Amanda Strunk Miller replied to the topic 'Hello community....' in the forum. 3 months ago

Hi Kathleen! It's great to have you! We hope you enjoy the educational content on the website and reach out to other professionals to network and grow your business even more in 2019!


Future generations won't understand the robot dance because all robots will move smoothly.

Anyone feng shui their spa?

Needing a MASSAGE!

AIA Me too! 3 years ago

Anyone else already miss Christmas?

AIA Nope, not at all. 3 years ago

Went picnicing over the weekend! Loving the fall weather.

Anyone else attending our ICES tradeshow today in Long Beach? Stop by our booth to receive a free copy of the September issue of DERMASCOPE!

It was a Tom Cruise marathon weekend. #cocktail #topgun #riskybusiness

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