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Men's and Teen Products

Written by Kayla Fioravanti
From the cosmetic formulator view point, teen and men’s care products are developed with different objectives in mind than your typical skin care line. Men’s care products are designed around the unique skin care needs, aroma preferences, special issues surrounding facial hair, and results expected from the product. Teen products are developed with all the issues surrounding blemished skin including changing hormones, antibacterial needs, and…
As industry professionals we can see our treatments make a difference. However, there were so many times when I was performing treatments that I wished I could show the client solid facts that showed a difference. With the fight against aging showing no signs of slowing down and increased interest in non-invasive aesthetic procedures, skin care professionals are looking for new technologies to satisfy their…
The skin is an amazing protective organ that we, as skin care professionals, have the exciting job of treating. Although every patient is different - from skin condition, oil production, and Fitzpatrick type - achieving healthy skin is always the desired result. With so many products and treatment options available, reaching this goal can at times be difficult. However, no matter what the patient’s skin…
I've heard aestheticians counsel acne clientele to do everything from using all-natural, organic based formulations to lab-tested, clinically oriented products; from eliminating various stresses to eliminating specific foods; from changing one facet of a daily routine to changing an entire lifestyle. In truth, there is no one way to control a client’s acne. Different genetics, lifestyles, and chemical makeup leave a great deal of room…

The XY Factor

Written by Deanna Beaver
Over the past 15 years, men’s skin care has grown dramatically! No longer are our male clients tagging along with their significant others. They are coming for themselves to relax, rejuvenate, and to have their specific skin concerns met. I can assure you that once they have a facial, they will be hooked! Most aestheticians that I have worked with are uncomfortable treating a man…

December 2023

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