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Medical Matchmaking: Joining Skin Care & Medical Professionals Together

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A great factor in creating opportunities for spas is to think outside the box. Income generating strategies require some creative thinking and new pathways, such as establishing a virtual retail client base and developing community opportunities with a medical team. These pathways are not only progressive but are also smart business moves. It is in one’s best interest to cultivate networking relationships even if they do not present immediate results. Keep in mind that, things change, and opportunities may arrive at a later date. The most important advertisement for aspa is the aesthetician themselves.Connections with people and the ability to communicate through self-promotionareimportant keys to building a successful alliance with the medical community. 

The medical interview process is somewhat formal and is conducted through correct channels and a chain of command. Do not expect much productivity by calling on the phone, texting a resume or sending a mass general e-mail. One will need to present an alliance opportunity to the spa by creating a business plan andproposal. To cultivate this type of alliance,request an meeting with the office manager to present the proposal. This can be through Zoom or preferably in-person. The main point is that the professional is extendingtheir skills and knowledge to the medical practice and must put extra effort into it for it to come to fruition. Presenting a plan that will generate an enterprising and financial opportunity for the spa is of greatinterest and value, rather than just handing in a resume. It will require creative thinking, intent, focus, and extra homework from a business perspective. 



The first step to develop a strategy and plan is to create a cover letter and proposal. A carefully crafted, planned letter and sales presentation combined present a very concise explanation of why the meeting should occur. Secondly, create a business plan. Stresspoints of sales opportunities, services offered, cost analysis, profit margins, and how one can anticipate benefiting from joining forces.Lastly, suggest and list promotional events that can offer a collaboration. For example, Zoom classes, educational seminars, networking events, and lunch and learn events are perfect for creating collaboration.


One will also need to build a press kit. The press kit is designed to build professional credibility and to serve as an introduction to potential business prospects and consists of a professional headshot; business resumepromotional piece showing one’s skillset, product experience, and certifications; letters of reference and recommendation; any press or promotion; before and after pictures of one’s work;case studies; and one’s website and social media presence.


After these items are secured, contact the office or practice manager and send the cover letter to request an appointment to present the business proposal. Coldcalling is not out of the question. Consider dropping off the proposal and press kit in an envelope addressed to the office or practice manager. Dress for the part – professional and corporate. Making a great connection with the receptionist is also a productive first impression. Follow-up with an e-mail or call to ensure they received it and inquire about scheduling an appointment for the meeting. Connect and move forward – be focused,available, prompt, and follow through. Promote to other practices and do not focus on just one. Good luck and happy networking.





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