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Market Yourself

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Marketing. It is such a broad and important subject that an entire year of DERMASCOPE Magazine could be devoted to the subject in order to effectively bring readers up to date on such a critical aspect of business. And, sooner than we could absorb that information, new strategies, terms, resources, and ideas would be coming into play. To be sure, marketing is always a moving target. It requires a specific agenda, time and energy to be used effectively.

That which was productive 10 years ago is no longer as effective. A great deal more strategy must be employed to create results in the current market. The same can be said about marketing techniques from even two years ago. The good news is, there are so many more affordable tools available today. But as an alternative to diving into this endless pool of possibility, I would rather focus on one aspect that will never change about marketing – and that is you.
When it comes to being a professional service provider, every professional should be marketing themselves. Whether you own a spa, work at a resort or a small clinic, or you are renting a room, it is crucial to make yourself a selling point in your marketing techniques. Your knowledge, skill and professionalism are all primary marketable assets. Selling yourself should be as natural as your other day-to-day activities.

"Marketing yourself should become one of the things you do best."

Putting it on your to-do list is not enough – rather making it a part of your long term strategy should be the goal. To be effective, you need to believe and invest in yourself and constantly increase your knowledge and skill. Awareness of what your clients are exposed to will present greater opportunities. The days when one could get by on what they learned years before are over. Today’s consumers are bombarded with marketing messages providing educated and informed professionals the opportunity to build relationships and trust. While adding a new spin can seem impressive, most consumers understand it for what it is: spin. Instead, selling yourself should seem original, creative, charming and engaging. But, don’t forget to listen. Our clients are always communicating their wants and views. For some, marketing themselves is one of their biggest challenges; while with others, it seems to come naturally. But the truth is that which may seem natural, is more often just well practiced.





Amanda Strunk Miller Associate Publisher

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