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Radiant Energies: Diverse Pathways for Wellness

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The sensory manifestations of warmth have been associated with various physical and often common place experiences; the energetic sensation of heat through circulation from running, the application of a warm thermal pack to soothe muscle tightness, the stinging from a sunburn, or the comfort of a warm electric blanket to take a chill away are familiar. There are also fewer familiar applications of warmth from energy that are not as clearly understood in their dynamics including lasers, light emitting diodes, and electromagnetic radiation. Radiant energy is the energy of electromagnetics that takes the form of various invisible waves as kinetic energy. Like the laser and light emitting diodes, radiant energy is measured in joules and is based on the small light energy packets called photons that fuel the radiant energy from its source. Radiant energy is measured with its radiant influx, or power, with respect to time and is distributed according to the vibration of its photon particles. Most often, radiant energy is used to describe heat that may or may not be invisible to the naked eye and is typically harnessing thermal energy. This is the result of changes in the configuration of electrons and can travel through any substance – air, liquid, or space. However, radiant energy can be reflected if the object receiving the energy cannot absorb it. Energy has the circumstantial capacity to be reflected, refracted, or absorbed.



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Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck is an educational icon known for her 35 plus years of experience and expertise in dermatological skin sciences, integrative aesthetics, and wellness. She is licensed in Georgia as a master cosmetologist, aesthetician, and aesthetic instructor. She is also a certified dermatology technician, lecturer, author, and national educator for the skin care industry. She holds national certification with the NCEA, Oncology Esthetics International, and as a natural health practitioner with Certified Natural Health Professionals. She received her naturopathic doctoral degree from the University of Science, Arts, and Technology College of Medicine and is a member of the American Society for Nutrition, International Association for Applied Corneotherapy, and the Society of Dermatological Skin Care Specialists. Dr. Madigan-Fleck is the CEO and owner of Naturophoria, established in 2000.


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