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Round 2: Brand Conditioning

Written by   Delilah Matos

Just like we condition our minds and bodies, our businesses and the brands we create are no different. In fact, the two often go hand in hand. As a business owner and entrepreneur, it is not easy to stay 100 percent on top of your game all of the time. What is important to understand is that consistent conditioning and reconditioning is what counts. It is not about doing everything exactly perfect but striving to get better and that takes a mindset that sees your journey as a constant improvement instead of a finish line.
In today’s growing market of personalization, you are your brand. With this in mind, it is important that your brand revolves around human nature. Brands should no longer be intangible entities, but instead have personality and exist with the human experience in mind. A true brand gives people the ability to relate on a deeper, more meaningful, and personal level, which often includes lifestyle. Brand conditioning is a term I like to use to refer to something that is a daily refresher or, sometimes, a total switch up. Much like a regular exercise routine, doing the same thing over and over can become boring. We eventually lose the excitement and motivation and so will clients. When going back to the drawing board for some new insights or a new game plan, one thing to be sure of is that your brand appeals to your ideal target market. This allows your brand to create and nurture connections and bonds with the people who interact with and purchase from it. Remember, people will always be more interested in buying from a brand that carries great meaning and purpose and is value-driven with a noble purpose. Develop a nurturing community with real life and real time benefits, values, and beliefs. Grow to have a goal that serves. Create a brand of humanity and use your means to effect positive change in the world.
The study of human and consumer behavior is one of the most powerful tools in the branding, marketing, and advertising industry. When used correctly, it can help brands attract the right audience and build meaningful, beneficial relationship with customers. So, why do people choose one brand over another? One of biggest reasons is that people have been conditioned over time to respond, be attracted to, and desire those specific brands, products, or services. Conditioning is a theory of psychology that refers to learning through repetition. Conditioning offers incentives and benefits while maintaining the integrity of the brand, product, and consumers. A good brand connects with consumers as individuals first, by appealing to their needs, rather than treating them as transactions. Condition your brand to connect with customers on a deeper, more meaningful, and personal level. When it comes to long-term interactions between brands and consumers, people care about the brand behind the product.
Brands are far more complex than simply names or designs. Your brand is your audience’s perception of you and your company. Your brand is your company’s relationship with your customer. Products, on the other hand, are tangible objects. Products can be copied by competitors, where as brands are unique. Products can become outdated, but brands are timeless. Products are objects; brands have values, culture, and personality. Good brands have all the attributes of the human experience, including the ability to build meaningful relationships. A brand’s values are important to purchasing decisions. People want to build relationships with brands. They want to feel good about their purchases. Customers want satisfaction and assurance. They want to know their purchases add value and help express who they are.
Whether your company has 100 employees or it is just you starting up on your own, carefully building a brand is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Keeping it conditioned is even more important. However, it can also be one of the trickiest and most difficult things to do, so stay in shape and keep yourself and your brand conditioned all year round. Your brand depends on you. Keep punching and moving forward.

Delilah Matos2018Delilah Matos, founder of Beautiful Fighter, has been a licensed skin care therapist for 20 years. She started beauty school and working in salons while still in high school. She discovered her niche within the industry and moved into research and branding. Matos is a sought-after professional delivering quality treatments and products. She believes that everyone has the power to fight for what they believe in and has packaged her vision into an empowering skin care and lifestyle brand, Beautiful Fighter. Whether it is aging, acne, or dealing with sensitive skin, Matos’ message is that individuals can “face it beautifully and win.”

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