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10 Things About Hiring Staff

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I purchased my first skin care center just a little over a year after taking my state boards. I barely knew how to be a good aesthetician, non-the-less a good business owner! But for some wonderful reason, running a business came naturally to me and my business grew very fast. But hiring staff? That was a totally different experience! I was not a natural at all. There is definitely an art to interviewing and hiring the right person. Here is what I have learned from trial and error over my 25 years in this industry.

1. First impressions truly do make or break how I feel about a potential employee. That very first impression is usually on the phone. What was your gut reaction to their phone demeanor? Then, how do you feel that very first moment you see them when they have come to interview? Listen to your gut!

2. Not everyone has common sense and I am not sure that is something that can be learned. To me, it is almost more important than book smarts. Ask a few questions during the interviewing process that can help you determine if this candidate has what you deem common sense.

3. Having an aesthetic license for a long period of time does not necessarily mean an aesthetician is qualified to work in your business. I personally prefer someone right out of school. It is much easier to train from scratch than to retrain someone set in their ways!

4. How long did they stay employed at other spas? Why did they leave? If their answer includes a lot of complaining about that spa, beware. This could be a pattern for them. "It is everyone else's fault that it did not work out…" Probably not someone you want to employ.

5. Be very clear with yourself about your expectations of the position available and even specific job duties. Then be very upfront about them to the candidate.

6. Have the candidate give you a facial as part of the interview process. We are in the business of touching people. If their energy is a turn off to you, you better bet that it will also be a turn off to a potential long-term client. You can teach technique, but not the energy coming from a person.

7. Be clear about your goals for your business and share some of them in the interview. To be an effective and successful team player, they need to share similar core ideas. They may not have the entrepreneurial vision you have to create the ideas, but they need have similar beliefs to be part of the journey.

8. Check them out in the digital world. Do they have a presence on LinkedIn or a website of their own? Are they a member of any aesthetic forums and are they an active participant? A professional will be visible on the Internet somewhere.

9. The person you hire is a reflection of you and your business. Do you feel 100 percent comfortable with what they are reflecting? Are you confident that when you are not around, they are still a reflection of the image you want your clients to see? Look for these qualities in the first meeting.

10. Look for qualities that will blend well with the other employees. You need everyone to be friendly to create a positive environment!

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  • Comment Link Linda Harding-Bond Monday, 18 February 2013 05:26 posted by Linda Harding-Bond

    This is a good article, I especially like number six; hands don't lie. I would also have them tell me about MY business. If they weren't interested enough to have done research before applying for the job, that lack of interest will probably extend into the work world.

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