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All year, a small button has been prominently displayed on our cover to commemorate DERMASCOPE’s 40th anniversary. This month, we are taking a majority of the magazine to throw ourselves a party and celebrate the past four decades of everything in the world of aesthetics.

Dedicated to the countless pioneers who established our industry and facilitated its growth, this issue is undoubtedly incomplete from naming each contributor. While there is no way we can include every vital person or occurrence during the course of this period, we have tried to highlight the people and events as they relate to our history.
To say we were overwhelmed would be an understatement when it comes to the feelings of collecting content for this special issue. While we decided to enlarge the size of this particular magazine for the celebration, we pulled the reigns back a bit with the amount of content we wanted to include. As all of the stories, quotes, and old headshots began to resurface, we sifted through the content knowing we had our hands full.

"This month, we are taking a majority of the magazine to throw ourselves a party and celebrate the past four decades of everything in the world of aesthetics."

Personally, the past few months included some of the best discussions with people in this industry who took the time to share old stories, think back on past memories, and e-mail scanned pictures. Constantly calling my parents on the phone to fact check has taken me back in time! I have spent weeks flipping through our archive issues, dusting off photos from our storeroom, and scanning covers that are older than me.
And so it goes… Beginning in the early 1970s with separation from cosmetology, the aesthetics industry has now grown into an abundance of education, companies, and product advancements. Over the years, our staff has collected editorials covering every aspect of skin, quoted thousands of seasoned and new professionals, and researched an immeasurable amount of content covering ingredients and products. The magazine has been the standard for education for 40 years, providing readers with unbiased, generic education. You can expect something along the same lines for the next 40.




Amanda Strunk Miller
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