful termination and tragic loss of my late husband due to his sexual orientation. My unwavering dedication led to a groundbreaking ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, affirming the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals against unjust dismissal based on sexual orientation.  

Fast forward a few years and my commitment to dismantling societal barriers and empowering men remains resolute. Once again, I have captured national headlines, shedding light on the booming market of penile filler, exposing dubious practices, and introducing safe solutions that are emerging in the field of dermatology.  

This mission holds profound personal significance to me because I have witnessed firsthand the devastating consequences of flawed procedures. Thus, in 2021, I introduced a pioneering, nonsurgical girth-enhancement method acclaimed for its safety and reliability. By utilizing FDA-approved hyaluronic acid fillers that are naturally compatible with the body, the treatment distinguishes itself by enhancing the penis’s existing anatomical features while preserving functionality. It stands as the first of its kind to mandate in-person training for all providers and implement a comprehensive post-care program, ensuring positive post-procedure outcomes.

The procedure involves skillful injection of fillers into specific areas, augmenting girth while respecting the penis’s natural contours. Characterized by its noninvasive nature, this enhancement method minimizes risks and reduces recovery time, resulting in a notable and transformative enhancement that harmonizes seamlessly with both form and function. 

In contrast, experimental treatments like free fat grafting, silicone injections, and PMMA injections have left many patients grappling with serious complications. Even prominent urologists and men’s health providers have been known to administer non-FDA approved products unbeknownst to their patients, leading to avoidable complications. 

My unwavering commitment to quality has made the difference, as board-certified providers nationwide, including dermatologists, have embraced my vision. The treatment’s reach has expanded to clinics across 16 locations, spanning the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. 

As the demand for penile-girth enhancement continues to surge, it becomes imperative for patients and providers alike to comprehend the nuances of a relatively new, unregulated, and sometimes secretive market. With more dermatologists and certified practitioners adopting proper protocols, the horror stories of subpar procedures and the associated stigma will hopefully become relics of the past. 


William Moore is the founder of the Dallas-based biohacking clinic, AdvancedYOU and the visionary behind PhalloFILL, the leading network for nonsurgical penile girth enhancement. After launching in 2021, PhalloFILL now spans 17 U.S. markets, Mexico City, and Montreal. Beyond the clinics, Moore is the president of the Texas Med Spa Association, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and healthcare equality. With an MBA and an M.S. in health and human performance, he draws on two decades of experience to guide patients to optimal health, enhanced appearance, and heightened self-esteem.

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