To Be or Not to Be Everywhere

Written by Amanda Strunk Miller
Be everywhere. This piece of advice is often given to budding businesses who are trying to make an impression. The method is considered a positive way to build visibility online, cultivate traffic, and attract new prospects or leads. This idea works great for print, internet, or even community events; but when it comes to social media specifically, is it the best plan?

Soaking Up the Education

Written by Amanda Strunk Miller
I love this month's editorial lineup. Sun care and aromatherapy are two topics that I enjoy learning about each year.
My husband loves when I get the wax pot out at home. It is inevitable that while I am sitting on the counter waxing my legs, he will pop in and ask for a quick nose wax. Ever since he was a model at one of the waxing classes at a tradeshow years ago, he has been hooked! Even if we did not have a…

New Year, New Dermascope

Written by Amanda Strunk Miller
The January magazine is always my favorite issue to publish each year. Not because of the editorial themes or wintery cover art; or because it is the start of a fresh year; or even because it is my birthday month. I love the January issue because it is when we roll out new departments, art layouts, special sections, and fresh and unique online content.

Money Making Makeup Artists

Written by Amanda Strunk-Miller
  The world of makeup seems larger than any other niche in the beauty industry. With so many makeup companies, products, Instagram feeds, blogs, video tutorials, and “experts” floating around the internet, it can seem overwhelming and, honestly, a bit confusing. Topics like professional versus consumer are the first things I think of, followed by categories like organic or mineral, airbrush or camouflage, and trending…

November 2022

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