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Stuck On You: Body Sugaring

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If you don't already cater your services to the men in your vicinity, or if you limit your services to haircuts, you are selling yourself short. That is to say, you are selling your business short on its potential profitability.
Haven't you noticed "for men only – hair care & more" places popping up all over North America? And, it's fast becoming a hot commodity! So don't wait until one pops open in your neighborhood before you realize that all those guys could be your customers!

I just love it when a man knows how to take care of himself; a man who is not afraid to look good and who practices an all around good health regime. My appreciation towards a well "kept" man made it easy for me to "convince" men to try various services when I owned my day spa. And, one of the most popular was of course (for those of you who know me) sugaring hair removal services, albeit we also provided our men with manicures, pedicures, blackhead extraction using sugaring, etc.
"Get them coming to your salon/spa, get them loving your services and hooked on them, spoil them a little and guess what… you've just created yourself one very loyal male clientele!"
When it comes to grooming services, men aren't much different from women… in that they too want and expect results. And when it comes to result oriented services, professional body sugaring hair removal is definitely at the top of the food chain. Plus, it is very effective as an exfoliating treatment as well. Keep reading to find out why…
Taking into consideration that you can safely and effectively remove hair using a professional sugaring technique from head to toe on a man (except of course eyelashes and deep inner ear) without burning, bruising or contraindication, why on earth would you not take advantage of generating greater success from a pool of x chromosomes?

Get your men into services
What type of man would want sugaring services?
The best advice I can offer you is – "Never, ever make an assumption!"Men from various continents are getting sugared and loving it.
There are no limitations to hair removal for men today. You can find clients anywhere and in very specific areas such as cycling clubs, swim teams, body builders, etc…Removing the hair from a cyclist's legs provides more aerodynamic speed, just as a swimmer also gains more speed, and allows definition clarity to the body builder, which is why they tend to regularly remove all of their body hair. Sugaring is not exclusive to sports men, not at all…au contraire. Men from all walks, white collar, blue collar, sports, teens are getting it done! Some men get just their hands sugared while others basically dowse themselves into sugaring. Bottom line, you need to let them know it's available.

Men love it when you talk…
So give it to them! Don't keep all that knowledge of yours to yourself; share the benefits of sugaring with each male client and teach them why it works as well as what it does, and what they can expect from each treatment. Don't be afraid to let them know what results they can expect. An educated client is a loyal client as the saying goes. Plus, men love to "share" their knowledge as well, and chances are they are going to share what you do with others. I know my "ex" did!

Satisfy your men with a variety of options to keep them coming back!

#1 - Give him a smooth hairline
Instead of shaving the neck after a haircut, sugar his neck and give him a smooth, clean look from haircut to haircut. He'll keep coming back because there will be no more itchy, coarse re-growth.

#2 - Freshen his look with clean brows
It takes but a few minutes to clean your client's eyebrows and you can do this right at your hair station or back bar if necessary. With the sugaring technique, you can remove one "crazy" hair at a time if needed in order to create a perfect "non-structured" look for him.

#3 – Don't forget the cheeks
While you're already cleaning brows, you might as well head a bit south and clean up stray hairs from the cheekbones. It will brighten his face!

#4 – Do us all a favor and finish up with the nostrils
While in the area, head central south to check out the caves. Most men (and women) are in great need of clean-up at and in the base of the nostrils. What's really special about the sugaring is that removing hair from the nostrils is not painful at all. You can get every single hair and the worst your client will feel is an odd sensation. It won't feel like when you try to tweeze even one nose hair at a time…TWEEZING A HAIR OUT FROM YOUR NOSTRILS IS LIKE SOMEONE IS TRYING TO PULL A HAIR THAT IS CLEARLY ATTACHED TO YOUR TOES.

#5 – Bare back his bear back
Consider exposing, in large print, some of your services and strategically place them in your spa/salon. I also recommend listing your sugaring services for men to show them that it's quite normal for them to get hair removal services. Displaying the areas from which you do remove hair will also plant a little seed to entice them into action… at least conversational to get the 411 from you.

#6 – Send him home with the L.A. Bikini™
All I can say is, "Don't knock it till you've tried it!" I don't know one man who regrets getting the L.A. Bikini™ sugaring. Let me tell you that there are thousands of men walking around with the L.A.You will not find a more gentle, safe, and effective method to remove "all the hair" from a bikini and that includes every single hair from every single inch.

Sugar me babe, with or without hair!Sugaring is not for hair removal only… no, no… it's an excellent technique to exfoliate dead skin cells as well and to extract blackheads from the nose area. Sometimes what may appear as blackheads on a man's nose may very well be tiny little hairs. The sugaring technique will also eliminate that problem!
You see, no matter how you slice it, a sugaring technique that is performed with a 100 percent natural water-soluble sugar paste allows you to go "deeper" into the pores for an even more effective exfoliation of dead cell accumulation, and for the extraction of the embedded debris mixture of sebum and dead cells. Your men will enjoy the massage-like action of sugaring especially when you've already removed all of their hair at a prior treatment. Now the treatment will be nothing less than very relaxing while you are in actuality removing their dead skin cells, leaving the skin with a healthy and more vibrant appearance.
Now, we know most male clients are die-hard at "not" complying with your home regime suggestions. That's why I suggest you book the appointments for exfoliation before they leave your spa after the actual sugaring hair removal treatment. If you take the time to explain to them the importance of exfoliation, chances are they'll be glad to book this appointment with you.
For the clients that are responsible enough to care for their skin, suggest they purchase exfoliating gloves, hydrating lotion, DSS scrub or sugar scrub for home use. Using a skin cell softener and a mud will definitely keep the skin in optimum condition.

Deep roots require deep solutions If you perform L.A. Bikini™ services to your male clientele, you must request they purchase products from you that will eliminate the chances of dead skin cells accumulating in the bikini area. I know, I know, I'm forever preaching the 'full circle of skin". That's because it's true! You soften the skin cells, which in turn makes exfoliation more effective and of course then the sugaring technique will seep deeper into the follicles and pores with greater ease. All of this lends itself to better, healthier looking skin that is free of classic hair removal complications.

So, in a nutshell, you have one product, one technique that allows you to extract hair with very little discomfort if any, that also allows you to gently exfoliate the skin while taking out black heads. WOW… no fuss no muss… that's what men generally like and appreciate! All you have to do is let them know…

Lina Kennedy, president of Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring headquartered in Welland, Ontario Canada. For more information, contact her via their website at

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