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In many ways, the skin functions like a shingled roof. Newborn skin works perfectly just like a new roof, but if you add about 20 years of environmental, lifestyle, and stress factors, you’ll find that the stratum corneum will be in need of a little repair. Over time, a roof’s shingles become dry and cracked and need replacing. This is true of skin cells as…
Everyone wants to maintain their youthful appearance. Everyone wants smooth skin. No one wants wrinkles and sagging. But let’s face it: aging is inevitable. There are no true anti-aging products or treatments out there. We all age, whether slow or fast, and eventually we all start to show our maturity in our skin. One thing we can do though is age healthily. We can monitor…

Men Splash, Women Cleanse

Written by Guy Lewis, M.D.
This article will address the development of a man’s coordination of awareness regarding good skin care and the origins of their belief systems. These systems of accumulated experiences, whether internal or external, support or deter a man’s ability to research, seek out, purchase, utilize, and explore advancements that will improve their visual appearance by engaging in a regimen of consistent proper skin care. So as…

It's Raining Men

Written by Nina Curtis
Men represent a profitable market to capture in the personal care and grooming sector. As the competition continues to grow in the work place and social arena, men want to look and feel just as good as anyone else. This presents great opportunities for personal care and spa businesses that truly have an interest in attracting the male client as a long term business strategy.…
Dermatologists evaluate only about 40 percent of people suffering from a skin disease or condition. Because of this fact, aestheticians are often the first line of defense for skin care needs. Clients/patients usually do not realize that what is believed to be an irritation, sensitivity, or problem skin may be a treatable disease. Although unable to officially “diagnose” a skin disorder, the trained skin care…

November 2023

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