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How to Choose: Peels

With varying levels of intensity and the ability to do quite a bit of damage if performed incorrectly, professionals know that peels are one treatment they cannot afford to cut corners on. The products they use in treatments and recommend for homecare must be of a superior quality or a client could get hurt or have unsatisfying results. When deciding on a line of peels to offer at the spa, consider the following factors.  



Because clients come to the spa with a wide range of skin concerns, it is important to be able to offer peel solutions that can address this range of concerns. Formulated at precise concentrations and pH to treat specific levels of the epidermis and dermis, peels vary in depth, from superficial to medium to deep.


A quality product line will provide options to meet these needs. When examining a company’s peels, keep acid strength and pH in mind, as well as intended purpose. Look for a company that offers peels that are formulated to treat specific conditions and skin types. Also consider whether the brand offers peels for homecare, in addition to its peels for in-spa treatments. Will clients be able to supplement and maintain the results of their in-spa treatments through efforts at home using the line you have chosen?



Quality ingredients are essential when it comes to choosing a line of peels that produce superior results while still being safe for the client and their skin. An ideal company will have high formulation standards that are backed by science. Look for a brand that is honest about the ingredients they include in their peels. Do they offer organic products free of phthalates, parabens, artificial fragrances, and harsh chemicals? Are their products plant-based and cruelty-free? Do they meet FDA regulations and operate out of a cGMP-certified laboratory? These are important questions to ask, as the answers will determine the quality of their products and how they will impact clients’ skin. Transparency is always a desirable quality in a company you choose to work with.



Consider choosing a line of peels from a brand that offers a high level of professional support to its customers. A superior company is dedicated to its customers beyond just the product sale. They want to ensure their products are used safely and effectively, so their customers can achieve the results they desire for their clients. Look for a brand that shows this dedication to the professionals it serves through its educational efforts. Do they offer product knowledge training on their products to teach you how to use them? Do they offer additional training and courses, assistance with brand development and marketing, a blog or newsletter that regularly produces educational content, and more?



Other important factors to consider when choosing a line of peels include the company’s customer service and what others are saying about the products. Look for a company that is easy to communicate with and that is backed by positive testimonials from other professionals. It may also be important to look for a line that is available exclusively to professionals and is clear about their shipping and return policies.


Using guidelines like the ones above to carefully examine your options for a line of peels to carry and recommend in your spa will help in ensuring the best products possible are chosen for you and your clients.

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