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The Importance of Keeping Your Trolley and Treatment Room Clean

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We have revered cleanliness as the highest form of self-respect since ancient times. Keeping your treatment room and trolley clean are among the best and easiest ways to show respect for clients and yourself. Familiarizing the basics is necessary for a an effortlessly functioning treatment room. In addition, utilizing a sanitary maintenance area will reduce trolley cleaning time. Organization will aid in the reduction of time spent cleaning for your entire facial area. Not only will keeping your area clean help you save time, but it will also improve your infection control techniques.

Keeping your treatment room and area clean has countless benefits. Among those are smoother processes, enhanced infection control, and ease of mind for the client. Knowing cleaning basics is of paramount importance. Cleaning as you go will reduce post-appointment servicing. If you have any drops or spills, quickly clean them with an absorbent material to prevent slips or sticky floors. Dispose of consumables immediately after use with a conveniently placed waste receptacle next to your table or bed. Clean dishes with processing time during a service, if it allows. Additionally, it is recommended to have a used-linens receptacle close to the treatment area that could be separate from the larger receptacle. Stay on track with cleaning and don’t skip any steps that may increase cleaning time at the end of the day, such as removing the trash and linens from their respective receptacles. This will make for an easier time of transition between clients. These cleaning basics will help you stay on time for appointments, keep your head clear and focused, and instill a sense of pride in your space.

Giving yourself the opportunity to be successful during a treatment is never a bad idea. A sanitary maintenance area will help keep your products and consumables organized and easily within reach. These organization tools are typically an area of your workspace that houses your consumables, like sponges, cotton items, and applicators, to prevent them from being cross-contaminated. Often, these are state regulated and required. They are often utilized for a couple of things: to keep all disposable items in one distinct area, to aid in service enhancement by allowing ample space for items to be organized and set up, and to offer assistance in a quick clean up. You can create one by using a towel, either reusable or single-use, a dental bib or other medical covering, or treatment table paper. You then place your disposable items on top and cover with your preferred method, like a paper towel or tissue. Utilizing this method of cleanliness, you will keep your area clean and organized.

Having a process for organization has enumerate benefits. Writing it down and practicing it every day will keep your transition times down and will help you stay focused on the task at hand. Everything should have a place according to your state’s regulations. Mainly linens, consumable materials, and multi-use materials are required to be in certain components so as to prevent cross-contamination and maintain their disinfected state. However, customization is key to sticking to your organization procedure. Make it your own and have fun with it. Labeling these areas is not only a way to save space and time but will also make quick work when searching for everyday items. Be sure to restock these items often, preferably daily, to help you stay on top of a cleaning cycle and also to keep your room in pristine condition. These organizational routines can provide you with unique opportunities for success by keeping your mind and those of your clients at ease.

Cleaning is a necessary aspect of our everyday lives – especially for allied health professionals like aestheticians. By knowing and understanding the basics of cleaning, you can clean as you go and make an easier time for those deep cleaning days that require a more vigorous effort. Keeping organized will undoubtedly aid in the cleanliness of your treatment room day after day. Knowing where each item resides is a remarkably easy way to set up for any treatment. Plus, using a sanitary maintenance area can help keep your trolley clean and organized, as well. So, take your time, organize your area, and clean as you go. These are not only time saving techniques but are also crucial to infection control for you and your clients.





Brittany Facio is a Phoenix-based educator-turned-business development manager, passionate about how proper aesthetics education and sophisticated protocol implementation can create business-changing revenue. As a business development manager, she is responsible for not only educating her clients on skin care products and protocols, both on an individual basis and in regional training seminars, but also for providing marketing, merchandising, and branding assistance to generate leads and capture a new audience. When she is not working, Facio can be found enjoying play time with her family and Havanese rescue, Spruce, trying a new dinner recipe, and binge-watching comedies on Netflix.

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