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Psychodermatology Synopsis: The Connection Between Psychology & Skin

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Psychodermatology is a branch of therapeutic care based on the interactions between the neurological, immunological, cutaneous, and endocrine systems, known as the NICE network. It recognizes the complex interrelationships between skin and the neuroimmune cutaneous system and integrates psychological therapies along with dermatological intervention. A great deal of scientific discovery has been realized regarding the connection between the brain and skin as they share an intricate, complex relationship influenced by several body systems. Research has confirmed that skin functions as a primary stress receiver and is capable of stress-initiated responses. The increasing prevalence of external and emotional stress has contributed to a rise in inflammatory related skin conditions and in particular, those connected to neuro-dermatological origins. This has perpetuated an increasing awareness of relationships involving dermatology and psychology that have previously remained somewhat obscure.

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Erin Madigan FleckDr. Erin Madigan-Fleck is a naturopathic medical doctor, licensed master cosmetologist, aesthetician, and licensed aesthetics instructor. She received her naturopathic doctoral degree from the University of Science, Arts & Technology College of Medicine and her naturopathic clinical studies at Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Madigan-Fleck is a member of The American Society for Nutrition, International Association for Applied Corneotherapy and The Society of Dermatological Skin Care Specialists. She is also the CEO and owner of Naturophoria, a naturopathic skin care clinic in Atlanta, Georgia.

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