Each year, DERMASCOPE shines the spotlight on retail as a main theme for one issue. And each year, we publish articles that offer new and alternative ways to capture profitability.
It is commonly understood that competition is a good force that presses us to do our best. When we are pressed to achieve, we grow. When we grow, our potential to achieve grows with us. While there are certain areas or situations in our lives where unhealthy competition can develop (relationships, for example), it is a powerful and positive motivational tool and the very basis…
In an industry where fads pop up every season, we can certainly expend enormous resources trying to determine which are worth embracing and will lead us to the newest trend. Clients might be coming to your spa expecting to experience the newest product they discovered on Pinterest or have the skin treatment they heard Kim Kardashian gets every week.
Marketing. It is such a broad and important subject that an entire year of DERMASCOPE Magazine could be devoted to the subject in order to effectively bring readers up to date on such a critical aspect of business. And, sooner than we could absorb that information, new strategies, terms, resources, and ideas would be coming into play. To be sure, marketing is always a moving…
It seems as though the term ‘wellness’ is popping up more and more in today’s society. While in the spa industry wellness might have always been an important element to every aesthetician’s surroundings, the rest of the world is finally catching on and bringing more attention to this term.

November 2023

Fact or Fiction