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The Sales Mix - Refresh Your Retail

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It is time to refresh your retail environment and take sales to a whole new level. You can transform your retail department to look like the pros with strategic changes that ultimately impact how people browse, shop, and buy. For increased revenues and improved sales implement these interior design techniques for today’s skin care clinic or spa.
Communicate your brand. Upscale, urban, organic, value-priced… your retail interior should be a direct reflection of the image you want to communicate. High-end products should be merchandised minimally like fine jewelry in displays that complement the product. Organic products should be surrounded by metal and wood.

Value-priced items should be well-stocked. Your graphics and signage should “sing this same song” for a cohesive yet strong statement.
Organize displays so that they are well-stocked yet not cluttered. To fill up your displays without a large investment in inventory consider integrating organics, baskets, or decorative vases that complement the retail. This will help displays to appear abundant while drawing attention to products. Retail displays should be neatly organized so that they are visually appealing according to color, size, and type.
Create an “experience center” for guests to test, touch, and smell products. Consumers can be confused with sampling products at retail shelves. By moving samples to a dedicated testing table guests can interact with products comfortably for increased retail sales. Include an impressive table top mirror, signage above, tissues, cotton swabs, and garbage containers in or around the display to accommodate sampling.
Advertise your products through your store front. Place eye-catching, well-lit window displays in your store front while keeping clear visibility into the space. Small hanging signs above these products can also draw attention. Be sure that your exterior store front is clean and accessorized with planters or unique lighting. A special door with a unique door handle makes a good first impression and welcomes guests.
Use signage and graphics throughout your space. Wall units take on a new life when a retail graphic is placed above it. A retail graphic visually organizes the display, communicates your brand, and draws immediate attention to the products. Choose images and fonts that complement, not over-shadow, your displays. Signage such as shelf talkers, retail price cards, video, and point of purchase signs directly communicate with your customer by helping sell product, guiding your customer, and promoting special offers.
Highlight your retail with lighting. Directional halogen lighting such as track, eye-ball fixtures and recessed cans placed in the units will make your products sparkle and stand out. Another way to light wall units is to conceal slim recessed fluorescent strips below each shelf to highlight the product below. Your general lighting that illuminates your entire space is also important. The application depends upon your ceiling height and type. Eco-friendly options with long-life lamps will save energy costs and prevent having to replace bulbs on a regular basis. Lighting can also be fun! Use colored LED lighting and indirect applications to make your retail space pop. A unique chandelier can also add interest and compliment your brand.
Engage and entice consumers by stimulating the senses. Diffuse a subtle fragrance into your retail space. The sense of smell is very powerful and major retailers have recognized this for years. Add a water feature to relax the soul, restore balance, and create positive energy. For great return on little investment, paint a wall! Choose a feel-good color that complements your products. Seasonal foliage is also a cost-effective way to create excitement and draw attention to products.
Create a floor plan that flows and functions. A good combination of wall units, free-standing displays and tiered tables attract customers and invites them to shop. Many spas and salons are moving their seating out of the retail area to encourage browsing and buying. This strategy has proven to be successful. Retail displays should be positioned so that guests have to pass by the displaybefore they check-out so that products can be recommended and shopped prior to paying for their services.
A properly designed retail environment will help sell products for you. You do not have to spend a lot of dollars to make this happen. However, sometimes a complete overhaul makes the most sense. Whether you are making changes that are big or small, keep in mind that every interior detail plays an important role in the success of your space. When these design elements come together the result is an environment that encourages shopping, browsing and buying for improved retail sales, and increased revenues.

Michele Pelafas is a professional interior designer specializing in spa and salon design. Her company offers interior design services and supplies furniture, equipment, and décor. She can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 866-990-7750. Visit her website at www.spainteriors.com.

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