Beauty and Wellness is in their Blood: Incorporating IV Lounges

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beauty2Private IV clinics, specializing in treating hangovers, jetlag, and dehydration, are popping up more and more. An IV is a solution which is infused directly into the bloodstream of a patient through a hollow needle inserted in the arm. An IV can be used to rehydrate the body, deliver vitamins and nutrients directly into the blood stream – bypassing the digestive tract – or as a delivery method for medications or blood transfusions.


An IV lounge is a setting, other than a hospital or clinic, in which IVs are available. While an IV lounge is frequently a spa-like setting, fully-trained medical professionals – usually a doctor or physician’s assistant and nurses – staff it. Best of all, it is a much quicker, more comfortable, and lower-cost setting for clients than a hospital or clinic and it offers the same IV treatment.


IV lounges treat a variety of clients including normally healthy individuals who are suffering from a temporary illness or condition that IV treatment can ease. These conditions include hangovers, severe colds or flu, jet lag, and rigorous exercise or athletic events. IV rehydration treats symptoms quickly. In addition, many lounges offer specially-formulated IV cocktails to help fight fatigue, boost immunity, detoxify the body, stimulate metabolism, and promote weight loss. They can even help enhance the appearance of hair, skin, and nails with a solution of keratin and antioxidants.


IV lounges are gaining popularity as a destination for more than just a hangover cure. “Although my original intention was to go to an IV lounge to help recover from the night before, their extensive menu of healthy-option drips made me go back for more. It was a comfortable and positive experience all around,” said Steve Watson, an IV lounge visitor from Miami.


Several things make IV lounges attractive as an addition to spas. First, IVs are a low-risk treatment, making them an excellent addition to a medical aesthetic practice. Secondly, the patient pays cash. Treatments are not covered by insurance. So, the facility sees immediate cash flow. The equipment needed is low cost. Minimal staff training is required since these treatments should only be performed by trained medical professionals who are already familiar with administering IVs. Finally, IV lounges offer a substantial profit margin.

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