What’s your recipe for the perfect summer skin routine?

Written by Ahmed Abdullah, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.
You might notice that clients are increasingly savvy about how to properly manage their skin at home. With the availability of skin care lines and anti-aging formulations in a range of price points, most of the women (and many men) I encounter have put together a skin care routine that generally meets their needs; that is, at least, until the seasons change. As skin responds…
The aesthetics industry continues to grow and with that, so does the number of licensed skin care professionals. I have been in the aesthetic industry for 20 years and have trained aestheticians to work in a medical office for nine years. As a frequent speaker at seminars and aesthetic schools, the first question I am most often asked is how to get a job. To…
A chemical peel burn is every skin care professional’s worst nightmare. No matter how skilled the professional, burns can happen. The causes can be many – an undiagnosed skin condition or undisclosed medication, perhaps even sun exposure that the client considered negligible or forgot about.
Is it a mole or is it a shadow? No wait, it is hyperpigmentation! While most clients are thrilled with the smooth, silky results of laser hair removal, occasionally hyperpigmentation does occur post-treatment. So, what is this menacing condition and what can you do about it?
Handle your client gently when discussing this topic. Excessive plucking and tweezing could be a psychological disorder known as trichotillomania and would require professional medical intervention.

What's Your Recipe