Sweet Water Day Spa

Sweet Water Day Spa opened in 2004 and is housed in a renovated old farmhouse that sits on a hill overlooking the New Meadows Marsh in the quaint New England college town of Brunswick, Maine. Mona Corra, the spa's owner, wanted Sweet Water to be a place where her clients would be treated like guests in her home and feel nurtured and cared for.

pic-1Sweet Water has six treatment rooms and honors the farmhouse's history, maintaining the beautiful gardens surrounding the house and serving tea to clients. The quilts that are used and the displays around the rooms are a reminder of the home's country beginnings, but the aroma of the oils and the treatments are a clear statement of who Sweet Water is.

A favorite treatment at Sweet Water is the Raindrop Technique®. Raindrop combines massage and energy approaches with pure, authentic essential oils and is a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience for clients. Raindrop is deeply rooted in the tradition of the Native American Lakota, tribes who used to journey into Canada to witness the Aurora Borealis. When they arrived, legend has it they would reach their hands up into the dark sky and take in the healing energy of the dancing lights. Raindrop incorporates this soft, feathering motion to its application of seven essential oils. The treatment begins with Young Living's Valor, a balancing and grounding blend, and then the seven oils are applied to the feet. After that application, each of the seven oils are dropped along the spine, raindrop style, and lightly massaged into the skin. Every Raindrop session is unique and personal, but clients can always count on the treatment being one of the most relaxing, calming, and nurturing treatments they have ever experienced. $99 for 90 minutes.

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