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You have a vision of a magnificent new spa and you want to turn it into reality! Wonderful!! The decision to create a new spa starts a cascade of activities that can be both daunting and thrilling. It involves creating the physical space as well as designing how the spa will operate once it is open. You know that you cannot do it alone. You…
We’re both professional skin therapists with an entrepreneurial spirit, and we both teach classes with a similar point of view. We draw upon our own experiences as therapists, and as business owners—we’ve seen it all, done it all, and can save all of you the frustration of many common mistakes! 1- BE READY. While everyone is entitled to a personal life, quality time with friends…
To help you acquire the most out of this edutorial, analyze the following points of reference, which will be found through the length of the series, while reading along to assist you in answering the final questions.

Grant Seeking

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Learning how to write winning grant proposals is an invaluable asset for massage therapists seeking funds to further education, research, and business opportunities. The world of grants opens unlimited opportunities for massage therapists, body workers, and skin care professionals. Billions of dollars worth of grants are given out each year. The federal government, state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, community foundations, corporations, private foundations, family…
Our concepts of beauty are deeply shaped by history and culture. The ancient Greeks and Romans still affect our Western standard of beauty by their portrayals of gods, goddesses, emperors and nymphs, in eternally smooth, firm substances: marble and bronze. We aspire to this perfection today, and keeping facial and body hair to a minimum is in line with the aristocratic ideal of beauty passed…

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