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How to Reach the Teenage Client

Written by Bella Schneider, P.M.E.
The teen market is a true niche market with huge potential. Teen services are not something you just add to your menu. They are the population of the future. If you really want to go after this marketplace, which is ever-growing and surging, you have to dedicate yourself to the Internet, social media and a culture engaged in real time that constantly changes. You need…

Search for Skin Care Brands Worthy of Your Business

Written by Kristina Valiani and Justin Dotterweich
Every business comes with its challenges. Owning a spa or salon is no different. Your selection of staff, policies and services offered all impact your clientele and reputation. However, there are important decisions that affect all of these and more. The products you choose to use in the treatment room and offer for retail purchase will shape your business, as well as influence your bottom…
Whether you work with a company or for yourself, it is important to understand the value of you as the professional. Your client looks to you for advice, suggestions and result-oriented treatments. I think first and foremost you should ask yourself if you truly enjoy servicing others and providing solutions to their unwanted body hair and skin concerns. Passion is something that is lived! It…
The adage "what's in a name" has often been debated. When it comes to products an inventive, catchy name that sums up what your product is and what it offers is critical. After all, the name will be the first things consumers see on a shelf, a website, or marketing materials. A well thought out name may even make it easier for search engines to…
Now is the perfect time to promote romantic salon and spa retreats. Create promotions and salon service menu packages that will make it fun for friends and couples to visit your skin care clinic or day spa! Clients won't know that you offer special service packages for couples unless you actively promote them in your skin care center or spa service menus. Get ready to…

January 2022

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  • Celluma by Biophotas, Inc
  • DMK Skin Revision Center