What’s your recipe for properly storing makeup?

Written by Annie Mayo, L.E., founder of Advanced Mineral Makeup
Properly storing cosmetics in a business or on a vanity can sometimes be a challenge. Despite the challenge, it is important to store makeup in the correct manner because cosmetics can harbor bacteria and mold, causing unnecessary and unpleasant reactions on the skin.

What’s your recipe for the perfect homecare regimen?

Written by Kathleen Carney, CEO of Skin Blends LLC
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect homecare regimen because nobody's skin is the same and everybody's skin is ever changing. That is why clients need skin care professionals. Some professionals are truly missing an opportunity by not taking the time to talk to clients every time they visit the spa about what products they are currently using and what issues they are…

What’s your recipe for selecting equipment for your spa?

Written by Tara Damiano, global curriculum developer for Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute
Many professionals feel overwhelmed at the thought of purchasing equipment. While individual equipment needs may vary, all professionals are looking for quality equipment from a reputable manufacturer. The following five rules will help professionals avoid common purchasing pitfalls.

What's Your Recipe for Properly Removing Makeup?

Written by Gina Charles, D.O., founder of Dr. G Makeup Artist
Heading straight to bed and curling up underneath the comforter is especially tempting after a long day. However, this ceremonious event cannot take place without first removing any makeup. Removing makeup is crucial in preventing a plethora of skin care concerns, like enlarged or clogged pores, skin irritation, blemishes, and worn-out looking skin.

What's your recipe for deciding appropriate service prices?

Written by Douglas Preston, L.E., president of Preston Beauty Professional
Many skin care professionals have a salon, spa, or private aesthetic practice and want to know the best way to price their services. Some professionals have checked the local competition to find the average rate for facials, massages, and other programs they plan on offering.

What's Your Recipe