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Male Ego: Creating a Man Spa

Written by Denise R. Fuller
We’ve all heard it before: “Men – You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.” In the spa industry, however, building a male clientele is a smart move that will lead to an increase in clients, services, and sales of retail products. The average national growth for spas offering men’s services is between 25 and 30 percent. Men are looking for better…
While clinicians and patients alike await the day when one topical ingredient arrives on the market that can produce cutaneous miracles, the likelihood of such a day arriving is a myth at best. Each person's skin is a complex combination of needs and challenges, making multiple ingredients and formulations necessary to achieve truly healthy skin. Rather than seeking out that one miracle product, well-rounded formulations…
As an aesthetician, one of the most important questions you should ask your client is "What are your skin care concerns?" From there you can determine their primary and secondary concerns. These questions are extremely important when establishing a relationship and building trust with the client. They come to you for your expertise; providing them with the ability to voice their skin care concerns. Gradually,…

Men at Work: The Industrial Man

Written by Patti Pugliese, L.E.
The notion of selling skin care to men was something that appealed to me when I started in the cosmetic business in the mid '80s. At that time, the industry marketing focus mostly came from the fragrance sector and seemed to indicate that every man wanted to be a cowboy. I'm glad we have moved on from that. Men's Skin Care, if we were to…
Research points to need for more aggressive approach to secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease in psoriasis patients. Heart attack patients with psoriasis are 26 per cent more likely to die from cardiovascular disease, or suffer from recurrent heart attacks or strokes, and are 18 per cent more likely to die from all causes than those without the inflammatory skin disease. That's the key finding of…

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