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Should Clients Perform At-Home Extractions?

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Getting a pimple and not popping it right away has got to be one of the biggest tests of

self-discipline for a client. Two major reasons why clients should not pop their own pimples is that it creates post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation –a forever pimple and secondly because it can create even more pimples.



Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a pigmentation type that forms discoloration on the skin caused by an inflammatory response to an injury. This process is the skin’s natural response to inflammation. If too much pressure is applied while extracting, it causes a light wound or injury to the skin leaving behind pigmentation where the pimple was. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from pimples can show up as a circular red, pink, or brown spots.



Clients should also avoid popping their own pimples, due to the fact that it can create more pimples. If a pimple is not ready to come out and a client starts applying too much pressure, they can cause the pimple to rupture underneath the skin and the bacteria will spread, causing more pimples. It is best to leave it alone and let it naturally go away. If the client wants to speed up their skin’s natural healing process, the professional should recommend using a spot treatment that is designed for healing blemishes.



Skin care professionals should recommend clients use products that contain salicylic acid, which is great at killing off bacteria and reducing inflammation. Spot treatments for pimples that can be used both morning and evening are very helpful in this situation. Skin care professionals should also recommend serums that contain menthol. Menthol is a known healing agent that can also alleviate the pain associated with cystic acne conditions. To be on the safe side, clients should  always see an aesthetician for proper extractions that will not damage their skin.



Clients should take a steamy shower, as this will soften the skin, making it easier for blackheads and bacteria to come out. If extracting a pimple that it is ready, clients should look for a whitehead on the surface of the pimple. If there is no whitehead, leave it alone. If trying to extract, when a pimple is not ready, the chances of creating a forever pimple increases.


dramatically. To extract the pimple or blackhead, the client should make sure their hands and face are clean. Then apply an even amount of pressure to both sides of the pimple or blackhead to extract it. Try three times and if nothing comes out, leave it alone and apply a spot treatment. Consider trying again the next morning. Finally, cleanse the skin and wipe off the extraction area, apply an astringent to disinfect, then apply the selected spot treatment to reduce the inflammation and kill off any remaining bacteria. Cleanse hands to kills off any bacteria that might be left on the fingers.


At the end of the day, extractions should be left to the professional and clients should not take matters into their own hands. As a trusted professional, be sure to give clients options on how to effectively prevent and treat pimples from coming back. With the help of solid products, the right technique, and dedication, clients can reduce their pimple count without risking infection, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or damage to their skin.


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