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Welcome to the Digital Age: Having A Digital Presence in 2021

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Welcome to 20201. Now doesn’t that just sound like the future? Well, it kind of is. Welcome to the future and how you will advertise yourself, services, and business. Even if you aren’t a business owner yourself, I highly recommend creating a digital presence for yourself now. 


So what is a digital presence? In the simplest terms, a digital presence is a representation of either yourself, your business, or both. You can create a presence with a website, social media, a business listing, reviews, or even digital advertising. It’s what will show up when clients search for you, or even a business similar to yours. Some of that digital presence is at your control, like your website and social media, but there are also things you cannot control, like reviews. 



Don’t worry about what you cannot control but do put energy into what you can control. Start out your digital presence on one to two platforms and then slowly incorporate others in. In 2021, skin care professionals should absolutely – no questions asked, have a website for their business. Even if they are a solo beauty professional. And, more importantly they should have an Instagram, Facebook, or both. This is how they will share and advertise themselves and their work online.



A digital presence is important because we are currently in the digital age. Long are the days of Yellow Page ads and going door-to-door to bring in new clients. Think about how you are finding the best new restaurant in town? Or how about that trendy vacation spot? You are most likely using a search engine, like Google or checking out your friends latest Instagram post. That’s how you are able to find that super cute coffee shop that they went to last weekend. Guess what? Your potential clients are doing the same thing. They are searching, browsing, scrolling, and even tagging their every move, including that chic skin care spa you work in. Basically, when it comes to a digital presence and marketing, put yourself in your clients shoes. What kind of spa are you looking for? What type of services do you offer? What’s the overall vibe? Are you targeting a younger crowd or an older crowd? Get a specific as possible and then translate that into your digital presence. When consumers go to your website or social media, they should get an idea of the services offered, the look of the spa, what type of aesthetician you are, and even what products are sold.



A digital presence isn’t something to think about doing eventually. It’s something to start doing now. The beauty of creating a presence is that you don’t need to use a lot of energy to start. Social media is free, and you most likely have a phone with a camera. Start sharing your journey – it’s that easy. Show what your treamtroom looks like and what products you love. Social media can seem intimidating, but the less pressure you put on yourself and the more fun you have, you will realize it is truly a benefit. Start posting and adjust as needed. The more you do, the better you will get. Practice makes perfect. 


Starting with small attainable goal. For example, set up a simple website with services, a few pictures, and a bio. For social media, start posting three days a week to begin getting into the habit of posting. Then, focus on the creative part later. As for reviews, don’t be afraid to ask friends, family, and loyal clients to kindly write a review. There is nothing wrong with asking for what you want. Now go out there and share your amazing skills in the digital world.



Kasey Boone




Kasey Boone has always had a passion for the beauty industry. After working as an aesthetician in the treatment room for over 15 years, she now has a passion to create fun, versatile tools that can be used in and out of the treatment room. She has created the amazingly soft and easy-to-use Glow Towels, Glow Skincare Cold Roller, Mini Cold Roller, and more. When Boone is not creating skin care tools or treating her clients, she is working on her new magazine and podcast, Skin and the City.


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