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Here Comes the Bridezilla: Five Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Bridal Client

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Planning a wedding can be a very stressful experience. From picking the venue to writing vows, brides-to-be often have numerous tasks to attend to and often plan for months to a year before the ceremony. While most bridal clients see the spa as a welcome retreat from the stress associated with planning a wedding, some clients bring their anxiety to the spa. These clients are often demanding, impatient, and controlling, unhappy with the results of anything that is out of their hands.

The following tips will help skin care professionals deal with bridezillas in the best possible manner:

1. Sympathize with their situation. Although it can be easy to discount a problematic bridal client, try to see the situation from her point of view; she has a lot on her plate. Professionals can better handle an unhappy attitude by sympathizing with her situation.

2. Perform an extremely thorough consultation. Most bridezillas are often unhappy with tasks that they do not perform themselves because they have problems with control. During a detailed consultation, take the time to sit with the bride-to-be and make an appropriate amount of eye contact. Find out exactly what she is looking for and be sure to be very honest with her about what she can expect from the treatment and the results. With this type of client, it can even be beneficial to downplay the expected results.

3. Prepare the staff for difficult clients with role-play scenarios. The best way to deal with a bridezilla is to boost the staff's confidence in their ability to handle this type of client through role-play. During these scenarios, guide the staff by letting them know exactly how far they can go with a rude client and what they can and cannot do.

4. Remember that they will not always be like this. Unless they have typically shown a history of difficult behavior, keep in mind that most bridal clients will not be challenging once their wedding is over. Treating her with kindness and compassion during her stressful time can create a loyal client.

5. Remain calm. No matter how she behaves, remain calm. With the majority of bridezillas, the real issue lies with her, not the professional. Do not allow her negativity and unhappiness to affect the rest of the spa.

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