Balmy and Bright Summer Strategies for the Spa

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If there is one word that is synonymous with summer, it is sun – and, since July is national UV Safety Month, there is no better time of year to promote safe summer skin care! Do not let the weather be the only thing that heats up during these warm, summer months. Through specific, seasonal marketing focused on sun and summer skin care, professionals can boost sales, reconnect with clients, and watch as profits begin to sizzle, too.




Begin with small efforts around the spa. Use signs, posters, and charts about safe sun practices, statistics about the results of improper sun care, and pictures of common melanoma warning signs. Offer free skin cancer screenings, marketing these screenings to new and existing clients. Remind visitors that sunscreens expire. Then, prominently display sun care products where guests will be sure to see them, using props like coolers, umbrellas, and beach balls to further draw attention.


Next, consider the spa’s menu. Refresh lingo, products, and treatments to reflect the glowing, bright summer skin many clients seek during summer. Highlight treatments and products featuring fruit and have fun with menu names, specials, and packages.


Keep the spa’s clientele in mind when deciding what will work best. If located in an area where business typically decreases during the summer as people travel, do not let the sun does not have to set on the spa. Boulders Resort and Spa in Arizona draws in business by offering a summer program called “License to Spa,” where Arizona residents can show their drivers’ licenses and get a discount on services. For areas where the sun does shine, and tourist traffic is high, capitalize on the increase of visitors. Nurture Nook Day Spa in Tennessee plays off travel season, calling one of its summer packages a “Summer Spa Passport.” Whatever the situation, be creative and think summer!  




Another marketing tactic that is hot right now is hosting spa events. Recently, the Meritage Resort and Spa in California held a poolside event with a representative from their favorite skin care company in which guests of the resort could have sunscreen applied, try samples, and enter to win prizes. Consider hosting an event themed around sun or summer skin care to further boost sales, schedule services, and connect with new and existing clients.


At a sun care-themed event, hold a short seminar, or question and answer session, on sun care topics such as SPF and protecting skin from within. Then, match the other event elements to these topics. For instance, debut new sunscreens and link the event’s foods and drinks to snacks rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and other nutrients that boost the skin’s natural defense against ultraviolet damage. Each year, Sunflower Dermatology and Medical Day Spa in Missouri hosts a sunblock party with food, drinks, products, and activities all centered on the theme of wearing sunscreen.


Another option is to host an event all about summer skin care. Similarly, the event could feature a short seminar, this time outlining an ideal summer homecare routine, emphasizing how summer weather or activities can dehydrate skin or fuel oil buildup. Then, make sure to have a retail table with single products or baskets made up of moisturizers, cleansers, exfoliants, hydrating masks, and so forth.


Events like these create an inviting atmosphere for potential and existing clients to bring their friends and have fun, all the while providing breezy opportunities for professionals to book appointments and sell products – without feeling overly salesy.


Through implementing summer-themed spa invents and ensuring that the spa is sun-kissed and summer-ready, professionals will surely improve connections with future and current clients improve, increase retail sales, and set bottom line revenue ablaze.

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