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Following a facial, clients may be interested in receiving a quick makeup application before leaving the spa. The skin care professional should be equipped to provide an everyday makeup look and even teach it to the client.

Professionals can apply tinted moisturizer to the entire face, including eyelids, neck, and décolletage. For a heavier coverage, professionals can use a beeswax-based foundation that protects, but does not clog, the client's pores. Apply soft blush to the cheeks, lip tint, bronzing powder, some shading in the eyebrow, and a hint of mascara. This makeup should be applied while the client is still lying down after the facial. During this time, the skin care professional should explain they have cleansed all impurities out of the client's pores and that the skin is now nicely exfoliated and hydrated with healthy nutrients. The professional can easily protect their client's skin from environmental pollutants with sunscreen and makeup. When clients see their face in the mirror, not only will they feel inspired to buy the makeup, but they will also love that the professional went the extra mile to make them feel flawless.

Before the client leaves the spa, it is imperative to book their next appointment. Explain that an early booking will guarantee the client is seen without delay. Suggest that the client also book a makeup lesson for everyday makeup that can easily be turned into an evening on the town. Explain that this makeup application will take 15 minutes or less of the client's time to complete. If the professional is doing a lesson, they should do half of the client's face themselves, then guide the client through the other side.

Start with a hydrating moisturizer to achieve a glow, which embodies the essence of strobing. Next, apply a radiant primer to the entire face. Apply a duopic-1 eye shadow base/under eye concealer on the entire eyelid and under the eye, extending the product out to the hairline. Apply foundation on the face, layering over the concealer. Apply a soft shimmer highlighter from under the eyes to the hairline and from just below the cheekbones, in a downward circle to the jawline, down the center of the nose. Apply a shimmer contour in the contour zone, working upward. Make two small strokes down the sides of the nose, as well as under the jawline. Using a shimmer blush, swirl it into and up from the contour zone to the apple of the cheek back to the hairline.

With the eyes, start with a light shimmer eye shadow and apply it in the inner eye and on half of the eyelid. Avoiding the crease, carry it under the eyebrow bone. Apply a shimmery deep rose or a shimmery deep bronze on the outer part of the eyelid, working in the crease. Apply eyeliner by wetting a deep eye shadow color with water and use a small eyeliner brush to line the upper and lower eyelid, then take a small angle brush with the same shimmer color used on the outer corner and crease to go over the eye and over the line with the shimmer color and angle brush. Apply eyebrow powder to define the eyebrows and apply some of the shimmer eye shadow to the first third of the eyebrow for an ombre effect.

To complete the look, finish with a shimmer lip tint!

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