One of the most common occurrences in waxing is skin lifting or tearing. Professionals should understand the difference between the two so that they can better determine if they can help soothe the client’s skin or if they should refer them for medical attention.

What’s your recipe for staying motivated?

Written by Ann McDonnell, L.E.
Love what you do. Be passionate about your profession. Do you love the study and care of skin and are you a people person? Do you get gratification from helping others? The aesthetics industry is one of service. If you are excited about what you do, you will greet every day with anticipation and enthusiasm.
In the skin care industry, a ‘specialty product’ is a complementary product that offers exclusive benefits and targeted-problem solutions far better than the standard, daily-recommended skin care essentials. Specialty products, as the words imply, are items that promote, enhance, and improve the appearance of one thing by maximizing the efficacy of something already being used, boosting it to a higher level of performance and delivery…
As women, we live in a world where the standards of beauty and youthfulness are set incredibly high. Even when we are healthy, it can often be hard to face the mirror.
Depending on the client’s age, the makeup artist will need to assist the client with an age-appropriate look. Some young clients want to start using all kinds of makeup at a very young age. My advice is to guide them. As I apply makeup to their face, I make it even more of a learning experience by having them apply makeup along with me. This…

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