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It's In Our Bones

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Once I heard the analogy of magazines having “bones” – the unchanging elements that give structure to creativity – just as gardens and homes do. Without good bones, these things will collapse or become unhinged – out of order.

The bones of a magazine offer stability, whether it is to the subscriber who never skips an issue or to the occasional reader who needs to quickly reference a piece of education before putting it down for another time to learn. These bones of a magazine are critical to the foundation of what readers need and want.

DERMASCOPE’s bones have only grown stronger through the past 45 years. We have always strived to offer quality, generic continuing education for skin care professionals, helping to raise the standards of the aesthetics industry. With this in mind, DERMASCOPE wants to keep strengthening these bones, in order to provide dedicated readers with the highest standard of continuing education from some of the most well-known professionals in the industry.

Today’s magazine is countlessly different when compared to 15, 25, or even 45 years ago, as even flipping briefly through this issue will prove. As the latest publisher of DERMASCOPE Magazine, I like to think that if Ron Renee, DERMASCOPE’s first publisher, could see the modern DERMASCOPE, stripped of its logo and other identifying marks, he would still know in an instant what he held in his hands. DERMASCOPE’s logo and designs may change but the education will always stay the same – up-to-date, safe, and full of new advances. DERMASCOPE’s bones are made up of not only a stellar team of contributors but some of the best, forward-thinking skin care professionals in the business. After 45 years in business, DERMASCOPE is still the authority on professional skin care, so here is to another 45 at the top of the industry’s lists.


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