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What’s your recipe for proper extractions?

Written by   Natalya Rachkova, L.E., co-founder of The Better Skin Co.

Extractions are extremely beneficial for clearing pores and facilitating clear skin. While extractions should be left to skin care professionals, it is helpful for clients to know a safe way to perform them at home, in case of emergencies.

Advise clients to gather the following items for the DIY extraction protocol: a steamer pot with water, sterile gloves, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, cotton rounds, and a pore-tightening skin antiseptic mask. They can also use an egg white whipped with peroxide if they do not have a mask. If clients have an extraction tool, they should feel free to gather that as well.

Have clients thoroughly cleanse their hands and face, put on gloves, and then swipe their face with a cotton round doused in alcohol. quote

Instruct clients to heat the water in their steamer pot until it begins to steam. They should then steam their face for five to 10 minutes until it begins perspiring. If clients do not have a steamer pot, they can mimic this process with a steamy shower.

At this time, clients should dampen their face with hydrogen peroxide to avoid drying and place the round cotton pads – doused with alcohol – on the ends of their index fingers and hold them in place with their thumbs. Gently press the two index fingers together around the outside perimeter of the extraction target. The pore will open and the blackhead or whitehead will exit. Continually change the cotton rounds to avoid spreading bacteria. Clients should begin with their nose, move to their forehead and cheeks, and end with their chin.

If they are using an extraction tool, advise them to use the smallest circle and gently press down. They should not attempt to use the larger loop or the sharp end for lancing as these tools should be left for the professionals. Remind clients that if the blackhead or whitehead does not release, they should not force it. At this point, the client will want to apply a topical treatment to soften the comedone for future release.

Caution clients not to scrape the skin or use excessive force. Unsightly bruising and other irritations can occur.

Clients should cleanse their face one final time with alcohol to remove excess sebum. They should then apply the antiseptic mask or egg white-hydrogen peroxide combination and allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Advise them to wash their face with cold water and moisturize.

Remind clients to be safe and gentle and take their time. The goal is to create clarity and not further irritation to the skin.

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