When it comes to professional treatments that have gone wrong, there can be several different causes, including allergic reactions, equipment malfunctions, and misdiagnoses. The most important actions skin care professionals can take to help their clients is to determine the cause of the skin reaction, mollify and help to heal the affected area, and prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

What’s your recipe for creating an online presence?

Written by Kelly Richardson, CEO and founder of B.Bronz Sunless
Today, clients are more connected than ever and it is important to have a well-established online presence for the spa in order to attract and retain clientele. Fortunately, establishing an online footprint does not have to cost a lot of money, nor does it have to take a lot of time.

What’s your recipe for encouraging teenage clients to follow a safe sun routine?

Written by Catherine Kooiman, L.E., founder of Skin So Sweet
Getting the opportunity to educate young clients about maintaining healthy skin practices is rewarding. Even a teenage eyebrow client is a great candidate with which to start a healthy skin conversation. These small opportunities to educate young clients are critical to getting teenagers to think about caring for their skin. Many teenagers have not yet been educated enough about the dangers of not practicing a…
As the first person clients communicate with, on the phone and upon entering the spa, a spa receptionist needs to make a lasting first impression. A great receptionist is on the front lines and has a professional appearance and attitude. The first thing to look for in a qualified spa receptionist is a tidy, put-together appearance. The spa is a place of beauty, health, and…
A primary consideration regarding skin sensitivities is the possibility of underlying internal factors that may provoke inflammation, such as medications and allergies. These factors often equate to both acute and chronic skin sensitization. A thorough consultation and a detailed skin analysis, via a Wood's lamp, hydration level meter, and other evaluation devices, are vital tools to assist in establishing the level or degree of sensitivity.

What's Your Recipe