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Keeping Up with the Competition

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It is commonly understood that competition is a good force that presses us to do our best. When we are pressed to achieve, we grow. When we grow, our potential to achieve grows with us. While there are certain areas or situations in our lives where unhealthy competition can develop (relationships, for example), it is a powerful and positive motivational tool and the very basis for how Mother Nature chooses the future.

Competition exists in every field – it is no different in the aesthetics industry. Competition brings forth the best in people: the creative minds, the hard workers, the good salesmen. If it were not for competition, businesses would not be pressed to do better, whether it is for creating innovative products or creating and retaining loyal customers. It was Andrew Carnegie who said, “While the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department.”

Innovation and growth are just some of the numerous outcomes from healthy competition. Innovation creates the latest gadgets, the newest ingredients, and better ways to solve problems. It pushes us and our potential to new levels. It keeps the cycle of improvement alive and well. How can an industry grow if everyone is doing the same thing? Change, advancement, and progress bring forth fresh leaders and keep the market from becoming stagnant.

"Innovation and growth are just some of the numberous outcomes from healthy competition."

For strategic considerations, I would offer that we should be focused on competing, but also trying to avoid following what the competition is doing. While it is important to understand what your clients are considering as alternatives, it is also important to focus on what you do well and learn to do it even better. Learn what your weakness is and devote time to making improvements. Devote specific time to reading and staying current with ingredients and skin conditions. You are a professional and can never learn too much about your trade. Remember that quality and detail most often make the difference to a customer. Life is a competition; play it with passion.




Amanda Strunk Miller

Associate Publisher

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