Our offices at DERMASCOPE are full of that New Year’s buzz of activity. We are working diligently on the monthly issues of the magazine, the compilation of the 2016 Products and Education Guide, a redesign of DERMASCOPE.com, and the restructure of our editorial e-blasts. It is a lot to tackle, but we feel energized about the growth and direction of our brand.
It is hard for me to believe that 2015 is almost over. Months of preparation for 2016, such as gearing up with new ideas for the magazine, has made the last few months go by in a flash. Looking back, it has been an amazing year!
All year, a small button has been prominently displayed on our cover to commemorate DERMASCOPE’s 40th anniversary. This month, we are taking a majority of the magazine to throw ourselves a party and celebrate the past four decades of everything in the world of aesthetics.
Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit faster than hearing Christmas music while I am at the store or seeing twinkle lights on neighborhood rooftops. I have enjoyed the holidays since I was a kid. I always look forward to the family, the food, and the time off at the end of the year. And this year, I have yet another joy to look forward…
As it is DERMASCOPE’s 40th anniversary, we decided to expand on all of this year’s special sections. In our September issue, we are using our pages to focus on breast cancer and how it has become intertwined within the spa industry. We took every angle we could when it comes to breast cancer and aesthetics. We interviewed oncology aestheticians, researched cutting edge complementary spa treatments,…

November 2023

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