How do you market your business in your community? Having your own business/being an entrepreneur can be a very challenging job. You are required to sell yourself and your products, yet nobody really wants to be sold. So, how can you thrive with your business in your community? Here are some simple steps to help you reach your goals.
Spa and salon experts agree: Retailing is critical to success and expertise in this area is often the missing X-factor. Developing retailing skills consists of several parts, the most essential of these being the brands which are represented in your skin care center, salon, or spa. Does the skin care brand you are carrying truly represent your company’s vision at its most inspiring? Hopefully the…

Utilizing the Conversion Cascade to Upgrade Your Clients

Written by Jay A. Shorr, B.A., MBM-C, CAC I-V and Mara L. Shorr, B.S., CAC II-V
Marketing and advertising is a necessary evil to bring prospective clients to your facility, with an approximate cost of $400 to bring a new aesthetic client through your doors. With all the money you are spending on your website, newspaper, television and radio advertising, sponsored social media posts, and more, it is important to realize building, not to mention keeping, that relationship is even more…

Modalities: Marketing and Beyond

Written by Aliesh Pierce, L.E.
The spa industry is an ever-changing entity. The International Spa Association reports estimates that there were 160 million spa visits in 2012 and reports year-end revenue of $14 billion. A large percentage of that revenue is due to increasing interest in rejuvenating treatments. There are various rejuvenating treatment modalities available for use by aestheticians. In fact, there are so many options that aestheticians may have…
Who is your target market? Moms and daughters? Business workers on a lunch break? Athletic club members? Everyone in your community? Think broadly about your market. How can you expand it and keep current clients coming back? Education. Regardless of whether you are treating men, women, teenagers or seniors, when you educate, you earn your customer’s loyalty and bottom lines are boosted. A loyal clientele…

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