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10 things about... Add-on Treatments

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Skin care professionals that offer service selections such as facials, massage, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and makeup are likely to welcome additional revenue. Once the professional’s appointments are booked and their time is maxed out, the only way for them to increase revenue is to sell retail products or add-ons!


1 With facials, professionals can incorporate a specialty mask, glycolic peel, microdermabrasion, or invigorating oxygen blast. They can also suggest that clients try a lip and eyebrow exfoliation, wax and tint, or color enhancement for the eyelashes while the mask is on the client’s face. This upgrade could be a welcome time saver for the client!

2 For clients who wear their hair pulled back with dangling earrings, suggest an exfoliating, hydrating earlobe treatment. This treatment would take care of those poor, neglected earlobes and create a more youthful appearance! Every time professionals do a facial, they should suggest a new service within the facial so clients have more to look forward to each time they visit the spa.

3 Start massages with a cool spray to the feet and then take a bag with warm paraffin and submerge the client’s foot into the bag for a paraffin bath. Squish the warm paraffin in the bag while massaging the foot until the paraffin sets up. Wrap the foot in a towel and perform the same actions on the other foot. When finished, remove the bag and paraffin and massage the foot. This upgrade is a great way to start a massage! Professionals can utilize this time to talk about what type of pressure the client prefers. Clients can also upgrade to a stone massage or aromatherapy.

4 Body treatments offer a variety of options for upgrades. Professionals can add dry buffing to exfoliate and stimulate the skin, enhancing the benefits of the body treatment.

5 Skin care professionals can incorporate aromatherapy oils into almost any skin care or body treatment in the spa. Show clients the essential oil selection and ask them to choose their desired scent. After a body scrub, professionals can upgrade the service by suggesting a warm body mask and finish it by wrapping the body in lamar foil.

6 Manicures should not just be about nails, cuticles, and polish. Add-ons for this treatment can be as simple as a paraffin treatment or a glycolic hand peel. Professionals can also suggest a hand facial; this treatment consists of making a simple sugar scrub (one teaspoon of sugar, three teaspoons of oil, and one-to-two drops of an essential oil). Gently scrub the client’s fingers, hands, and arms and have a large bowl of warm water to rinse it off. Dry the client immediately and apply a warm mask. Wrap their hands and arms in saran wrap, leaving only the fingers exposed. At this time, professionals can perform the manicure. When it is time for the hand massage, remove the saran wrap and use a warm towel to remove the mask while gently massaging the client’s hands and arms.

7 Pedicures can have the same upgrades as a manicure. Adding scrubs and masks can be called foot facials! Professionals can also offer clients a stone massage to the bottoms of the feet. If the client is very active, professionals could give them an inner toe massage. This massage relieves tensions in the toes.

8 Because certain skin tones are more prone to discoloration and ingrown hairs, professionals can offer these clients a bikini facial or an underarm facial that addresses these waxing concerns. This add-on will set the professional apart and may open the door to gaining shaving or laser clients.

9 As eyebrows are currently trending, professionals can offer clients an eyebrow extension. They can also suggest strip eyelashes, which should be customized by taking two strips and combining one on top of the other. The strip should be cut to fit the eye, a process that creates a custom double layer effect.

10 If clients are accustomed to classic eyelashes, learn to apply volume eyelash extensions. An add-on for eyelash extensions would be eyebrow extensions, eyebrow waxing, eyebrow tinting, or a simple makeup application. Suggest a quick glycolic peel, a miniature facial (no steam), or eyebrow henna. Since the henna has to sit for at least 30 minutes, professionals can mix it and then clean and prepare the client’s eyelashes. Just before professionals begin lashing, they should apply henna to the client’s eyebrows. After applying the eyelashes, remove the eyebrow henna when depth of color is achieved (30-to-40 minutes, depending on manufacturer’s directions).

Founder of Lash Brow Makeup Academy, Ellie Malmin is celebrating her 40th year in the beauty industry. She is a co-founder of Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Malmin has written several training manuals for leading brands and developed training programs for numerous beauty companies. She travels the country as a public speaker. Her newest co-venture is an online continuing education course on eye and eyelash conditions and diseases. Malmin is releasing her product line Lashologist Choice™.,,

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