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Faux Freckles: Sun-Kissed Tattoos

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Born into the world, skin is untouched – a clean palette with a few exceptions. Throughout the years, as individuals flirt with the rays of the sun, skin succumbs to its transparent kisses. These kisses strike the melanin within skin, causing a permanent speck forever placed where they land. It is not a mole nor a mimicked age spot; it is a glorified macule – the freckle.

Mostly admired by those whose skin lies flawless from sun’s touch, the search for the aesthetic allure of faux freckles begins. Pencil liners and liquid eyeliners can be useful in strategically placing freckles on the face, but they may smear with a simple touch of the hand or sweat expelling from a pore. Today, a more permanent solution can be sought to keep this mark on the face – freckle tattooing.

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Amra LearAmra Lear has been a licensed massage therapist since 1997 and a licensed aesthetician since 2005. She has worked in two luxury resort spas on the Las Vegas, Nevada Strip since 1999. Lear is a nationally- board certified therapeutic massage and bodywork education provider, where she trains other professionals in various massage modalities and develops spa treatments for both massage and aesthetics practices.

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