Hosting an In Home Bachelorette Spa Party

As the aesthetic industry looks for new ways to keep the interest of their clients, many skin care professionals are looking to spruce up their treatments and party offerings. Professionals can stay ahead of the competition and offer a refreshing take on the typical bachelorette spa party with an in-home spa party.

These parties offer clients the luxury and relaxation of the spa in the comfort of a home. Much like a trip to the spa, the client is not required to do anything other than be present at the house where the party is being held.

Treatment and Pricing Options
When hosting an in-home spa party, a set menu should be presented when the party is booked. The menu should include aptly-named packages that increase in price, time limit, and offerings. For example, the basic package could be named ‘The Bridesmaid’ and could include the spa basics for each guest. The professional could name the next tier package ‘The Maid of Honor’ and the most advanced package ‘The Bride.’ Build on every package and offer more than the previous package. These naming techniques add an element of fun for the client and help to bring together the wedding theme.

Another option is to charge by the head and time (such as $350 for five people and 300 minutes); with this type of pricing, every attendee will either experience all of the treatments from a set menu or have a variety of offerings to choose from. For example, the professional could offer six treatments (such as massages, facials, body wraps, nail treatments, makeup applications, and handheld LED treatments) and every attendee would have the option of picking three treatments to experience.pic1

In-Home Preparations
The most important aspect of hosting an in-home bachelorette party is to be prepared. Make a list of all the equipment and auxiliary props that will be needed to complete the treatments. The guests should also be told ahead of time if they need to bring anything of their own. Do not forget to bring retail products that clients can purchase if they desire to do so!

Give the option of providing the food and drinks for the party. In this case, it is best to provide bite-sized snacks that can be heated at the host’s house before the party starts. Professionals can also bring ‘mocktails’ that can be converted to cocktails if the guests bring their own alcohol. Food and drinks can be included in the overall price or can be an add-on that varies by party. Go a step further by planning and bringing games, setting up decorations, and taking Polaroid images (or utilize other rapid-print options) that have the spa’s information written on the back.

While a bachelorette party at the spa may offer guests more treatment options, in-home parties offer something different and memorable. They are also versatile enough to allow the professional to tailor the party to the bride and her guests.

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