What’s your recipe for cleansing the skin with oils?

Written by Robert Sachs, L.M.T., co-founder of Diamond Way Ayurveda
When most people hear the words skin and oil in the same sentence, they cringe as they think of a greasy, spotty complexion; they envision skin that is not the picture of health. Thus, the idea of using oil – especially face oil – seems counterintuitive and off-putting. Yet, even major commercial skin care lines are beginning to tout the benefits of face oil for…

What’s your recipe for treating stretch marks?

Written by Rachael Pontillo, L.E., M.Msc, CNAP, CIHC
Stretch marks are the bane of most people's existence. For some, they are a reason to hide; for others they are a reason to go to the spa or the dermatologist to try any and every treatment to diminish their appearance. Some of the riskier and more aggressive resurfacing and tissue-tightening treatments are effective, but they come with unpleasant side effects, such as pain, inflammation,…

What’s your recipe for proper extractions?

Written by Natalya Rachkova, L.E., co-founder of The Better Skin Co.
Extractions are extremely beneficial for clearing pores and facilitating clear skin. While extractions should be left to skin care professionals, it is helpful for clients to know a safe way to perform them at home, in case of emergencies.

What’s your recipe for fostering a positive work environment?

Written by Rachael Pontillo, L.E., creator of Holistically Haute
For aestheticians, massage therapists, energy workers, and other hands-on practitioners, the level of stress they feel can have a negative impact on their clients and business. Stress affects more than just the person feeling it; it spreads to every single person with which that person comes in contact. While it might seem like it is possible to shift into professional mode or put on a…

What’s your recipe for post-workout skin care?

Written by Celeste Hilling, CEO, co-founder, and product formulator for Skin Authority
Just as it is important to cool down the body after working out, it is vital to educate clients about taking care of their skin post-workout. Skin care professionals should make their clients aware of the following four key factors that will keep the skin healthy, clean, and clear post-workout.

What's Your Recipe